Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Thank you Melissa and Emmitt!

We got a VERY special delivery in the mail yesterday! We ordered one of Melissa's "Emmitt" dolls/pillows!!!
Melissa included a wonderful surprise...two of her Pugnote cards!!! We decided they're WAAAY too cute to actually we're going to put them in a double frame and put them in the study!

Thank you Melissa and Emmitt! We love having our own little "Emmitt" here in the house!!!

***Mom FINALLY figured out how to make hyperlinks work!!!! Can you believe it?***

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Fall of The House of Gingerbread

(Sniff...sniff...sniff...) Hey wait a minute...I smell COOKIES......


OH THE HUMANITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess there's only one thing left to do!
YUMMY!!! Destroyed gingerbread chateaus are DEEEELICIOUS!

I got lots of tasty crumbs!

Then daddy (a.k.a. Fun Governor) had to throw it all in the trash.
It's probably for the best...bathing suit season is right around the corner!!!!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

A VERY lovely evening with Pugs, a Bugg and their humans!

I, Salinger The Pug am simply EXHAUSTED after the big night I had last night! Let me show and tell you all about it!

Mommy said that we were going to see my girlfriend/Puggy Muffin SOPHIE and her family! I spent all day yesterday getting my beauty sleep so I would be really handsome for her! Not only THAT...but Sophie's mom and dad (Kelly and Brian) just got ENGAGED and we wanted to make sure things were properly celebrated with all the fanfare that a happy engagement deserves!

We canines exchanged Christmas presents too!!! Here are some good pics...

Present for Harley
This package was for Sir Harles...homemade Peanut Pugger Cookies!

THIS one was for my Sophie Puggy Muffin.......
For Sophie
It was a box full of PUGGY MUFFINS (the corn giblet recipe we posted at Thanksgiving!).

We chose this especially for Dixie Bugg...
Present for Dixie!
Doggie Brownie Bites! We figured they were the closest thing to POOP, so we hoped she'd like them!

Sophie, Dixie and Harley got me this COOL shirt (this TOTALLY helps with my whole "butching up") and a toy TURTLE that I dragged all over the kitchen today!
S'up Dawg? HAHAHAHA. Mom likes the picture of the bling on the back! She says it looks like I won a medal at the Ghetto Dog Olympics! HAHAHAHAAA!

Don't mess with my turtle......his name is "Homie".

After the presents, the humans had dinner and then Kelly and Brian cut their engagement cake (practicing for their wedding cake!).
Kelly and Brian
Of course it HAD to be chocolate....doggie poison. Figures.

Then Dixie Bugg got passed around for BuggRubbs...
Laura and Dixie Bugg
Mommy had a turn...

Then daddy...
Kevin and Dixie

Then Sophie tried making the moves on me...
Sophie and Salinger

But I was playing "Hard to get"...besides...all the humans were watching, so it's not like we had privacy to get Puggy or anything!
S-girl and S-Dog

Mom noticed that I DID spend a LOT of time playing with Harley. Hmmmmm.
Laura with Harley and Salinger
Why does she keep saying "not that there's anything WRONG with that!" and laughing?

Daddy was having fun with a Puggy Pile on his lap!
Kevin and pals
Sophie, Dixie and Harley dogpile on my daddy!

While I decided to play "DENTIST" with Kelly! Hahahahaaa
Kelly and Salinger
Oh yesssss...I can TELL you've been flossing!

Mommy was giving out TREATS and trying to get us all to do our tricks that we know (sit, speak, high five...etc.) It turns out that Harley knows sit AND speak! I knew that fellow gentlepug was smart!!!!
Laura and friends

BUT...I think the highlight of the evening was the brief appearance made by Dixie "Da Bugg Gooroo".
Da Bugg Gooroo
The people were laughing too hard to pose any real questions to her...but maybe next time.

Thank you so much to Kelly and Brian for having us over for a great evening and CONGRATULATIONS on your engagement! We can't wait to follow along with all of your wedding plans during the next few months!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Another Christmas post...

We HAD to share this with all of you...

Mimi and Pa (Laura/mom's met them back in October...remember?) just emailed us these pics from Arizona. Pa gave Mimi a new cover for her driver (golf club). Does it look like anyone you know?
Look at that curly tail!!!!

What a great present! Good job Pa!
We STILL think they need the real thing....we'll keep working on them!

Isn't Mimi pretty??? She had a bit of a cold in this picture, but you can't tell at all! We think she looks wonderful!

Such a happy Christmas!!!

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a WONDERFUL Christmas and got to enjoy some downtime like we've been doing. Mommy calls it "L.O.A. time" (Laying On @$$) and we've all been doing LOTS of it!

As promised, we have some more "civilized" pics to share with you. Our family had our Christmas in two with Will and Lizz and the other with just Mom, dad and Holden. Here we go...
Here is a nice pic of Will, Lizz and Holden opening up some nice presents from Mimi and Pa (from Arizona!)

Mommy (aka Laura to most of you) and Holden
Self portrait...CHEEEEEESE!

ME with Holden...playing Christmas Kissy Face!

Here is Mommy helping me open a present....what can it be???
Whatever it's time for mom to pick up a new box of hair color! Ugh...those GRAYS!

It's a new BALL! TALKS!!!!!!!
It says funny things like "Whoa big doggie!"

I also got a new coat! Check me out...
Mom said I could use some "Butching-up"...does this work?

The kids (the 3 young ones and the 44 year old) were SO excited to get a Playstation 3 gaming system. It was hugs all around!!!

