Saturday, March 27, 2010

Snoozing on a Saturday in a sunny spot

In case you haven't is a big fan of alliteration.


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Traumatic Thursday

You are probably wondering why I am FIERCELY standing guard and blocking the door to the garage....

It's to prevent THIS from happening.....
Daddy's boss told him he had to get his butt on a plane and get to Washington DC for a meeting. I refuse to let him go because WHO will rub my tummy and play TUG with me????

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.....he slipped past me!!!!!
NO DADDY! DON'T GO!!!!!!!!!

Dude...seriously...COME BACK!!!
You CAN'T leave me here with mom!!!! She starves me and ignores me and is simply an unfit PugMom!!!! DON'T GO!!!!!!!!

Ok, well if you HAVE to go...can you take me with you inside this thing???
I won't be any trouble at all! I can just stay in bed in your hotel room during your meeting and then we can order room service!!!! Sound good??????


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Very Few Words Wednesday....just Pugsley and I starving to death...

My BPF/intended came over the other day with his sister Low Rider Lola. Pugsley and I tried our best for some foodables from mom....
"Come ON lady...feed us! It's been fifteen WHOLE minutes since we had anything!"


Dug into mom's grocery bags and helped herself before mom could get them unloaded and put away!!!


DUDE....why didn't we think of that??????

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Chicken pot...chicken pot...chicken pot pie!

The other day, the yummiest smell was coming from the kitchen! Mom made CHICKEN POT PIE for dinner (using a new whole wheat crust recipe she was trying out). NUMMERS!!!!

I loooove chicken pot pie!!!! I sat by mom at the table and gave her my best "for only 70 cents a day, you can feed this poor starving Puggy" look.

"Hi...feed me pleeeeease!"



Mom says I'm "dainty" with a fork....she even took video while daddy was disgusted at the idea of me using utensils (whatEVER!)

Daddy did let me lick out his bowl when he was finished....I guess that's something!

Happy Tuesday everyone! Hope you all get some yummy foodables today!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

When You're Smiling.....

The whole world smiles with youuuuuuuuuuu....

Hi everyone!!! Check me out!
DENTASTIX® Treats | Doggie Dentures: Denture Your Dog | Oral Care For Healthy Teeth | PEDIGREE®
While you're there, you can upload your 4 legged child and see what they look like with dentures! is looking a bit too closely at my new grill and thinks she notices a "bi-lateral crossbite"...which means I have something else in common with Holden. Check out what HE got to do the other day...

That's right...he got some impressions done of his piehole so they can make some of THESE for him!

He's not overly excited about the whole situation...and neither is mom really. She said visions of a nice vacation for them in the near future kind of flew away with cartoon dollar signs with THIS...

That's just means the peeps get to stay home with MEEEEEEE!

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Luck O' The Pugish

Top O' the Morning (or evening) to ya!!!!! HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY!!!!

Just for today...I, Salinger Seamus O'Beggin-Kelley will show you the PROPER way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day!

First...find yourself a person of Irish heritage (like my daddy!)

Try to time it so you look especially cute for them right around dinner time!

If you're REALLY lucky...said person might even be eating corned beef and cabbage!
Concentrate REEEEALLY hard and stare at them with those "cute eyes"....

Just be patient and eventually they'll cave....



Mom made dad and I our corned beef and cabbage TONIGHT (Tuesday the 16th) so dad could take the leftovers to work for his big holiday. I'm not sure he's going to FIND any leftovers after I'm done!

(***Mom's note*** For more St. P's day fun...check out our post from last year!)

We hope everyPuggy has a fun and safe St. Patrick's Day, no matter what your heritage!

We have a new friend that's dropped by our bloggie named "McGillicutty"! We especialy want to wish him a Happy St. Patrick's Day

Sunday, March 14, 2010

A very special Puggy Road Trip!

Happy Sunday everyone!!!

Mom had a very cool experience yesterday. She did her FIRST Pug transport and helped 4 darling puppy-mill puggies from Kentucky get to their destination of Vermont to live with some nice foster families (and eventually forever homes!) with Green Mountain Pug Rescue!

Mom drove Leg 2 (out of 15!) to get the sweet puggers started on their long trip to Vermont! Here are a few pics...

Mom *THINKS* this is Amy Pug.

She was a MAJOR wiggleworm and wiggled out of her harness and ran butt-nekkid through the McDonalds parking lot!

Amy had what could have been a twin sister named Carly Pug (mom can't remember which was which!). She was a bit less wiggly...maybe downgraded to "squirley" is rockin the sexy "just rolled out of bed" look. Eeesh.

This poor guy is Rico ( in Suave!)Pug.

He grunted a lot and seemed kind of irritated with the whole deal (who could blame him really?). He was missing the hair on his tail and bottom and seemed almost relieved for a nice road trip to a much better life!

This little sweetie is Dustin Pug. Mom almost "hijacked" the transport back to our house because of this guy.

