Monday, November 30, 2009

Blogger help and extreme laziness

(YAAAWN!) Hi everyone! I hope everyone had a great long Turkey Day weekend! Daddy was home with me for FIVE WHOLE DAYS! We kept ourselves stuffed with turkey (and tryptophan) and did a LOT of this.....

Here we are after I asked him to help me blog. Things started out ok, but then we both fell asleep....

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ....I guess Mom can help me blog on Monday when things get back to normal around here!

Being Daddy's companion for five days is VERRRRY hard work!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Circus Act Saturday

Ladies and Gentlepugs! Children of all ages! Prepare to be amazed! I, Salinger The Pug will wow you with a gravity defying feat of strength! lovely assistantPug PHOEBE!

Now...sit back and watch as I begin to defy gravity and the laws of PugPhysics!

Ringmaster Dad is doing his part to get the amazing feat started.

More than halfway up!

Just look at the strength of those back legs! AAAAMAZING!


(Wild applause)

That's right ladies and gentlepugs...this is a limited time engagement! Get your tickets while they last! You can buy the whole seat, but you'll only need the edge!

Happy Saturday everyone!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

So thankful...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! I hope you all had a great day and hope that all of your hoomans shared their yummy foodables with you all!

Mom got all Martha Stewarty on us and busted out the GOOD china! Man...she was SERIOUS!

The napkins are even folded up like farkakte turkeys!!!

Will and Lizz came over with their mom, Peggy. I think she is in love with me now (WHO could resist me?)

As you can see...I'm all dressed up in my best "eating attire".

FINALLY...Mom pulled the turkey out of the oven...only to cover it and tease me with it for another half hour or so. Some crap about it having to "rest".

COME ON LADY! Give me a hunk of that bad boy!!!!

As I stood there in a puddle of my own drool...Dad carved the turkey slower than molasses in friggin' January... was time......



After dinner, we have a cool family tradition where EVERYONE gets a brand new christmas ornament to hang on the tree (which will be put up tomorrow). Lizz helped me change into my CHRISTMAS tie for the big unwrapping...

Here I am taking my turn opening my new ornament...

To: S-Dog...hahahahaa's a PUG!

Cool...he looks kind of like me...just not as handsome!

The OTHER great family tradition we have is to watch the DOG SHOW as we're digesting! This year, we recorded it and watched it a bit later, and were absolutely HORRIFIED that the Pug didn't win Best In Show!

Stupid judge must have been all sacked out on Tryptophan from too much turkey to do their job properly....the Pug was ROBBED!!!!

We hope you all had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving and please know that we're SO thankful to have friends and family as great as all of you! Reading your blogs and comments just make our day!


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wordless Wednesday...Turkey neck edition

Go ahead and insert your own jokes....we're keeping it wordless today! ;-)

Happy Day Before Turkey Day!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Vet visit and well wishes for Sexy Penny!

Hi everyone!

Mom hauled me in to see the Vet again this morning (she swears she doesn't have Munchausesn by Proxy...she's just a freak about keeping me healthy). I've had these gross cysty looking things on my chin that won't go away and one ruptured and BLED last night which put her RIGHT over the edge!

LOOK...(now look away...I'm HIDEOUS!)

Dr. Graves and one of my favorite techs Lisa both checked me out and said that it's just some folliculitis that has developed a staph infection. I don't have mast cell tumors or anything horrible (WHEW!). Dr. Graves gave me a LASER TREATMENT to kill the bacteria deep down in my chin to help clear up my infection. Check me out!!!

Cool-breeze chillin' with the Pug!!!!

Mom said I was lucky and even told Dr. Graves that she'd volunteer to be a guinea pig to see if the laser would do anything for crow's feet around human eyes...we'll see how that goes.

I have to take antibiotics for 10 days and I have some special medicated wipes for my chin to help clear up the yuckiness. Mom got me some PEGETABLES to make up for the torture.


On a completely different note...we want to direct you over to see our friend Penny and her awesome mom Dana. Penny is a very fabulous, beefy and SEXY Pug who has very suddenly lost her eyesight due to something called SARD (Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration). We are thankful to learn that she doesn't have any underlying conditions (like cancer or a tumor) that could have caused this. We know that Penny loves her whippy cream, so here is a HUGE can of it just for her....

Better make it the LIGHT variety...Penny's mom said that her doc said she's a little TOO beefy and sexy ;-)

Happy Tuesday everyone! We hope everyone is healthy and gearing up for Turkey Day!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Hoarding problem?

Just LOOK at my awesome stash of spent butcher bones!!!!!

I like scraping my teeth on them and hauling them upstairs and dumping them on the Big Cloud Bed in the middle of the night! (Mom's note....imagine the THUNK these suckers make at 3am when being dumped on the foot of one's bed!)

