Thursday, January 26, 2012

Playing like BROS!

OK, ONE of these days, we'll get back into a normal blogging routine, but for NOW...please enjoy the latest Salinger/Toby video!

Friday, January 20, 2012

The Fall of the House of Gingerbread 2011

Hello friends!  Salinger T. Pug Esq. back in my rightful position here at the keyboard today!  As some of you may remember, each year my human brother Holden creates a cool gingerbread house that we keep out on display during Christmas and then DESTROY together in some sort of fabulously spectacular fashion.  Check out previous destruction HERE and HERE.  (Go ahead....we'll wait!)

So after mom put away all the Xmas tchochkies and clutter, Holden took care of the gingerbread house...
Notice ME all adorable and posing nicely for the camera while Toby (the RUBE) is all busy huffing the farkakte gingerbread house!!!

Ok....ready??????  Here it goes!!! MMMMMM!!!  Destruction is YUMMY!!!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tough Guy TobyPants!

                         HEYA there youse guys! It's me...
                 TOBY PANTS!!!! I'm Salinger's kid brudder (and I sound like Joe Pesci!)


I gotta tell ya what I did today! See this here STUFFIE????.......
I KILLED IT I DID!!!! heard me! He had it comin'!!!! Squeaker and guts...ALL OVER the living room floor!

My big brudder Salinger came in to see me chewin' on this here dead stuffie's BUTT!
                                                        He was none too pleased!

This here is a picture of him asking what the EFF is wrong with me. Heh heh heh!
I told him I didn't like the look on that stuffie's face, so he needed to sleep with the fishes!

Don't mess with TobyPants!!!!! 

Friday, January 13, 2012

Interview with the Pugs

Hey everyone! Today it's MOM (Laura) at the keyboard. I am so so so sorry for the lack of posts and updates with our new family member (Toby), but the last almost two weeks have reminded me of those first surreal days home alone with a new (human) baby.
Toby is a PERFECT little pug and fitting in so nicely with us! Salinger is being a bit turdlier than usual and is a bit jealous and has even started MARKING around the house (ai yi yi!). I REFUSE to put them in belly bands (because we have this awesome custom built doggie door!) so I just follow them everywhere and get ready to pounce if I see a leg start to lift. I'm lucky to get a real shower every day (usually with the curtain open so I can see what they're doing) and am still balancing work on top of all this. LUCKILY I work from home or I would be an unemployed MESS of a Crazy Pug Lady right now. SO....until I can put something better's a video of me "interviewing" the boys after they received a cool new toy from Julie (from The Pug Corral). Thank you ALL for the sweet words, encouragement, commisserating, support and laughs as we've brought sweet Toby into our home! I promise to try and get better with blogging and let Salinger have the keyboard back. I know he's much funnier and more interesting than I am!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Toby's FIRST McCheesyBurger

Hey there youse guys! This is TOBY here at the keyboard today!!!! GUESS what I got today???? A MCCHEESYBURGER!!!!  My big brother, Salinger, has been telling me all about these magical meat sammiches and Mom brought us home one to share! It was SWELL, I tell ya....just SWELL!!! ***MOM'S NOTE*** Most of you probably know that Salinger speaks with a deep voice and a British accent. TOBY speaks like a cross between Joe Pesci in Goodfellas and one of those young 20's wiseguy gangsters. Just FYI to make your reading experience more fun.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Indy Pug 500 Living Room Race!!!!!!

After a bit of a rough night....Day 2 with little brother Toby was a good one.   We even had some FUN tonight!


OMG Toby is a Whirling Dervish!

He must have some stories to tell from his Turkish Days! Perhaps that's one of the places he wandered when he was homeless. Hmmm....interesting!

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year and NEW BROTHER!!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!!! SO sorry we've been away, but Mom needed a bit of a break over Christmas and also had work coming out of her eyeballs again. SO....big changes for us here at TheLazyK for 2012! I HAVE A LITTLE BROTHER!!!!!
MEET TOBY!!! His full name is Tobias Flenderson Funke Kelley (a wink and a nudge to all The Office and Arrested Development fans out there!). Both our vet and the vet his sweet KPR foster family took him to think he's maybe between 2 and 3 years old. He was found wandering around in Kentucky and was picked up and taken to a KILL SHELTER where he was sprung on his "due date" by his sweet foster family, Jeni and Ryan in Louisville **blows kisses***. Mom transported this little dude before and just fell in love with him, and she and dad have been talking about him non stop since then!

Mom and dad have been working hard to get pics of us together since my kid brother came home yesterday, but they're all blurry or we have psycho eyes, so this is ALL we have for right now. We both snorted some crack (hahaha) and both rode on mom's lap for the trip back home.
"Hey let's get some stuff straight....I'M the BIG BROTHER....I'M the boss....capisce???"

Holden took this shot of mom taking Toby from Foster's the official handoff pic!
We laughed and said Toby looks like Baby Simba in The Lion King!

We all just adore he is with his other big brother...Holden
EVERYPUG should be so lucky to have a big bro as awesome as Holden!!!

He got to help Daddy drive the car home too! Toby is a VERY good driver!

Today, Toby had his first visit with Dr. Graves!
He whispered to Toby and told us that he was a "Great Little Pug" and that I should be a nice big brother to him. I'm going to try my best. I know the kid was dealt a crappy hand early in life, so we're going to take good care of him and I promise not to be too turdley toward him.

On that is a pic of me enjoying my FIRST McCheesyBurger of 2012! I didn't have to share either!!! NOM NOM NOM!! Happy New Year everyone!!!!!!