Sunday, January 31, 2010

While the peeps were away....

Wow...what a weird last few days! Mom and Dad went to Michigan to say goodbye to Great Grandpa on Wednesday....THEN, while they were namesake (J.D. Salinger) passed away too!!!

Mom says this connection is "eerie" because when she was 15, Great Grandpa gave her THIS book...

...and told her something to the effect of "This book will really speak to you". I guess it did, since she named my human brother (Holden) after Holden Caulfield!

How odd that Great Grandpa and Mr. Salinger both died within a few days of each other! Mom says that if there were/is such a thing as an afterlife, she's pretty sure they're both enjoying a nice cocktail together and having a fabulous time!

ANYWAY...I stayed at Little Rascals again while the Peeps were gone...

I was in the Taj Mutt Hall Suite (I enjoy the sun streaming in from the window).

Lloyd and Gail sent an email to mom and notified her that they had to remove the phone from my private suite because of THIS....

AND breadsticks too!!!

"What? I am staying in a first class hotel and you expect me to eat KIBBLE?"

SO...we're all home safe and sound and ready for a new week.

Happy Sunday everyone!!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Could S-Dog be on LETTERMAN???


Our local CBS station here in Indy is holding auditions for David Letterman's STUPID PET TRICKS!!! Mom entered my "Dentist" trick (not for a SECOND thinking she would hear from them). A nice lady emailed mom and told her that she was mailing her tickets to the Indy Home show and to be there on Monday 2/1 at 2:20 for our AUDITION to perform our trick!!! Mom has been a Letterman fan for AGES (back when he used to wear tennis shoes on TV!). She would FRRRRREAK if she got to take me to NY to meet him!!!! is a very quick SNEAK PEEK at my NEVER BEFORE PERFORMED ON VIDEO "Dentist" trick. Mom hopes that my reluctance was just because I was being turdley that day because normally I'm a VERRRY good dentist!

Aunt Sarah is loaning mom one of those patient bibs that you wear on that clippy cord and I'm going to wear my blue scrubs to look like a real dentist!

Oy vey....the crap I do for this woman!!!! (note HUUUGE Pug eye roll!)

Wish us luck!!!! We'll let you know how it went next Monday!!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Great Grandpa

Hi everyone! We hope you all had a nice and relaxing weekend. We've just been laying low and feeling pretty sad because Great Grandpa (mom's Grandpa) passed away early Saturday morning. We've blogged about him a few times before...check him out here and here.

Mom wanted to post some of her favorite photos of him to help say goodbye.

Great Grandpa was a Corporal in the US Army during WWII! He drove a Jeep all over Europe and always had amazing stories to tell about his Army years.

Here is Great Grandpa holding Mom when she was just 5 months old (July 1970)

Fast forward 29 years and here is Great Grandpa holding his FIRST Great Grandchild...HOLDEN!

Mom and Great Grandpa both loved to play Scrabble...Mom especially loved to play with Great Grandpa because it was such a challenge!

She must be forgetting all the time she challenged his crazy long words and called him a "CHEATER!"!!!

Here is the first time Great Grandpa met me! I was still on the tiny side (I was only 4 months old!)

He always said that when he was a boy, dogs lived outside on the farm and he could never get over the fact that I sleep in the Big Cloud Bed with Mommy and Daddy!

Of course I had to KISS Great Grandpa just to make sure he knew how much I loved him!

He ACTED like he wasn't all excited about it...but Mom thinks he totally dug it!

We'll miss you Great Grandpa!!!

Morris Conrad
September 11, 1916 - January 23, 2010

Friday, January 22, 2010

WTF? Friday


We're borrowing Murphy Dogg's WTF Wednesday idea for today's post (because we liked the alliteration!)

I know a lot of you have seen this already...but mom had to post it again. Thanks to our friend Kristi (mom of BO the Puggle) for sharing this one!
NO it isn't me...but it totally COULD have been! keep laughing like a crazy person every time she sees this guy! Does anyone know him???? He's pounding on that keyboard like nobody's business!!!

Have a great weekend!

Pee S. If Murphy Dogg is reading this...we miss you and hope your mom is doing ok!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

My cup dumpeth over!

MOOOOOOOM!!! Holden ate all the white chocolate chips! Can I have more?

