Thursday, July 24, 2008

Out of commission....temporarily!

Hi everyone! Sorry for the silence lately, but we had a WICKED thunderstorm blow through here Monday night and our next door neighbor's house was struck by lightning (really...there's a HOLE in the front of their house!). We think the current must have traveled through the phone lines because our phone system and main desktop computer are COOKED! The computer (which has all my camera software and pictures on it!) is with the Geek Squad right now and they are figuring out how to either revive or repair/replace it (kudos to Kevin for opting for the extended service plan!). SO...we are checking emails and TRYING to work on a rickety old Sanford and Son jerri rigged computer held together with duct tape and powered by a retarded geriatric hamster pedaling a rusty bicycle under the desk. (Not really...but you get the idea).

SO...stick with us and check back every few days and hopefully we'll be back in one piece again soon!

Slurpy kisses to all!

S-Dog and the family

Monday, July 21, 2008

Thank you for sharing!

LOOK what daddy shared with me yesterday!!!!!!!!!

Mommy roasted it in the husk on the grill and then peeled it back and brushed it with some melted butter, grated parmesean cheese and then put the husk back up around it and re-grilled it until it was a nice roasty ridiculous ear of YUM!

Daddy is so nice to share with me!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Brotherly Love and NEW STUFF!

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to drop by and say HI and wish everyone a nice rest of the weekend! Will and Lizz (my other brother and sister) are here for the weekend (they are here a lot, they only live ten minutes away from me!). Lizz was busy upstairs, but Will was playing soccer with me this morning and trying to get me to play "horsie" with this silly Chihuahua Taco Bell dog!
Yo queiro FOOD! Any kind is fine!

I was also playing with my silly brother Holden. He had an empty box from Aldi and was acting like his face was on TV! It freaked me out and I kept barking and trying to get him out!
HAAAAAAAALP! Holden is stuck in the TV....with JAMMIES on his head! What the...?

This morning (Saturday) Mommy and daddy took me to the Farmer's Market in Noblesville (and they forgot the camera...nice parenting). We bought a big zucchini and this COOL PUG leash holder! Mommy is using it to hold my collars becaues she likes to switch them around.
It looks nice next to the Ikea puppy butt leash holder!

We also went to PetSmart and got another bag of my kibble food and they looked at Pet Supplies Plus for the Yoghund that Ruby Bleu likes, but NOPE...they don't sell it around here anymore! I guess it will just be regular old ice cream for me!

Mommy also forgot to show the picture of my new placemat! She said it goes with our kitchy kitchen's says "All you can eat and drink Doggie Diner". Maybe mom needs to follow the directions there, because the kitchen is never ALL I can eat!
Bring on the FOOD!

That's my exciting Saturday so far!

Friday, July 18, 2008

It's SO hot!

Mom said that yesterday was a DOG DAY of summer! It wasn't very "dog friendly" though because it was a bajillion degrees outside! Mommy is still dragging me out of bed to walk before the sun comes up and then again when the sun goes down and I'm trying to snuggle down and relax.
ANOTHER walk?'re killin' me!

Mommy and Holden went to the Hamilton County 4H fair yesterday to see all the animals and to see my buddy PUGSLEY (who needs his own blog...dontcha think?) compete in his first obedience show with his brother Justin! There was a long list of dogs to show and Mommy and Holden were starting to melt, so they came home before Pugsley's big performance, but we heard that Pugsley took home a blue ribbon! WHOOHOO! Pugsley's mom emailed us some nice pictures.
This is Pugsley and his brother Justin and the hordes of adoring fans behind them!

After dinner, the humans watched a show they recorded on the DVR called "Tori and Dean" (daddy says they remind him of he and mommy, without all the issues and drama). I love the show because sometimes Mimi LaRue (she was a FABULOUS pug and she just died a few weeks ago :-( is on the screen! I don't care much for other dogs on TV, but when a doorbell or PUG is can bet I'm going to check it out!
I'm checking out the faaaaaabulous Mimi LaRue!

That's about all that went on here yesterday. Like mom said...DOG day of summer, which means I get to be laaaaazy!

Happy Friday everyone!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lazy summer day

Yesterday was one of those perfect summer days that wasn't too hot and we could be outside for a long time without mom freaking out that I was going to overheat. She took me for my walk in the morning (usually right as the sun is coming up...SO pretty) and then I went back to bed for a bit and THEN it was time to get to work!

LOOK who mowed the lawn yesterday!
Holden did a GREAT job on the lawn and the lines were so straight, even PA would have been proud!