His crate was in the front seat and he sat waaay over against the edge next to mom and stared at her with his tail wagging for the WHOLE this...

She drove with one hand in between the bars and gave him ear and chin scratchies the whole way.

Mom met a nice lady named Myla from Terre Haute and Amy and her husband from KPR and got them all ready to go....

A quick harness change....

All loaded up and ready to go!

Don't worry...we didn't forget the road trip snacks!

The puggers were safely delivered to a nice lady named Marie in Richmond, IN and we understand they are almost at their final destination in Vermont this afternoon!

When Mom got home....she smelled funny and I could TOTALLY tell she had been CHEATING on me (again!)

I'll let it slide this time since it was for the good of PugKind!!!!

Enjoy your journey Amy, Carly, Dustin and Rico! Mom says she's glad she got to share a little bit of time and love with you yesterday!

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Puggy and Lazy are the same thing....right?

Happy Saturday everyone!!!

Mom ordered herself a VERY special birthday present a few weeks ago! She was on the phone laughing with Melissa from PugNotes for a very long time, and didn't even let Emmitt and I speak to exchange recipes! (WTF? How RUDE!)

THEN...this showed up!


It smells like Emmitt!!! Is he hiding inside?


Emmitt??? DUUUUDE???? Are you in there???

Well this is a right kerfuffle! I don't know what this thing is!

WHO is this SUSAN character and WHY is she so LAZY???

Mom was all excited and put it up on the table....

THEN she brought THIS out!

OOOOOHHHHHHH....I GET IT! It's a LAZY SUSAN that rotates your Scrabble board!!!!!


You can all get your VERY OWN Lazy Susan too! CLICK HERE and choose your own puggies to look adorable on your table!

Thank you Melissa and Emmitt!!!! The Puggy Susan is PERFECT!!!!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

March in the Pugs (and Flat Brutus!)

Hi everyone! We're a few days behind with posting (sorry!) but we wanted to share pics from last Saturday's March In the Pugs! Mom made us all get up at the butt-crack of dawn to drive over to Zionsville to work it for KPR!

First on the agenda was the actual MARCH of the rescued Pugs! All these sweeties have found homes though KPR and are now living in the laps of luxury (and peoples) like all Pugs should!

Holden helped "Pug-sit" for the PugPosse and walked GusGus and Eddie in the parade!

Here is Vikki (from the Pug Posse) with Eli and their newest addition...ROMEO! That's Sam and Bernice behind Vikki.

Julie, Rita and Bill from The Pug Corral with Reggie Wayne, Dallas Clark and their NEWEST KPR rescue...Payton Annie the Bugg!

Here's Heather from Say It Don't Spray It (and my future MIL) with Low Rider Lola

Our assignment was to work the Puggy Bake Sale table full of homemade treats! I was an excellent salesman with Mom and Holden!

We also brought along a special guest.....FLAT BRUTUS!!!!

Yeah, we know he's not a Pug....but Frenchies are partners in smushfacedom, so we thought he might like some banana puppycakes!

He was WORKIN' that bake sale!

He worked the KISSING BOOTH too!!!!

He visited Annie and Sarah working the Pug Health Zone table!

We thought it was VERY appropriate to feature Brutus with the Dental products, since his mommy is a dentist!

Brutus visited the auction table and scoped out the two most coveted items.....

A "PugNotes" original print from Melissa and Emmitt (THANK YOU FOR SENDING THIS!!!!)

and the SWEETEST little puggy outfit made by PUNCHY! (THANK YOU FOR SENDING TOO!)

Both items had a TON of tickets in the raffle bags! YAY! We aren't sure who won these (we had to leave after our shift) but we're sure both went to a very good home!

Mom thought this was pretty cool and said that it's the "two BRUTI" (plural of Brutus...duh!)

Brutus the Pug and Flat Brutus the Frenchie!

Mom took me to visit the Royal Canin booth and thank them for making good food that doesn't make me hurl like my old food did!

Holden got REALLY creative and decided to do some MOBILE sales! He even wore mom's Puggy apron (from Heather and Harry!) to make himself more visible!

His ingenuity and humiliation raked in quite a bit of $$! Yay Holden!

The HIGHLIGHT of our day had to be Daddy and I WINNING the "Pug/Owner LOOK ALIKE contest!!!"

It was pretty easy...Daddy just made his best "tragic face" and he was apparently a shoe-in for first place!!!!

We had a great time and loved that so many of our friends and fellow crazy Pug people came out to support KPR! THANK YOU EVERYONE! We see that KPR has a cool Flicker album posted (click here) with MORE pics!

BTW....if you weren't able to attend, but have a big wad of money lying around (or even a very small wad of money!)...KPR can always use help for the many Puggies in it's care! Just CLICK HERE and donate!

Happy Thursday everyone!

Check out the photo of Daddy and I from the Indy Star (newspaper!)