***Mom's note*** before anyone gets their panties in a wad....they are WHITE chocolate chips, which are NOT technically chocolate at all since they contain no cocoa (just cocoa butter). NOT puggie poison and only given as a treatable in VERY small quantities!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Almost wordless Wednesday...workout excuse edition.

Oh HIIIIIII mom! You think you're going to work out here in the living room???

Sorry...I'm not moving. It's much too rainy and nasty outside, so I've decided the living room is MY spot today.

Good luck with that whole exercise thing today. Now kindly get this big ball thing out of my space.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Shout out to Olivia and Elyse

Hi everyone!!
Do you remember me telling you about Mom's BFF and her family coming to visit us over the summer? CLICK HERE for a refresher. Go ahead...we'll wait.

(Final Jeopardy music plays)'re back! WELL....the Edwards family got their very own doggie shortly after they got back home from our house! They didn't get a Pug, they got a Gary (kind of a Heinz 57 bundle of sweetness)

Hello Ginormous Mr. Gary! Please don't eat me...K? Thanks!

The girls adore Gary, but they still have a little soft spot for ME (and WHO wouldn't? Duh!). We understand that Olivia and Elyse are BOTH big fans of my blog, so we wanted to give them a BIG SHOUT OUT and say HI!

WHOOHOO...I'll say ANYTHING for cheese!

Elyse got a cute little "Baby Pug" for Christmas that she named SALINGER! (She says it like "SEN-jer" CUTE is that?)

HI Lysie! Your baby Pug Sen-jer looks JUST like me!!!!

Olivia got her first American Girl Doll! Her name is Natalie. I'm sure she and Baby Pug Sen-jer play very well together!

Hi Livvy! Natalie is SO pretty (just like YOU and your sister!)

Here are both superstars posing together. Awwww!

FAAAAAABULOUS!!! make Olivia and Elyse giggle...check out the oldest pic that mom has of herself with their mom (Aunt Susan)! Mom thinks this was taken around 1983-ish

OMG...that's like 189 PUG YEARS ago!!!!!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Part 2 of the ZhuZhu hamster tale (get it...TAIL?)

I'm sure you all saw the traumatic post from yesterday where I was first introduced to NumNums the ZhuZhu hamster. He scared the living crap right out of me and made me run for the blankets to hide! Mom was nice and put him up on the game table so he wouldn't bother me anymore, but then I decided to get tough....and show that little hamster turd who's boss around here!!!

"YOU THERE...Hamster...come down at ONCE so I may give you a proper thrashing!!!"

Check me out....

I took a lesson from my friend Anniebelly and gave that hamster a SPANKIN'!!!!!

So and the hamster? We're alllll good now. two little Fonzies!!!

Happy Saturday everyone!!!

***MOM'S NOTE***
Most of you hopefully know that Hank and Molly's sister Becca (from I Tell You What) has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

We got to meet Becca in person a few weeks ago and she was such a sweet girl. We hope she's having fun chasing all those squirrels and running like a puppy again! If you haven't already...jump on over to their blog and show some love!!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

For ME? Um....thanks???

Mom got the brilliant idea that I needed one of THESE to play with....

It's a ZhuZhu Hamster.

So mom brought the farkakte thing home from WalMart and let me check him out...

His name is "NumNums" and I guess he's ok...pretty cute and smells like lead from China.

WAIT A MINUTE!!! HE MOVES AND TALKS!!! Mom touched a button on his back and then he scared the holy living CRAP right out of me! Watch this.....

WTF kind of "gift" is this? Motorized vermin that makes farm animal noises? Um....thanks a bunch, Mom!!!!

Happy Friday everyone

(***Mom's note*** stay tuned for part two of this riveting post tomorrow!)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Note from mom

My Dearest Salinger Pug,

While I am quite aware of the fact that you enjoy treats and yummies, I feel that for our safety I must point out the following...

My pajamas have IMAGES of cupcakes, doughnuts, cookies, etc. on them, but PLEASE note that these images do NOT make my PJs EDIBLE!

I do find your gnawing at my yummy looking pantlegs to be quite adorable, BUT I must ask you please stop this behavior at once before one (or both) of us sustains an injury.

It is quite a challenge for me (a woman weighing one hundred and plenty pounds) to negotiate a flight of stairs with a crazed PUG (tipping the scales at TWENTY SIX pounds!) firmly attached to my leg.

