Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Daddy!!!!

Today is DADDY'S 47th BIRTHDAY!!!! Daddy's birthday is one of my most favorite holidays because he usually takes the day OFF from work to spend it with MEEEEEEE! I started his day off with THIS birthday greeting... CLICK HERE AND MAKE SURE YOUR SPEAKERS ARE ON!
(many people are surprised to hear that I speak with a British accent!)

After we had some atomic snuggling and tummy rubs, Mom and Dad went to THE DINER here in Pendleton for breakfast...
A birthday candle in his toast!!!!

I borrowed Mom's magic plastic card from her wallet and bought daddy the coolest birthday present EVER....
I THOUGHT I was ordering him an EYE PAD so we can play PIRATES together, but this farkakte box with a picture of an apple on it came instead. Dad screamed and yelled and seemed to really like it a LOT, so I just acted like that's what I meant for him to have.

Ok, back to some more birthday snuggling and cuppycake sharing...


Please CLICK HERE for more of Daddy's birthday posts! There are some really good pics! . . . . HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!!!! You are the best daddy in the world and I'm SO glad that I picked you to be mine when I was a baby!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My new Auntie Melissy SWEATER VEST!

I got an early Christmas present!!!! ANOTHER Auntie Melissy ORIGINAL!!!!
A CADET SWEATER!!!!! THIS sweater is VERY special because it's modeled after Daddy's old Citadel Cadet uniform!
This is daddy waaaaay back in 1987 when he was graduating from The Citadel! Daddy's uniform has SHRUNK a LOT since his cadet days (hahaha) so we couldn't pose for a "twinsies" pic.... but here is a pic of us in front of his Citadel christmas tree!
The Citadel mascot is the BULLDOG, but we're going to let that slide since they also have smushy faces. I'm trying to get him to start a campaign to change the school mascot over to the Citadel PUG, but he's apparently too busy to start his letter writing. Auntie Melissy and Archie (R-Chee!) do such an amazing job with these comfy sweater vests! It's like a wearing a big hug that keeps nekkid pug tummies warm!!!!
SO cozy!!!!!! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!! CLICK HERE to go to Melissa's Pugnotes Etsy shop and order your very own yarn hug! They fit PERFECTLY and are nice and warm without interfering with "Pug Business" (if you follow me....) THANK YOU for making me such a perfect sweater Auntie Melissy!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

My appointment with the FatMan!

Mom took me for my annual appointment with the BigGuy today.

I told him I'd been a good boy all year and therefore expected the following....

1. Cashmere doggie bed for napping

This scratchy regular variety of COTTON cushions and pillows with sub-par thread count in my comfort collection are wreaking HAVOC on my tender PugButt!

2. The Judy Garland Box set

Only because she's FABULOUS!!!

3. Unlimited FULL Jif jars

NOT the farkakte EMPTY ones that mom occasionally tosses my way!

4. Cheese. Lots and lots of cheese.

Any kind except that stuff with the blue mold in it. Mom fed me a taste of that once and I'd rather eat lawn sausages.

5. My own vehicle WITH 24/7 on call driver to take me shopping and to McDonalds for McCheesyBurgers ANY time I want.

If I waited for MOM to take me every time I felt the need.....I'd NEVER get anywhere!

I think that about covers it. What are all of YOU asking Santa to bring you for Christmas????

Friday, December 9, 2011

Playing Catch-up

We are SO sorry that we've been AWOL for so long (17 days! Yeeks!) Dad got mom a new computer and she has been using a lot of bad words trying to figure out where all of her "stuff" is....PLUS....I've had a lot of lying around to do digesting all those yummy foodables from Thanksgiving...

Mmmmmm Tryptophan naps are the BEST!!!!

Some of you probably know alllll about our goofball family Thanksgiving Eve Jackassery...but CLICK HERE if you don't (we'll wait.....cue Jeopardy music....)

"Aw crap....AGAIN? SERIOUSLY???"

"Mom...go mail that farkakte thing to Bajas!"

"'s over...bring on the REAL Thanksgiving foodables!"

We had Maggie here for Thanksgiving (her family was traveling) and mom cooked us up all the gross parts that you find in a bag jammed up the turkey's butt!

Mmmmm....Thanksgiving Turkey ButtBag Nuggets are the BEST!!!! Nom nom nom!

Mom promises that she has a TON of new bloggie posts in the works. She found her pics on the new computer and promises to catch up with you all hopefully over the weekend!