Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sushi Saturday

Holden was in the mood for sushi he decided to make some Tuna Rolls for lunch...

I got to watch him in action! Good job Holden-san!

Mmmmmm....tuna roll!

The fresh tuna smelled so I looked extra cute until I got a sample...




I think you forgot to COOK this tuna! It's cold and RAW!

Forget this....

I require MY tuna to be grilled to a perfect medium with a light glaze of honey and sesame! This crap simply WON'T do!

Nice job making your sushi look all pretty Holden...but I'll pass!

Mom...quit operating that flashy box, get your keys and take me to get a McCheesyBurger so I can get this raw fish taste out of my PuggyMouth!

Happy Sushi Saturday everyone!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Black Eyed Susans

So EVERRRRY year, mom hauls my PugButt outside in the 93938475785 degree heat and 110% humidity to make me pose for a pic with her stoooopid Black Eyed Susans.

I can't figure out what this Susan woman did to earn herself all these black eyes. Maybe because she was LAZY? (GET IT? LAZY SUSAN? hahahahaaa)

Maggie is here visiting for a few days, and of COURSE she had to pose and look all cute and adorable

"Oooohhh...pretty flowers! They're like mini sunflowers!"

Here's what I think of all this heat and mom's farkakte flowers!!!!!!

"Take THAT, Susan!!!!"

Happy Thursday everyone. Stay COOL for crap's sake! (I think this heat is making me crabby!)

Monday, July 25, 2011

A Day at the Beach

Hi everyone!!! We're working on catching up with all of your bloggies and hope we didn't miss TOO much. We've been trying to cram some fun into these HOT days and haven't been around the blogger-machine too much. I have to share one of my fabulous adventures with you.....

The other day, I got to stay in a cool HOTEL!
"Ok, THIS is MY guys can have the other one!"

I slept all night and even got served breakfast in bed!

"What is THIS? KIBBLE???....I saw the room service menu on the desk! Kindly order me two scrambled eggys at ONCE!"

We checked out of the hotel and went for a short drive, then walked through some sand until.....


Could it really be?????


We went to Central Beach (Part of the Indiana Dunes State Park system). This was a new beach for us to try, but mom did her homework and it is one of the "dog friendly" beaches with lots of sand for me to dig in!

"HEY...I thought SANDwiches were supposed to be yummy? This one is making my face itch!"

Mom took me for a long beach walk and we found some cool rocks...


Holden took me swimming...

"HEY...why do these waves keep chasing me???"

Dad rubbed my belly on the blanket...

"Awwwwww yeah! Beach Blanket Belly Rubs are the BOMB!"

After all that fun, sun and sand, I was TIRED and found a shady spot next to the beach bag for a nap.

"OK, we can go home now!"

We hope everyone is staying COOL out there! This heat is RIDONKULOUS here in the midwest!!! NOT Puggy weather at ALL!

Friday, July 15, 2011

A proper goodbye to Lilo, the most fashionable Pug

It's with a very heavy heart that we have to say goodbye to another one of our close PuggyFriends. Our dear sweet friend Lilo took a bit of an unexpected trip to the Rainbow Bridge last week. We were so so sad to hear this news because Lilo and her sweet mom Jess were some of the VERY first local peeps that we met when I was a puppy and we started going to the Indy Pug Meetup!

Run free sweet girl!
Lilo July 18, 2003 - July 6, 2011

Our friend Lilo was known for her fabulous fashion sense and even had an entire wardrobe of ensembles to fit ANY occasion!

Most of her fashionable frocks (such as the "Minnie Pearl" pictured here) were designed and created by our favorite PugDesigner...PUNCHY!

Lilo's nickname (and blog title) was "The Great Rock Eater" guessed it. A few years ago, she ate a non-foodable ROCK that didn't want to come out, so she ended up with getting sort of a "nip tuck" to remedy the situation!

She did this before all those idiotic Real Housewives came along!!! A true original!

Much like a Hollywood star (oh, who are we kidding....almost ALL of us!), Lilo also had to battle weight issues. Her quest to lose weight began one day when she hit "rock bottom"....


Lilo went on the famous Puggy "Green Bean Diet"....

She lost a LOT of weight and became a very svelte looking puggy!

With this sassy new figure, she got a fabulous new job....

" handling the merchandise, mister....I'll bring your wings when I'm damn good and ready!!!"

Lilo was truly one of a kind! If you haven't already, stop by Lilo's blog and share some love with her mommy Jessica.

Run free sweet girl! We miss you!!!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The EYES have it! (HA!)

Mom can't remember if she blogged/shared this...but a few months back, our vet told us that I have Pigmentary Keratitis in my eyeballs. Mom and Dad give me my Tacrolimas drops and don't make a big farkakte deal about it, but Dr. Boucher (one of my regular vets) wanted me to get checked out by a Doggie Opthamologist just to be sure my treatment was working and there wasn't something else wrong.

OPTHAMOLOGIST? Aw crap....I hope I don't need GLASSES!!!!
(OMG...doesn't this remind you of Da Bugg Gooroo?)

My appointment at the VCA Specialty Clinic was this morning. Mom got me there and I met this cool dude named BOWIE (like David!)and his nice mom while I was waiting...

We noticed that Bowie had a pretty sweet looking bikini wax job, but it turned out that the poor dude had Lymphoma and he was there for a chemotherapy treatment. Bowie...if you're reading this, we hope you feel better soon!

A nice lady named Karen was my tech today!

She told me I was handsome, so of course I had to give her some sugar!

Here I am with my Eye Doctor...Dr. Budelsky!

He checked my eyes out with some of his fancy tools and asked mom some questions about me. He told mom that I definitely have PK, but doesn't think I need surgery of any kind and that we should continue to manage it with the drops we've had along with a prescription for some additional drops. Easy peasy!

Here I am with my prescription....

Mom says it looks like a MUG SHOT! HAHAHAA

I was just happy that I didn't have to read an eye chart!

Thank you Dr. Budelsky and NiceTechKaren! Mom is very relieved to know that my PK is under control for now and she's going to keep up with my drops and keep an EYE on me (hahahaa....get it....EYE? HAHAHAA!)

***Mom's note*** if some of you use regular meds for your 4 leggers, Kroger pharmacy just recently started carrying pet prescriptions too....MANY of them fall under the $4 generic program too! We lucked out with my new eyedrops today....only FOUR BUCKS at Kroger pharmacy, which meant mom had enough to stop and get me a McCheesyBurger as a reward for being a good boy for the Eye Dr. today!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Birthday USA!

Happy 4th of July everyone! We hope you all have a wonderful (and safe) day celebrating with friends and family. Maggie and I wish you a wonderful holiday from our cute HEADS....

To our TAILS....

We'll be hiding safely in the house tonight while the peeps blow up crap and act stoooopid outside.