Sunday, November 30, 2008

Snowy Sunday!

Good morning everyone! I woke up this morning to a BIG surprise!

Mommy said they were the biggest, fattest snowflakes she'd ever seen! Daddy said it looked like a feather pillow exploded! I forgot what snow was from last year, so I was a little bit annoyed when it kept hitting me in the head while I was trying to pee!

The weather people said that we're supposed to get about two inches all total between today and tomorrow, which really isn't much at all to most people, but will likely cause a massive freakout and school delays here tomorrow.

We were busy yesterday "decking the halls" (sort of). Mom usually goes crazy and puts up THREE big Christmas trees but this year only did the big one and then a new smaller one in a planter box. She collects lyre ornaments and did our big 9 footer tree ALL in lyres this year!
Mom has been collecting these since college and has about 70 of them...with only a few duplicates!

Holden and I were checking out the tree and mom took this pic of us.
Photobucket and my best buddy!!!!

We also did a smaller little planter box type tree for our special family ornaments from this year (mom gets all of us at least one special ornament each year).
Holden's special ornament this year was a Chuck Taylor shoe, Daddy's was a cool "Kelley's Irish Pub" ornament and mine was a pug in a Santa Hat and a cute collar with a bone that says "good dog". Everyone also got a MOOSE ornament from Canada with their picture in it from Niagara Falls.

Mom said we're doing "Christmas Lite" this year because she is getting her tummy tucked on Thursday (YAY!) and won't be able to lift or do much for a while, so she didn't want daddy to have to mess with putting away too much Christmas "crap" in January.

Oh is talking about going out and playing in the snow! I'm not sure I like this idea!

Happy Sunday!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

SO Thankful...

Hello! I, Salinger The Pug would like to wish all of you a very happy Thanksgiving!
Here's me in my Pilgrim hat and my chew toy turkey leg! I was NOT amused to be seen in such a shoddy paper knock off Pilgrim Hat. It wasn't even a real buckle! Nice.

We had such a wonderful Thanksgiving! My family is pretty crazy and has this weird tradition of mom brining the turkey the day before Thanksgiving and then chasing Holden around the house with the turkey neck (he used to think it was a different turkey body part when he was younger). She cornered him in his closet with it this year.
Don't worry Brother, you can just take this picture to therapy in a few will explain a LOT! HAHAHA!

I had to check out the turkey neck too........

One of our other family Turkey Day traditions (that's a little bit more normal...) is to watch the DOG SHOW after the Macy's Parade! The TOY group was up first!
NO NO NO...not the Chiahuahua...we want the PUG!

The best of breed winner for the PUG was DIVA!
Her daddy Dermott is a very handsome Pug that we've seen on TV before. He won the Toy group a few years back.

Unfortunately, Diva didn't win...but she did place second in the Toy group
Way to go Diva!!!!

So after we watched some of the dog show, it was time to EAT! Mommy was very proud of her nicely browned and VERY juicy turkey! Here is daddy posing with it.
COME ON! Cut that bad boy up!!!!!

I got to eat turkey and some mashed sweet potatoes and then we went for a walk! Mommy and daddy are talking about getting the Christmas tree down tonight after Daddy is finished with his "game plan" for tomorrow. Mommy says that tomorrow is "Black Friday" which is also known as "Peer Pressure Consumer Spending Which She Refuses To Be A Party To Day". Daddy is going to pick up our friend Mr. Rob at THREE THIRTY in the morning so they can go hang out at Best Buy to get some "doorbuster deals". Mommy says that we are going to sleep in and then we're going to clean the's disgusting.
Just LOOK at all these toys on the floor behind me....and the DOG HAIR everywhere! Honestly!!!! These living conditions are downright deplorable!

That said...I'm still a very thankful Pug. My family adores me!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New sweater and good news!

Hello everyone!

Mommy bought me a new sweater the other day! Since it was only 28 degrees this morning, she thought it was a good thing for me to wear it for our walk this morning!
I feel SO dapper!