I helped mommy pull weeds and then she got all excited because she hasn't killed this plant yet and it is starting to show FLOWERS!
Ohhhh...pretty purple!

When Holden was finished with the lawn, we had to check out the progress of the herb garden.
Time to make the pesto mommy! The basil is getting BIG!

Then I started to get hot and pant a bit...
Is it time for a popsicle?

Holden got a sugar free orange popsicle (mom is one of those Sugar-Nazi moms!) and his SF Jones Cherry soda on the deck

I got a beef flavored POOCH POP, which I love......when someone HOLDS it for me!
Um....helllllloooooooo? Is anyone going to HOLD the popsicle for me?

Later in the afternoon, mommy snapped green beans and then made the YUMMIEST 3 bean salad with a nice cider vinegar dressing! I liked the green beans, but the other types...not so much
Summer in a bowl!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Wow...seems like the bean salad looked REALLY good to a few of you so I'm more than happy to share the "recipe". Don't be mad...but I'm one of those "throw it all together" people that really don't follow recipes.....but I guess here is kind of a roadmap for you to make the 3 bean salad that I made.....

1 can kidney beans
1 can white beans (I think I had Great Northern, but cannellini would be good too)
about 2 cups snapped fresh green beans, blanched for about 2 minutes and cooled
about 2 stalks chopped celery
about 2 handfuls chopped red onion
about 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
2 Tablespoons Splenda (you could use sugar, but sugar and I aren't friends)
Slight drizzle of olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste

Stir it up and let it sit in the fridge to soak up all the flavor. other tip...I drained and rinsed the canned beans before I threw them in the bowl! I figured all that starchy sludge in the cans would wreck the salad.

That's it! Grab a big spoon and enjoy!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Exciting Sunday Brunch

As usual, it's never a dull moment around here. Today my family invited Pugsley's family over for Sunday brunch and to hang out and veg together on a lazy Sunday. Mommy made LOTS of food, but Pugsley's mom brought WALLYMELON!!!!!
Normally I LOVE wallymelon, but today I felt like being a turd and decided to take a big piece, spit it out on the carpet and then just watch Pugsley eat the rest.

After everyone ate and got all stuffed, we were hanging out in the living room and we jumped up on Pugsley's parents for some snuggles and to discuss our next move...
" know what this party needs???????"..............

CHIPPENDALE DANCING!!!!!!! Ok, I'll be white and you be red..............

Ok...cue the music.......and FIVE, SIX, SEVEN, EIGHT............!


Well......I guess entertaining the ladies really isn't our forte (sorry Sophie)!

Our "all male nude Pug revue" was cut short because mommy, daddy and Holden wanted to pose for a nice FAMILY picture and refocus........
Photobucket nice! Everyone has their eyes open!

So that was my day with Pugsley and his family. All the humans are stuffed I'm wiped out and passed out on the floor next to my bed! other quick funny thing! Last night, mommy, daddy and Holden went to Hoosier Park (the horse racing track with a new casnio) for the Countryside Animal Rescue WEINER DOG RACES!!!!!!!! I didn't go with them, but mommy told me about them and said it was funny! She thinks they should have PUG races!!!!!!! Here is a short video that mommy took of the silly weiner dogs!

Happy Sunday everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Prince Spaghetti Day

Mommy found a hidden treasure today that PROVES she isn't crazy (well....jury is still kind of out on that, but in THIS case, she found the missing piece!). For years, when someone says "What day is it?" and it happens to be will say "'s Prince Spaghetti Day!" and said that it was from an old 70's commercial for Prince spaghetti. Of course NO one has a clue what she's talking about (and she was starting to question her own sanity because no one remembered the commercial) until TODAY! LOOK what she found!!!!!!!

SEE?????? Wednesday really IS Prince Spaghetti Day!!!!!!!!

In honor of this great find, mom thought these were good puggy pics of me to share!


I wish I could slurp noodles as good as my brother Holden can!

YUMMY!!!!!! I loooooove noodles!

Happy Prince Spaghetti Day everyone (even thought it's figures she can make up for lost time now!!)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tag....we're it (yikes!)

Oh boy...Melissa and Emmitt sent us our first tag with very explicit instructions which I'm sure Mom (she's a total tech tard) will screw up royally.

Ok...the first part we can handle...Melissa asked us to take a picture of our fridge (aka "Cold Box") and tell about it.

Here we go..........