Mom says that I need to call A&E and ask to be on their show "Hoarders"

I don't know what she's all riled up about....I NEED MY BONES!!!!

Happy Friday everyone!!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thursday thievery

Hi everyone!

It's cold and rainy here in Indy today and mom is being all boring and WORKING (the NERVE!). She put the Game Show Network on for me and made me a "puggy nest" on the couch with Holden's sleeping bag, but I wasn't feeling I decided to wait until she got up and her headband slipped off her head and STEAL IT!


See....I make it impossible for her to resist playing with me!

Happy Thursday everyone!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Thank you Melissa and Emmitt!

We got the biggest surprise the other day!!! An envelope came in the mail with Melissa and Emmitt's familiar PUGNOTES shipping label! (Yeah, mom sharpied out the addresses in case any of our readers are stalkery freaks)

"What the WHAT is this??? Is this a mistake????"

We opened the envelope and discovered the SWEETEST note from Melissa and Emmitt and a cute Puggy MAGNET for our fridge along with a Puggy bookmark (that Holden has already hijacked and taken to school for his library book!)!!!!

THANK YOU MELISSA AND EMMITT! We were totally surprised and are so touched that you sent this to us "just because"!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Who would I be????

Our buddy Murphy Dogg did the funniest post the other day....

Who would your pet be if he/she were a person? My answer is EEEEASY...

Stewie Griffin (from Family Guy)

Just look...

"Why the duece did that woman wrap this scarf around my neck???"

Note the resemblance....

UNCANNY I tell you!!! UNCANNY!!!!

Ok...let's hear it...who would all of YOU be????

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Workin' for The Man

Ok, so it wasn't exactly "The Man"....but it WAS for KPR (Kentuckiana Pug Rescue)!
My buddy Hank and I teamed up (with our goofball moms) and worked the Indianapolis Christmas Gift and Hobby show yesterday to raise awareness and $$$ to help all of the KPR puggies!
Here we are...ready for action!!! Hank is in the front and I'm in the back.

All we had to do was look adorable and wear this little apron/smock things with pockets that said "DONATION PUG" so people could "tuck a buck" as we were walking around or just sitting back near our booth. Annie did SUCH a nice job making those!!!
Mom put me in my plaid Christmas tie (made by PUNCHY!) and was surprised to see how well it matched the donation smock!

Here are our first mean KIND DONORS! It's Heather and Justin (My BPF Pugsley and Lola's mom and bro!)Photobucket
They got me started with some scratch for my pockets! THANKS guys!

Hank looked for donations (and food) in some unconventional places...

I charmed the diapers off this cute little baby!
I think he's going to be a Pug fan for LIFE!

Hank and I took a little break and hung out in the PugPen so the moms could chow down...
A few people even asked if WE were up for adoption!!! Mom and Aunt Sarah were HORRIFIED at the thought and quickly directed people to the book that had the list of adoptable Puggies.

As payment for our hard work...Mom fed Hank and I a HOT DOG from the concession stand! YUMMY!!!!

It was a big fat hot dog, so I didn't mind sharing with my pal, Hank!
"Sorry Hank, they don't serve PBR to go with that dawg!"

Nom nom nom nom nom!

Don't worry....if you can't make it to Indy to get to the Gift and Hobby can STILL help the puggies of KPR!!! Click THIS LINK to donate!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thank yous all around on Wednesday!

Happy Hump Day everyone and we have a very THANKFUL post to share with you today!

First off....we need to send some more THANKS to our buddy Harry Pugalicious and his awesome mom Heather...

Not ONLY did they schlepp ALL the way up here to Indy...but they brought PRESENTS with them!
For mom, the COOLEST APRON EVER!!! It has PINK sequins, a PINK pug and a blingy CUPCAKE on it! It's like an apron of mom's favorite things!!!

Check out the stash behind me too! Apple Dumpling treats for MOI, a t-shirt from Pugfest for Mom with one of Melissa and Emmitt's cute notecards!

BEST of all.....a squeaky giraffe for MEEEEEE!

He's REEEALLY good for playing "tug"!

So a BIG thank you to Heather for the goodies and to Harry for letting us (and the rest of the Indy bloggers) snuggle all over him!
Holden couldn't keep his mitts off Harry!

Also...Happy Veteran's Day and a BIG BIG BIG THANK YOU goes out to all of those serving our country AND those who have served in the past. We especially want to thank our Grandpa Conrad (mom's grandpa) who served in WWII overseas!
This is handsome Corporal Morris Conrad! As you can see, I (Salinger) inherited his good looks! (hahaha)
Grandpa is 93 and doing very well and hopefully enjoying his Veteran's Day. We're going to give him a call later...we don't want to interrupt his morning TV shows!