There is also good news (knock wood) on the health front for me too! It has been TWO FULL DAYS with no more limping/leg seizing/crying!!! I am back to acting like my normal self (which mommy says is still "crazy" at best), which has my peeps SO relieved! Thank you so much to ALL of you that sent nice notes or thoughts.

Happy Day Before Turkey Day tomorrow!!!! Mommy found a recipe for ME that uses the goodies that come in a bag INSIDE the turkey! Mom honestly can't remember where she copied this from a few weeks ago(it's NOT hers) so if it's one of yours...let her know so she can add the appropriate "shout out". Check this out...

Corn Muffins with Turkey Giblets

Yield: 12-18 mini muffins

2 oz. bacon grease or shortening
1 tsp. garlic powder
1/2 c. flour
1/3 c. water
1 tsp. parsley flakes
7.5 oz. box corn muffin mix
2-3 oz. chicken/turkey giblets (enclosed pack minus the neck)

- Set a rack in the middle of the oven and preheat to
400 degrees F.
- Grease a muffin pan with nonstick vegetable spray.
Melt the bacon grease.
- Puree the liver and giblets in the blender or food processor.
- In a large mixing bowl, whisk together the pureed liver, water, and bacon grease.
- In a separate bowl, stir together the corn muffin mix, flour, and spices. Mix into the liquid mixture.
- Divide the batter evenly among the muffin slots and bake for 15 minutes or until the toothpick test is dry, turning the pan once for even baking.

MMMMMM! I can't wait!

OK...PS....what is the deal with all the farkakte garlic in doggie recipes? All the Pug/Dog books that mom has (and the list of NO NO foods from the vet) all list garlic as NOT for dogs! Mom isn't taking any chances, but if you groove on garlic...go for it.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Cooking with Mommy

Hi everyone! In preparation of the big TURKEY DAY, mommy was asked to share her "food cube" recipe/technique. This would be a GREAT way to share some of your Thanksgiving leftovers with the starving Pugs out there! We are thrilled to bring you the first edition of the "S-Dog Cooking Show".
That's me...Salinger, with my Sous Chef, Mommy

OK...first off....this is NOT my entire diet! I eat Eukanuba kibble, but mommy holds back about 1/4 cup of it and heats up one of these yummy food cubes and mixes it in with my kibble every night. She has checked with our vet and he says this is fine, so don't anyone panic or go all "food police" on us!

STEP ONE: Gather your "mise en place" (fancy schmancy term for "get your crap together" that mommy learned when she was in Culinary School)
You'll need the following:

1. A big honkin' bowl and something to mix with

2. COOKED chopped meat (chicken, turkey, liver, lamb, beef, emu, whatever....) Mommy has 4 chicken thighs here that she cut off the bone and chopped.

3. Maybe a cupful of COOKED starch (brown or white rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes or whatever...mommy has cooked orzo pasta here (tiny rice shaped pasta))

4. Gravy of a corresponding flavor to bind it (chicken, beef, pork) OR you can use 2 raw eggs if you're doing salmon or some sort of seafood or just don't groove on gravy. Don't worry about the eggs being raw...they'll cook when you heat these up in the microwave and for now will just act as a binder.

5. Frozen or leftover veggies. We're using a mixed veg blend here...but I also like peas and carrots OR just green beans. Whatever you have on hand.

HELLOOOOOO? Are we going to make this, or are you just going to keep taking my picture???

OK...mix everything together in the big bowl...

Make sure you keep a few pieces of meat out for the Royal Taster...
"NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM!!!" (eating noise)

Next, scoop the mixture into an ice cube tray and level it off with a knife (so the cubes will separate easily when they're frozen).

When frozen, pop out the individual cubes (you may have to break them up a bit) and place into a freezer bag LABELED with what kind of food it is. Here is the door of our freezer...
We have beef, liver, turkey and pork...chicken will get it's own bag when they're frozen!

Just store any leftover mixture in the fridge and refill the ice tray when you're ready. I got two trays out of this batch.
Ready for the freezer!!!