First off...ingnore the fingerprints!
As you can's pretty puggy! There are lots of pictures of me and also of Holden. Notice all SIX of Holden's "All A Honor Roll" ribbons from this past school year! At the top left is one of mommy's ads that she's in for Community Hospital's Bariatric program. She lost 145 pounds after her surgery back in 2005 and is their "spokespatient" now and shows up in local magazines and advertising here and there. She keeps that picture on the fridge to keep her OUT of it! At the bottom right is a cool list that Holden made of all the stuff he wants to do over summer vacation. Some things he's already done (learn to whittle with wood and learn to chop veggies with mom's big chef's knife) and then there are a few left to go (make stepping stones and go fishing).

Here is the side view...
MORE Pug stuff....our favorite is the magnet that says "Meshuggapug"!

Ok...we're supposed to tell about something on the inside.......we're going with the jar of Holden's homemade BBQ sauce! We started with a can of diet coke and added some tomato paste and simmered it together and I told Holden to "go nuts" with the spice cabinet and pantry. He added a "bit of this and that" (brown sugar, mustard, cayanne, onion powder, etc. etc.) until it tasted just right. It's YUMMY and we've been eating it on everything from chicken to a plain spoon!

All I'm supposed to include the logo of the award that Melissa & Emmitt somehow decided that we were supposed to have. THANK YOU!

Then we're supposed to "tag" 7 other people and include links to their page.

We're choosing

Pug and Bugg
Maggie & Mitch
The Devil Dog
Beth's Blog

Mom (again....TECH TARD) JUST learned (Thanks Devil Dog!) know how to do the funky links where you just click on someone's name, so hopefully it will work.

(Note...just came back through and did hyperlinks, but now I can't find Nevis! Nevis...if you're reading were originally tagged too so play along!)

Ok, now we have to go to all those people and give them their award and tell them what to do. Oy vay! I think Mom needs a nap and/or maybe a stiff drink first.

Computer stuff gives her a headache. She says that's Daddy's job!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Playdate with Pugsley

As usual, mom is a day late and a dollar short with her blog about something exciting! We got to "Pug-sit" for Pugsley on Monday while his family was away for the day. We have SO much fun together and Pa (Mommy's dad) said that we sounded like someone rubbing sandpaper over the phone because we were panting so much! HAHAHAHA!

Just LISTEN to us!!!!!!!!

Then we decided to play "Attack Holden".
We held him as our prisoner and sentenced him to about ten minutes of kissy face attack!

THEN...things got a bit quiet. We went outside for a while but then Pugsley was stuck outside! I thought he knew how to use the doggie door...but he must have forgotten!
"MOM! HAAAAAALP! Pugsley is stuck outside!"

"Dude....just come in the door!"

"Like THIS! Come on...just poke your head through the flap like this!"

Pusgley finally made it inside and we had fun playing all afternoon!

When his family picked him up, I was SOOOOOO tired! I snuggled up on a blanket with Grace and then fell asleep right after this picture.
Daddy said I looked like I should have had a chalk outline around me! Hahahahaha!

Mommy said that Pugsley and his family are coming over on Sunday for brunch! WHOOHOO!!!!!!!! I can't wait to play with my buddy again!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


As is the recipe for the much adored, always devoured PUPCAKES! Keep in mind that they're perfectly safe and relatively healthy for humans too...they're just not as sweet as one might expect from something that looks like this.
Here is Salinger's girlfriend Sophie eyeballing the goods! As you can can use the batter to make any type shape cake...cupcakes, mini cupcakes, large cake pans...
I've even poured it out into a cookie sheet and then "stamped" out shapes with cookie cutters!

Here's the recipe. It's pretty don't worry about exact measurements.
Banana Pupcake
2 cups water
3 ripe bananas
Splash of vanilla
3 cups whole wheat flour (I used the whole wheat pastry flour)
1/2 Tbs baking powder
1 egg
2 Tbs honey

Mix together and pour into pans (whatever shape you like…cupcakes, big pans, etc.) Bake at 350 and check after 20-25 minutes. Baking time will depend on what shape pan you use.
I baked on a parchment covered cookie sheet in a thin layer and then cut out with a cookie cutter to make mini cakes (2 layers each). Baking time was right at 30 minutes.
1 package softened cream cheese (reduced fat or fat free is ok)
Dash of cinnamon
1 T honey
Blend and use as you would use frosting.

You can be all fancy schmancy and use decorating tips and a piping bag and the top with sprinkles or whatever. OR you can just slop it on and be done with it. I don't think the dogs care which method you employ!