Happy Hump Day everyone!!!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Our weekend with Harry

WARNING everyone...this is going to be a very LONG post, so you may want to clear your schedules, make a snack and have your calls held! We had SUCH a fun and very PUGCENTRIC weekend!

Friday evening, fellow blogger Heather and Harry Pugalicious arrived!
YAY they made it!

In true Salinger Pug form, I looked very concerned about the whole "visitor" situation...
Ummmmm....what do you mean they're staying all weekend????

We REEEALLY hate to tell all of you this...but Harry is even CUTER and SWEETER than he is in his pictures!!!
He's SUCH a laid back, chilled out puggy!

Of course like EVERY Pug...he loves FOOD!
Here's Daddy (a.k.a. Foodman) looking for some foodables in the fridge! Harry thought he was making him a snack!

Since Heather and Harry were staying with us all weekend, I decided that I'd better make friends with Heather...I decided to tell her all about our other puggy friends she was going to meet at Meetup on Saturday!

Mom was snuggling up with Harry and making him comfortable for his weekend getaway.
She mentioned something about Harry needing to be IRONED, but I stopped her (since the woman's iron skills are clearly lacking based on the last post we had!).

Mom and Heather did LOTS of laughing and squealing about how CUUUTE we puggies are!

I tried to get Heather to give me a bite of her dessert (apple crisp) but I think she wanted it all for herself!

Later that night, Pugsley and Lola came over with their mom Heather!!! Pugsley was VERY excited to meet Harry...
I tried to tell Pugsley that Harry only digs the LADIES, but he didn't listen!

Saturday morning, Mom, Holden and Heather took us to Falls Park here in Pendleton to walk around and enjoy the warm fall morning. We watched these ducks for a bit...

On the way home, we had to stop and show Harry some true Indiana cows!

Holden used to think that chocolate milk came from brown cows! HAHAHAHA

THEN it was time to go to the Indy Pug Meetup....

Since Halloween was last weekend, we had our costume contest this time! Mom put me in those farkakte doctor scrubs again!!!!
Here's Aunt Sarah (Hank and O'Mally's mom) "tucking a buck" as her vote for me in the contest (I came in third!)

Here is the winner....our buddy LILO dressed as MINNIE PEARL!

Here is Hank dressed in his normal daily attire (since he IS the King of the Hill).

We posed for our usual Indy Bloggers picture...but notice there are three RANDOM people in the back row on the right!!! NO clue who they are and they just crashed our picture!!!
Of course the Indy Bloggers are much too polite to kick them out of the we just went with it!

After the regular meetup...The Pug Posse's Vikki and Dennis were so nice to host a "mini meetup" at their house so everyone could hang out with Heather and love on Harry!!! As was a BLAST and everyone brought wonderful yummy foodables to share!

This is Rita from The Pug Corral trying to keep Harry from swiping her dinner!

Kelly J. and Mom modeling their adorable puggy shirts!
Mom wants to thank Kelly H. and Kelly J. for passing this shirt on to her!!! You ladies rock!

Heather and Harry's visit totally called for a big honkin' CAKE!
Don't worry...NO puggies were fed any of this chocolatey goodness!

Here is Kelly J. posing with Harry P.
He is such a superstar!!!

Here is another pic of the Indy Bloggers (with NO RANDOMS this time!)
Front row: Jessica who blogs for Lilo
Jami who blogs for Apollo
Sarah who blogs for Hank and Molly
Heather (our guest/honorary Indy Blogger) who blogs for Harry
Back row: Kelly who blogs for Sophie, Dixie and Harles
Mom who blogs for ME
Cindy who blogs for Yoda and Brutus
Vikki who blogs for the Pug Posse (and was our gracious hostess)
Julie who blogs for Reggie and Dallas

I was getting sleepy, so I cuddled up with Heather....
...and was REEEEEEALLY happy to see her!!! (hahahahaa)

Back at our house, we snuggled some more...with this sweet squeaky giraffe that Heather and Harry brought for me!!!
Ahhhhhhh...SO nice! Heather...will you and Harry move to Indy???? ;-)

We had a nice long sleep and then this morning, the moms took Harry and I out walking in the 'hood again (as if we weren't exhausted enough already!!!)

I showed Harry how I like to dig in the sandbox (a.k.a. beach volleyball court)

Mom posed us on the pier together...

Then it was time for Harry and his mom Heather to go back home to Alabama. We had SO much fun with them this weekend and wish they lived closer! Thank you so much for making the trip up so we could all spend time with you and snuggle with sweet Harry!
...and don't do him justice at all!!!!!

Hope you both have a safe trip back home and please know that you're ALWAYS welcome here!!!!