Don't forget to CLEAN UP!!!
I'm licking all the chicken crumbs off the cutting board!

To serve these...just place ONE cube in a microwave safe dish and nuke on regular power for 1 minute 10 secs. Immediately stir in Puggy's kibble (hold a bit back since you're supplementing with this) and serve.
Whatchoo MEAN I just ate????

Happy Cooking from S-Dog and Laura

Let us know how creative you all were with those Turkey Day leftovers!!!

HEALTH UPDATE*** I wanted to thank everyone for the well wishes for Salinger with this pinched nerve situation he has. He's still having limping episodes every day (usually only right before he's due for meds) but we're hoping that he'll continue to improve! We'll keep you posted

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I'm on DRUGS!!!

Maaaaaaaaan...I am SO strung out right now! You won't believe the last day and a half I've had!!!!!


It all started the night before last...all of a sudden, I started LIMPING on my front paw and crying! I walked upstairs to bed and seemed ok the next morning so mom didn't think much of it.......until I started doing it again yesterday afternoon!

Mom called Dr. Graves and his wonderful office worked us in right away so they could check me out. Dr. Graves moved me around in all these weird positions and then told mom that I have a pinched nerve in my neck/back and a few days of medicine and I should be fine.

These are my drugs. Stay back!

My drugs are Vetprofen and Robaxin (an anti inflammatory and a muscle relaxer). The Robaxin makes me LOOPY and I've been having fun chasing invisible bugs!!!
I SEEEEEE YOU in there!!!!!!!!!

The best part is that mommy gives me my drugs in some cream cheese (since I figured out that peanut butter = pills usually...I'm not falling for that). She thinks she's tricking me, but I totally know what she's doing. If these weren't "happy pills", I would totally have a problem with this.
Duuuuuude...cream cheese!!!

Ok...all this blogging has made me sleepy (again). Dr. Graves told mommy to call him if I was "excessively sleepy" and mommy asked what exactly he meant by that, since I am a PUG and they agreed that if I slept for 23.5 hours (instead of my usual 23) that she would call.
She thinks she's SOOOOOOOOO funny. I'll humor her as long as she keeps the drugs coming!

Happy Hump Day everyone (hmmm...maybe that's how I got a pinched nerve...never thought of that).

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A few of my favorite things....

Greetings and salutations!

I, Salinger The Pug, wish to show you a few of my favorite things...

These are my stuffed girls...Grace (the big one) and Phoebe (the small one). Both are a mess and mom has had to do "surgery" on both of them numerous times to keep their stuffing inside.

This is my slab o' ribs! They used to smell like ribs, but I sniffed it all out and now they just squeak.

THIS is my mommy's leg. It's the perfect spot for me!

These are just a few of my favorite raindrops, roses, whiskers, kittens or any of that crap.......

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Oh man...Holden and I are in trouble!
Whenever mom is doing the laundry and balling up the socks, she gets all yelly at brother because the toes of his socks ALL seem to develop holes in them! I guess now she knows why.......

Holden and I play this game almost every afternoon when he gets off the bus and takes his shoes off!

"Grrrrrrrrrr...gimme that sock, brother!!!!!"

"HAHAHAHAHA! I hope mommy doesn't find out about our secret game!"

"OH CRAP! I think mom's coming!"

"Oh HI mom.....nope, nothing iffy going on here....just sniffing brother's socks!........HEY is that a hole????"

Holden is TOTALLY getting socks for Christmas. I might throw in some underwear too.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The keep away paper caper

Well HELLO Salinger! Did my sweet puggy come in to visit mommy while she's working? nice! HEY...wait...what's that "eating noise" I hear?
"Nom nom nom nom" (that's eating noise)


Followed by ten minutes of "chase" until FINALLY.....

OK...GOTCHA PUG! Let's have it...what are you eating?
TAMPON INSTRUCTIONS????? Dude...seriously????

I really need to start closing the closet door in the bathroom!