Good luck everyone! Let me know how the turn out if you make them! other tip....they freeze GREAT! Just decorate them and stash them in the freezer if you need to.

Monday, July 7, 2008

July Indy Pug Meetup

I HAD to share my pics of the Indy Pug Meetup from Saturday! I had SO much fun and got to see so many of my Pug buddies (and my girlfriend Sophie!)
Here is a short video of a bunch of us running around!

The Indy Pug Meetup takes place every Saturday at Broadripple Park (10:30 during the summer months and 2pm during the rest of the year). It's very informal and a big group of us meet for Puggy Play Time! Our owners/parents chat with each other and laugh about how silly we are. SOMETIMES...there is a special event to celebrate!
Check me out in my party hat! It was someone's fifth birthday............


We had a fun party for Sophie and we brought PUPCAKES (recipe will follow) to share with everyone!

Here's me (in the black harness) on Mommy's lap "sort of" sharing a pupcake with Sophie (on HER mommy's lap).

There were LOTS of other Pugs there at the meetup, but Daddy said that Dixie(Bugg) was his favorite (next to me). Dixie is Sophie's "Special" sister.
Here's is Daddy with Dixie-Bugg. She is SO cute!

I was starting to get really jealous and daddy scooped me up to get ready to leave

After the meetup, we had to go to Best Buy to pick up the new computer and then Mommy and Daddy were GUESS where I got to go????????
Photobucket's McCheesy!

Yes, yes, yes....I know the Puggy food police is going to be ALL over this one, but it was a TREAT (and my dinner!) and then I shared some of Mommy's salad so I got some veggies too.
OH THAAAAAAAAAAANK YOU for the salad Mommy!

It was a fun day...AND I made a new friend...

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Belated 4th of July post

I hope everyone had a nice 4th of July (or FORK of July as my girlfriend Sophie calls it!). Mommy is TWO days late posting this because she was mumbling some foolishness about being "too busy" and "too tired" and then she fell asleep drooling on the couch. Nice. That is supposed to be MY job (except I don't drool....ew!)

So anyway...the 4th of July was a lot of fun! Pugsley's family invited us down to their house for a lunchtime cookout to celebrate the USA's birthday AND Pugsley's dad's birthday!
Here is a nice picture of me with Mommy and Daddy at the party.

As usual...Pugsley and I had a LOT of fun playing and eating all the human food that people kept sneaking to us (mom later found out that someone fed me CORN! hahahaha!)

HEY Pugsley buddy!!!!

Rare photo of Pugsley (in the red collar) and I sitting STILL and posing!

In between all the playing and snorting, the humans all kept saying how cute we were too! We were very good boys and tried our best not to jump up on anyone unless we were invited.
Here's me with Pugsley's brother, Justin. He's so funny!

Pugsley is one of the KISSIEST Pugs in the world! Here he is making out with MY Mommy!

I also made friends with a nice lady named Amanda! She works with Pugsley's mom and she reads my blog too (a FAN!). Mommy thought this picture was perfect of us!
Hi Amanda! Mommy will ask for you next time she goes to the drive thru at the bank!

Pugsley and I had more playing to do, so while the people were busy eating, we played some more and made everyone laugh.
HAHAHAHA! I have CRAAAAAZY eyes in this picture!

THEN...something really weird happened..........I looked over at mommy, and she was holding a BABY!
This is Garrett...mommy kept saying how cute he was. I smelled his toes to check him out and then decided that Pugsley was more fun.

So after the cookout, mommy and daddy brought me home so I could take a nap and they went to another party and then came home before the fireworks started since they weren't sure what I would do. I was only a little baby last year and I didn't mind them, but since I'm older now, they weren't sure how I'd react. Good thing they were here, because I was SCARED! I didn't flip out...but I just sat right next to one of them for protection and was shaking a little bit.
Here I am protecting Daddy from the LOUD fireworks!

So that was my 4th of July! I didn't get to eat any wallymelon, but mommy gave me some nectarine instead and I liked that a lot! She found a new recipe in her new Greek cookbook (Holden got it for her!) for baked nectarines with a baklava type nut topping. She's been making them for the last few days and eating them with her Trader Joe Greek yogurt. She rolls her eyes back and keeps saying they taste "like summer"...whatever that means. I just know they're tasty and I get to lick the plate when she's all done!
I hope everyone had a fun, safe and tasty 4th (or Fork) of July!!!