While my great balance and dexterity (haha) have been of great benefit during these "sessions", I must point out that at any time, I could trip and fall which could have tragic results...

I could wind up breaking my leg, winding up in traction, and unable to be at your beck and call 24/7.

Please consider this the next time I am wearing these particular pajamas, and kindly just follow me into the kitchen and stare up at me in that pathetic manner and I will gladly provide you with a REAL foodable treat.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and consideration with this matter. I am confident that our relationship will benefit greatly as a result of this minor change.


Sunday, January 10, 2010


Hi everyone! This really isn't newsworthy since we know that most of you are also experiencing this white crap, but mom hauled out the camera anyway...

On Thursday, we got about five inches (according to the ruler that mom stuck out on the deck!)

Ugh....I have to go out and pee in THAT? goes....

Stay warm everyone!!!!

Happy Sunday!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Tooth Fairy Friday

Hi everyone! You won't BELIEVE what went down here last night!

First off...Holden lost another one of his teeth (top right canine tooth) at school yesterday. The nurse put it in this cute treasure chest for him so he wouldn't lose it!

At bedtime...Holden put the tooth under his pillow for the Tooth Fairy to come get it.

WELL...since I'd never seen the Tooth Fairy before...I was a little surprised when she actually showed up in the middle of the night with her TUTU and magic wand!!!! I growled and did my best to protect Holden's tooth (after all, it was a CANINE tooth!)

This morning....Holden and I woke up to find THIS under his pillow...

Notice me standing on the pillow STILL GUARDING Holden's tooth!!!! Check out Holden's gappy smile too!

We also found THIS...

It's a NOTE from the TOOTH FAIRY! If you can't see says...
"Dear Holden,
I left you your money for your tooth, but you have quite the watchdog in Salinger. He wouldn't let me take your tooth!
Please note that I have recorded the exact dimensions of your tooth for future reference, so it cannot be used as a substitute for other transactions.
Kindest regards,
The Tooth Fairy"

HAA! I foiled that Tooth Fairy's plan to take Holden's tooth and she STILL left him some money! I must have REALLY scared her! WOW...just imagine of that were a BURGLAR or something trying to steal Holden's Legos or something!!!

I totally think I deserve a cut of that fiver!!!

Hand it over, brother! I'm running low on Pegetables!!!!!

Happy Friday Everyone!!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Wasn't me!

Oh HIIII mom! Ummm...I just found this spool of your rustic wrapping twine stuff here in the living room. How odd!

HOW did it get downstairs you ask???? Hmmmmm.....

HEY LOOK! Was that a CAT????

YEAH...that's the ticket! Cats like to play with this stuff....I'll bet a CAT snuck into my doggie door and was playing with your twine!!!!

Yep...sure smells like a CAT was here!!!

I certainly know that **I** would never do such a thing!!!

All right...which way did he go???

Don't worry mom...I'll find ol' Tuna Breath and make sure he cleans this up!!!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Ok, the peeps have officially flipped! I think the cold weather has caused cabin fever to set in and make them do even MORE ridiculous things than normal.......especially when it comes to my PugButt!

It all started with Holden and his buddy while riding in the car...

They thought it would be FUNNY to stick sunglasses on my hiney! and dad did THIS to me when we got home and were playing!

You should have heard them laughing! Awful awful awful people!

Hysterics got the better of them and they ALL started scouring the house looking for things to hang from my PugButt! WTF is wrong with them?????

Fuzzy dice...

One of those shower net/dingleberry things...

ALL RIGHT...ENOUGH! This is beyond ridiculous!!!!

I had to start getting growly when I heard mom suggest we get some of the Christmas ornaments back out again! NO WAY LADY!

These people REALLY need some new hobbies!!!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

I miss Holden!

Today is Monday, January 4 and according to the calendar, that means that Holden has to go back to school today. As you can see...I took this news pretty hard this morning as he was waiting for the Big Evil Cheesewagon to scoop him up!


It's TERRIBLE I tell you!!!


Saturday, January 2, 2010

Car Wash Torture

Well, the peeps picked a FINE way to start off 2010 for me....they took me through the CAR WASH!

I was SITTING inside the car on Mom's lap and everything, but they somehow forgot to mention that cleaning the salt off the car means a drive through the NIGHTMARISH TORTURE CHAMBER OF HELL!

See for yourself....

Happy New Year INDEED!!!