Sunday, January 30, 2011

Painting Snoopervisor

Hi there! Yep...I'm the Painting Snoopervisor today! NOT the artist type like my friends Paco, Emmitt or Howie, Annie and Java....we're talking hardcore WALL painting!

Here I am at the jobsite (a.k.a. living room) making sure the drop cloths were soft, comfortable, and warmed up.

Next, I had to test the viscosity and durability of the paint that mom had rolled onto the wall in the foyer...

"Ummm...I think you're going to have to do that part again, mom!"

On the plus's a very close match to my lovely fawn color!

Here I am during Dad's shift. You might need to click to biggify.

Don't judge me...I'm the shop steward of United Adorable Pugs of America Local 311 and I was on my coffee break!!! It's in the contract!!!

Jackassery aside...the finished product looks AAAA-MAZING!

Living room



Phase 1 of the kitchen/dining area (more to come as we keep working).

Monday, January 24, 2011

Choosy Pugs choose JIF

I had the BEST. SUNDAY. EVER!!!!

Dad made himself a peanut butter sammich and I got THIS!!!!!!!!

Ok....I have nothing else to say....

I need to be alone now.

Happy Monday!!!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

My PugStairs

Hi everyone!!!

On our last post, a nice blogger named Sabrina from asked about my DOGGY STEPS! We thought we'd do a post about them to show you what she was asking...

You see...the Big Cloud Bed (that I allow mom and dad to sleep in with me) is VERRRY high up off the ground. There's no WAY that even a spry pug like myself could jump THAT high to get up there without some help, so the peeps got me my own steps!

I, Salinger The Pug Esq. will demonstrate for you....

Just put one paw in front of the other....

Before you know'll be at the tippy top of the stairs....

Just a few short steps to the ULTIMATE napping place!



My peeps got my steps from our local Meijer store (CLICK HERE and you can order online), but thre are eleventy bajillion different styles to choose from at places like PetSmart, Petco and a zillion other places online if you just go to Google and type in "pet stairs".

Happy Sunday snoozing everyone!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Forty winks Wednesday

Maggie came over the other day to play. We did our usual game of "mouths" and I tried to eat her ears until we both conked out at the foot of the big cloud bed!

Looks like someone else was tired too.........

WHO is part of our PugPile???

It's MOM!

We had the BEST afternoon snooze here at The Lazy K!!!!!

Happy Hump Day everyone!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Cookie Monster

Hi Mom....whatcha doin???

Oh really? Making cookies for Holden's lunchbox? How NICE!

You saved me some cookie dough with NO CHOCOLATE CHIPS???? Oooohhhh!

It smells loverly!

Ok, maybe just a LITTLE taste....


Ok, seriously....cookie dough is the BEST! WHY would you even waste time baking them and making actual cookies?????


Happy Monday everyone!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

A job WELL done!!!

YAY! Jerry and I are all finished with our new wall/fireplace/corner!!!

TAH-DAH!!!!!!! That's me (the project snoopervisor) with Jerry, residential construction and remodeling specialist extraordinaire!!!

Look closely at the cool niche that Jerry built so the DVR and Blu-ray player can have their wires hidden!

Mom didn't waste any time "puggifying" it with our Cupug and Punk Rock Pug tchochkies!!!!

Mom can't decide which of these or order for the new faux fireplace...


Knowing her...she'll probably get BOTH and switch 'em up!

Mr. Jerry and I had SO much fun while he was here. He has a big Golden named Scout so he knew all the best doggie games to play...
We played TUG...


We played LIGHTS OUT...


and we played KISSY FACE!

Thank you SO much Jerry! We love our new corner!

Jerry is working on getting his new website up and running, so if you're around Indy and need something sure to CLICK HERE to check him out!

Happy Saturday everyone!!!!

***MOM'S NOTE*** Forgot to mention....there is also a soundbar that will be installed (hopefully this weekend by "Taco" and "Lucky") directly below the TV on the wall, which is where there is the space between the niche and the screen!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Back on the job

We've had some yucky weather here in Indy and the peeps had eleventy bajillion other things going on this weekend, so we're JUST now getting you caught up with our big home improvement project!

Here I am last Friday...still snoopervising Jerry as he was putting the tile in place!