NOW the fun part...daddy had to rearrange all the electronic stuff to hook the system up to the TV. Can you see me supervising this debacle?
Oh My Helen Keller! What a MESSSSSSSSS!

OK...skip ahead to our Christmas with Mom, Dad and Holden. Santa came a day early (he even delivered our presents to the loading dock of Dad's work building downtown!). Holden spent Christmas Day and these few days afterward in Ohio with his we rearranged the calendar this year a bit.

I had goodies in my stocking!!!

Mommy helped me open them...
I got some new mint chewies and a big ropey bone toy! WHOOHOO!

This was the present I got for Holden...
Can you tell I wrapped it and filled out the tag with HARDLY any help at all!?

NEW SOCKS! Since I eat his socks and play tug with them...I figured it was the LEAST I could do!

Speaking of surprises...Holden got a BIG one this year!
Mom and dad always said he didn't need his own phone and that they MIGHT think about it when he's in middle school.....

SURPRISE Holden! He got his own Rumor (which is waaaaaaay cooler than mom's razr phone!) and has been texting texting texting like a pro!

We hope all of you out there in Bloggerland had a safe, happy and wonderful Christmas! We can't wait to read all of your updates and hear all of your new stories in 2009!!! could we forget to send out a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Kelly and Brian (from Pugs and Bugg). They are ENGAGED to be married! YAY!!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I Yust Go Nuts At Christmas (like the old song says!)

WHAT is it about Christmas that makes kids and dogs LOSE THEIR MINDS? This was the scene in our house the other night....
Yes...Holden appearing out of nowhere in his Christmas Bulldog PJ bottoms, Big Kahuna fishing Tshirt, Santa hat and SWIM GOGGLES???? (WTF?)

I, Salinger The Pug and Protector of my domicile, of course didn't recognize this bizarre frogman Yultide creature, so I ATTACKED him and wrestled him to the ground...

...and subdued him with a giant Kissy Face Attack!

He WON'T be doing that again any time soon....I STOLE his Santa hat because I HAAAAATE IT!
Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.....@#$%&* SANTA HAT!!!!!!!!

After I realized the intruder was HOLDEN...I gave him another Kissy Face attack to tell him I forgave him!
HAHAHA...where's the Santa hat NOW, Brother?????

We're pretty sure things will calm back down here and we'll be back to post some much more civilized pictures of our Christmas festivities!

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL! May your homes be full of love, laughter, yummies and FREE OF YULETIDE FROGMEN!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Another trip to the vet

I had to go to see Dr. Graves again yesterday. My "zit rash" thing is back on my face again. Mom wanted to be sure that's what it was and figured I'd need an antibiotic prescription to help me. She guessed right.

Dr. Graves called it "folliculitis" and said that Pugs are prone to ingrown whiskers that can easily become infected. Do any other Puggys out there have this problem?

Dr. Graves and his staff were so nice (as usual!). They gave me the cute Santa collar that I'm wearing, a paw shaped Christmas stocking and a new stuffed Christmas Pig! WOW! The pig OINKS and plays Jingle Bells when mom squeezes his tummy! I'm not sure if I like him yet...he freaks me out a little.
(Sigh)....Opposable thumbs would make writing my thank you notes SO much easier!

Monday, December 22, 2008

A THANK YOU to Janie and a SHOUT OUT to Kristi

Can you believe I got ANOTHER Christmas present already? Remember Janie, our mail lady (I loooooove her!)? She left me a new stuffie and a REALLY nice Christmas card in our mailbox (with a stamp on it!)
I love my new stuffie and named him Kris (like Kringle). I played with him all weekend and left him up in Holden's bed when I got up this morning!


We also wanted to post this funny cartoon for our friend Kristi who lives in Chicago...

Kristi and her husband have TWO doggies (Bo and Luke...get it?) who really need their own blog!

We hope that EVERYONE is ready for Christmas and has a wonderful time celebrating in whatever way makes you happy!

Love to all,
Salinger and his peeps

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Santa Paws

I went to PetSmart to see SANTA PAWS yesterday!
I told him what a good boy I'd been all year and asked him for a new ball, some chewies and a new winter coat.

When Mommy asked Holden if HE wanted to see Santa...he laughed at her and said "Yeah, RIIIIIIIIIGHT!" Mom told him it was going to be hard for Santa to know what Holden wanted this year, so they decided to send him an email instead.

Speaking of Santa...if anyone is interested (or has little ones that might be interested!) here is a VERY cool link that we check out every year. Norad tracks Santa! SWEET!

Only a few days left!

Saturday, December 20, 2008


You won't believe this! Last night, Mommy and Holden were busy in the kitchen making all kinds of Christmas yummies to give to people for presents. They made a few different kinds of fudge, chocolate covered pretzels and DOGGIE TREATS for some of my doggie friends! They are SO yummy...nice and crunchy and loaded with crunchy peanut butter. While mommy was melting the peanut butter chips to decorate them, I stood there and stared at them...whining...


....and staring


Until finally she gets a CLUE and asks me if I want one. DUH!!!!!!!
What does she think...I'm standing here crying for my HEALTH???

Next, they made a big batch of Buckeye balls for Daddy's office next week. They used a WHOLE jar of peanut butter (which is one of my faaaaaaavorite things on the planet!). Mommy got most of it out and then gave me the almost empty jar!

I don't know why she's laughing. Why would anyone laugh at a poor Pug who is clearly STARVING and hasn't had a decent meal in weeks?