Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween '08 Redux

Happy 2 days after Halloween everyone!!!!! It has been insane around here! Let me catch you up...

First off...I am SO excited that my watch dog costume won THIRD PLACE in Punchy's Costume contest! Thank you Judge "C"!!!!

Halloween night, we had 2 other families over (The Bays and The Aikens...both Holden's football teammates). The Bays brought MAGGIE (my fawn Pug friend) so we got to play while the people ate chili. We might post a pic later if someone else got a clear one, but we were running around too much to get a good one.

Here are Mommy and Holden
Mommy wore Holden's football uniform and Holden was a MIME! HAHAHAHAA!

He wanted to be a mime because of "the irony". He thought it was hilarious that mime's don't he had to make a sign to hold up...
HAHAHAHA! Trick or Treat!

Here's the back........
Thank you!

I went trick or treating with everyone but mommy took my watch dog costume off after a few blocks because she didn't want it to rip before the Pug Meetup on Saturday!

We all went back to the house and the kids all dumped out their candy and traded for a LONG time!
LOOK at all this candy!!!!

YESTERDAY was the Indy Pug Meetup!!! I was so excited to be in the costume contest and put up a pretty fierce fight against my girlfriend Sophie and her sibs (as the 3 Pug-Migos) and my buddy Apollo (the Frog Prince). Votes were a $1 each and we all raised $83 to send to Kentuckiana Pug Rescue to help other Pugs! YAY!
Here are the Three Pug-Migos and Apollo the Frog Prince. Not sure who that hippie cutie is, but she looked good too!

There were SO many Pugs in SO many cute costumes! Here were some of our other favorites....
A little black cutie in some pumpkin PJs

Mommy with "Harles"...Sophie and Dixie's new brother! He was one of the 3 Pug-migos! OLE!

Puggy Elvis!

Aaaaaarrrrrrgh! Roxy the pirate!

Jill the Pug was "Thing 2" (Carson was "Thing 1")

We didn't get this cutie's name...but what a CUTE bee!

Another favorite of ours! Lilo was a retired Hooters girl! HAHAHAHA

Java Bear was an adorable skunk!

Holden with Dixie Bugg (one of the Three PugMigos) She is SO tragic and adorable!

Salinger got to spend some time with his Sophie Puggy Muffin...
S-Girl and S-Dog

"Hey baby! Let's ditch these moms and go get puggy!"

Finally...we got a great Indy Blogger group shot together!
It's Vicki from Pug Posse
Kelly from The Misadventures of Pugg and Bugg (and Harles!)
Me (the one you're reading)
(I need to figure out how to do those cool link thingies so their names are highlighted and you can click on them.......Have I mentioned that I am a HUGE tech tard?)

I was SOOOOOOOO tired after all that fun!
I'm sleeping in the back seat on mommy's empty shopping bags! ZZZZZZZZZZZ

We hope everyone had a nice and safe halloween!


The Devil Dog said...

What a great day, what great costumes and what a lot of fun you must have had.


Archie and Melissa said...

oh what a wonderful weekend you all had!
i'm still smiling! great pictures!
m & e

Three Pugsketeers said...

Love ths pics and all the costumes!!

Nevis said...

Wonderful photos of the wonderful it would be to meet other bloggers!

Anonymous said...

Retired Hooters girl LOL!

I love Holden's mime sign (such nice manners)!

Sandra y Coco Pug said...

Great costumes! I love Holden's, such a good idea and funny! I agree with Nevis, nice to meet other bloggers

Kelly said...

Salinger, it is so nice to meet you! Thanks for making me feel welcome!

You are actually right about the 'hump it' thing. Momma always thought girl dogs didn't hump. PSHHH, I have changed her mind!

Love your new friend,