"Ok, Jerry...I have to keep my PugButt off this tile for 24 hours while it's drying...right?"

"I'll be sure to patrol this area to keep the peeps off!"

"You can count on me, Jerry!"

Saturday morning, mom got busy with the roller and PAINTED the wall, and when it was dry, our buddy Mr. Rob (a.k.a. Taco) and dad (a.k.a. "Lucky") did THIS....

OOOOHHHHH! I don't have to get all barky and yelly when people walk in front of me on the couch while I'm watching my stories now!!!

Dad and Mr. Rob did a REALLY good job with all the wires and different pieces and parts that were needed to get the picture box up on the wall, but different things kept happening and they had to make like 84958573939237495 trips back and forth to Home Depot, Fry's Electronics and Best Buy!!!!! Mom got giggly and threatened to post THIS all over town and on the doors of those stores!


Mr. Jerry came back on Monday and stuck the rest of the tile up on the wall, and THIS is what it looks like TODAY!

ALMOST done! The fireplace mantle and trim will hopefully be done tomorrow...YAY!

Happy Hump Day everyone!!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

All I need to know, I learned from Stubby

I'm sure by now you all have heard that one of my best PugBuddies, STUBBY, crossed the Rainbow Bridge this morning. He was very wise beyond his 13.5 years here on earth and I learned many important life lessons from him during the great times I was able to spend with him.

Here's a pic from the summer of 09 when I first met Stubby...

Lesson 1: NEVER be afraid to charm the ladies!!! Moms are typically the pushovers and will let you get away with pretty much ANYTHING, so go ahead and lay the sugar on THICK!

Lesson 2 continued on that same afternoon at the Indy Pug Meetup...

Always keep the Mom happy and smile and look adorable in ALL photos. Moms LOVE that crap!

This brings us to Lesson 3:

If you look SuperExtraCute, tragic AND starving all at're sure to get scooped up and have your own special place at the table. Make sure they're serving something GOOD though before you put all this effort into it though...there was only rabbit food on this table. Ugh!

When I went to visit Stubby in Chicago this past summer, he taught me MORE cool stuff! These were quite ADVANCED lessons (pay close attention...)


Be sure to S T R E T C H as well as you can before you're about to eat mass quantities of nommables (like Popeye's chicken!). Stretching your front paws provides little extra pockets of space for the chicken (or other nommables) to flow, ergo allowing more intake room into your stomach!

Lesson 5:

When you smell something YUMMY (again: Popeye's chicken)...RUN LIKE HELL to the source!! Don't walk, trot, mosey, stroll, sashay or ANYTHING slower than a BREAKNECK SPEED RUN! You won't regret it!

Lesson 6:

Get your face as CLOSE as possible to any potential nommable food source and be sure to snooter and snort ALL OVER it...completely bogarting the foodables and rendering it "gross" and undesirable for human consumption.

Lesson 7:

If some sort of yummy foodable is being offered to you, be sure to act ravenous and completely crazed with hunger. It will make the humans feed you faster.

Lesson 8:
Always be sure to use good manners and write a formal apology if you do something wrong or unkind.

(actual card received from Stubby! HAHAHA!)

Lesson 9:
When chatting up a love sure to discuss common interests.

Here are Stubby and Molly O'Mally this past October. They sat there yammering about their favorite old episodes of The Rockford Files, the early bird specials at Denny's, the best prescription discount cards and the damn kids these days and their loud music and the constant texting, texting TEXTING!!!! Can't you just SEE the sparks flying between these two?

Lesson 10:
If someone is willing to wrap you up and hold you through an entire football game in the cold rain...LET THEM!

No wiggling, no squirming, just snuggle up and enjoy the game! Stubby's dad wrapped him up like a burrito on this particularly cold and rainy Saturday in October!

Lesson 11:
The old adage is true...Birds of a feather DO flock together!

In this case...Crazy Pug Mamas, all bonding over their mutual love of PUGS. Pretty cool eh?

So THANK YOU Stubby, for teaching me so many important things. I will miss your friendship, but am so thankful for the time that I had with you and know that our parents will always be friends.

Farewell old chap! I'll make you a deal...YOU run free and enjoy all the Popeye's you can handle on that side of the bridge and I'll keep an eye on your peeps and make sure they keep the jackassery to a minimum...ok???