A few of you have left comments that Salinger needs to go for the tampons themselves. Actually...this is a follow up post to one of the first ones we did (look back in the archives). Here's a pic in case you need help remembering!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I love the mail lady!

You know how every dog in Stereotype Land HATES the mailman/lady? NOT ME! I LOVE our mail lady! Her name is Janie and I will sit in the afternoon and wait for her to roll by!


Still waiting....

STILL wai....OMG OMG OMG! I think I hear her!!!!!

When I see her white Jeep, I lose my freaking MIND and start howling like a Beagle and just wigging out in general! That doesn't always sit well with mommy since she works here at home and is sometimes on the phone with "important" people when I start freaking out! Sometimes mommy isn't busy and takes me out to visit Janie, which I LOVE.


Janie is so nice and sometimes even has treats for me in her Jeep! I love to snuggle up on her lap and kiss her because she does such a good job at delivering our mail.

She even gave me this cool dolphin stuffie for my birthday in April! I named her "Janie" and she's one of my favorite toys!

So for all you doggies out there that follow the stereotype and growl at your mail carrier...BE NICE! You might get toys and treats from them if you try really hard!

Happy Thursday everyone!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween '08 Redux

Happy 2 days after Halloween everyone!!!!! It has been insane around here! Let me catch you up...

First off...I am SO excited that my watch dog costume won THIRD PLACE in Punchy's Costume contest! Thank you Judge "C"!!!!

Halloween night, we had 2 other families over (The Bays and The Aikens...both Holden's football teammates). The Bays brought MAGGIE (my fawn Pug friend) so we got to play while the people ate chili. We might post a pic later if someone else got a clear one, but we were running around too much to get a good one.

Here are Mommy and Holden
Mommy wore Holden's football uniform and Holden was a MIME! HAHAHAHAA!

He wanted to be a mime because of "the irony". He thought it was hilarious that mime's don't he had to make a sign to hold up...
HAHAHAHA! Trick or Treat!

Here's the back........
Thank you!

I went trick or treating with everyone but mommy took my watch dog costume off after a few blocks because she didn't want it to rip before the Pug Meetup on Saturday!

We all went back to the house and the kids all dumped out their candy and traded for a LONG time!
LOOK at all this candy!!!!

YESTERDAY was the Indy Pug Meetup!!! I was so excited to be in the costume contest and put up a pretty fierce fight against my girlfriend Sophie and her sibs (as the 3 Pug-Migos) and my buddy Apollo (the Frog Prince). Votes were a $1 each and we all raised $83 to send to Kentuckiana Pug Rescue to help other Pugs! YAY!
Here are the Three Pug-Migos and Apollo the Frog Prince. Not sure who that hippie cutie is, but she looked good too!

There were SO many Pugs in SO many cute costumes! Here were some of our other favorites....
A little black cutie in some pumpkin PJs

Mommy with "Harles"...Sophie and Dixie's new brother! He was one of the 3 Pug-migos! OLE!

Puggy Elvis!

Aaaaaarrrrrrgh! Roxy the pirate!

Jill the Pug was "Thing 2" (Carson was "Thing 1")

We didn't get this cutie's name...but what a CUTE bee!

Another favorite of ours! Lilo was a retired Hooters girl! HAHAHAHA

Java Bear was an adorable skunk!

Holden with Dixie Bugg (one of the Three PugMigos) She is SO tragic and adorable!

Salinger got to spend some time with his Sophie Puggy Muffin...
S-Girl and S-Dog

"Hey baby! Let's ditch these moms and go get puggy!"

Finally...we got a great Indy Blogger group shot together!
It's Vicki from Pug Posse
Kelly from The Misadventures of Pugg and Bugg (and Harles!)
Me (the one you're reading)
(I need to figure out how to do those cool link thingies so their names are highlighted and you can click on them.......Have I mentioned that I am a HUGE tech tard?)

I was SOOOOOOOO tired after all that fun!
I'm sleeping in the back seat on mommy's empty shopping bags! ZZZZZZZZZZZ

We hope everyone had a nice and safe halloween!