Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Thrice the Vice!!!

Ok, it's alllll out in the open now...no more hiding!
Mom didn't know that Dad has been running a "Blind Pig" out of our living room which included quite the lucrative craps ring!

"YEAH! Another SEVEN for the Pug!"

Daddy was down to his last Ulysses, so he offered up some CHEESE to sweeten the deal!

"Ahhh...the sweet taste of victory!"

All that's left to do now is savor the cheddar, count my cash, and fetch Daddy a box of kleenex! HAHAHAA

"Thanks for playing, Daddy! Puggy needs a new bag-o-kibble!"

(Thanks for the idea, Minnie and Mack!)

**MOM'S NOTE** The cough seems to be getting even better! Only one "honking" episode today!!! YAY for antibiotics!!!!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Switching vices

Well...my "smoker's cough" (a.k.a. Kennel Cough) seems to be improving...I've only coughed once today! To keep my mind off the Camels I've been missing...I'm onto something else now...

Well, it was just SITTING there....whatja expect me to do? IGNORE IT?

Bring that bottle closer!!!!

Ahhhh...that's the STUFF!

Keep the Labatts coming and I won't even miss my Camels!!!!

Happy Monday everyone!

***Mom's note*** Ok, do I SERIOULY need to tell you all that that bottle was totally empty???
Salinger's cough is MUCH better and the antibiotics seem to be working their magic! Thanks so much to those of you that posted about your experiences with Kennel Cough (I thought it was really horrible and uncommon)...turns out, it's like the common cold for dogs with a bajillion different strains out there that can be picked up anywhere! Thanks for all of your notes and support to put this crazy PugMom at ease!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

When good Pugs go bad....

Crap...Mom discovered (and put the kibosh on) my dark side! By day, most people only know me as Salinger the worried, adorable, Friend of Dorothy, but when the sun goes down....LOOK OUT....

Here I am on my way out to meet Pugsley at the bar with a fresh pack of Camels, HotDogNeck and a pissy look on my face!

Looks like my "hard living" has caught up with me....I developed a nasty case of Smoker's Cough yesterday (the Vet called it "Kennel Cough"...whatever!) Mom got a video of me hacking up a lung...

SO...now Mom is all yappy and on my Cinnabon about getting me to QUIT!


She has NO idea how hard it is to be THIS adorable all day....

"Leave me alone, Lady!! We all have our vices!!!"

So now she took my Camels away and is watching me like a hawk and trying to fool me with cheese stuffed with Doxycycline (antibiotic) twice a day and I saw her cutting out a coupon for Nicorette! Looks like the fun is over for now until this Smoker's Cough clears up!

Happy Saturday everone!

***MOM'S NOTE*** Ok...everyone CHILL....those were CANDY cigs in his mouth (the kind that puff...he even ATE it afterward!) and the box of Camels was empty and came from our friend, Rob. Salinger REALLY was diagnosed with Kennel Cough yesterday, but the Vet said that he'll be fine and that it's very similar to the human cold and can be picked up from just airborne particles. YES, he's had the Bortadella vaccine, but she explained that there are many strains of it and the vaccine can't prevent them all. He seems fine...just a bit sleepy and honky and doesn't have much of an appetite, but we'll keep you posted with his recovery!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?

Holden has been hard at work with football practice and perfecting his "Pancake/Mack Truck Tackle Technique" while I've been getting some extra laps around the practice field to get me into tip top shape for another season of being the team mascot!

Yep...that's my big brother...the BEEF!!!!

Mom has been taking me up to the field on evenings BELOW 80 degrees so we can walk and I can patrol the sidelines and make new friends!

Aren't these ADORABLE little boys? That's Coy and Mason...they're brothers of Holden's teammate/buddy, Justin! They LOOOOVE me!

Here's a new friend that I just met tonight! This is Avery....

He's a Bearded Collie and he's only SIX MONTHS OLD! It took me a while to warm up and be friends with him (since I'm a "Pugist" and act all uppity toward snouted dogs!) He's a pretty cool dude and belongs to one of Holden's teammates/buddies named Jackson.

Here is a team pic....biggify to see the AWESOME Mascot front and center!!!

Holden is top row, last player on the right. GO #87!!!

Here I am in my team jersey!

GO EAGLES!!!!!!!!!

First game is on Saturday! Hopefully we'll have good news to report!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

WAAAYYY outta line Wednesday

Ok Animal Planet...you're just BEGGING for hate mail now, aren't you???

UGLY? Who the hell are you calling UGLY???

I told mom to mail them a big DOSE of "ugly" in the form of a letter containing some harsh words and a nice juicy stool sample!!!

Discovery Communications
Viewer Relations
One Discovery Place
5th Floor
Silver Spring, MD 20910

Don't forget to have your hooman cough into the envelope before they seal it up!

Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Vacation flashback

Hi everyone! I've finally gotten over my almost WEEK of abandonment at the beginning of the month when the peeps went to Washington for their vacation.

I think I'm finally able to talk about it and share a few pics
***Mom's note*** Yes, I realize that looking at someone else's vacation photos are about as exciting as watching milk curdle, but I picked out a handful of faves just to share some of the fun we had (despite being pugless).

The peeps flew to Seattle and then drove straight to Ocean Shores, WA where Mimi and Pa rented a condo near the beach! This was Holden's FIRST trip to an ocean, so Mom captured the exact moment. Look at Pa smiling in the background!

His exact words were "WHOOOOOAH!"

Mom and Holden wanted to bring this guy home for me...but dad talked them out of it!

He said that he wouldn't smell very nice by the time we got back home!

Mimi and Pa took us a bit north to Olympic National Park to a beautiful place called Ruby Beach

The peeps spent the whole day just collecting stones, walking along the shore and just seeing things that they don't see at home. Those big islandy things in the background are called "sea stacks".

Mom searched all over the beach for Tweedles' friend, Puff! We didn't see him, but we did see some other friends that said they knew Tweedles.....

Starfish and some Sea Aenenome!

Uncle Scott (mom's brother) joined them back in Ocean Shores and the next day, they hiked all the way around Brown Point. Mom loves this picture of all of them....

That's Daddy, Pa, Mimi, Holden, Mom and Uncle Scott! All that's missing is ME!

The last day of their vacation was spent in Seattle, and they spent the entire day down on the waterfront and wandering around Pike's Place Market! You know...the place where they do THIS:

***MOM'S NOTE*** We didn't take this video...it's borrowed from YouTube. It was SO crowded, we couldn't even get close enough to see any fish tossing!!!

Mom found her "Mecca"! The original Starbucks!

I guess I wasn't COMPLETELY forgotten...because they found a cool store in the basement of Pike's Place called Animal Gifts and Collectibles where they found THESE:



The humans came back all sandy and had weird shells and things for me to sniff, and they PROMISED they'd take me with them next time!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Fisher Price PUG?

So mom noticed something interesting/random the other day. Her mom (Mimi) kept some of her old Fisher Price toys from the 70s...the kind that came with WOODEN PEOPLE! Mom got the toys out for Livvy and Lysie last week...

Go ahead and biggify to check out that stash of classics!

She noticed something oddly familiar about the dog...
(that's a nice picture so you can see what he looks like...)

Here's mom's Wooden People Dog...(yeah, it's blurry...mom never claimed to be Ansel Adams)
Hmmm...flat face...floppy short ears...

Looks like mom loved Pugs 40 years ago too!!!
It's KISMET, I tell you!!!

Happy Saturday everyone!

Friday, August 20, 2010


Last week (before school started) we had some special visitors! You may remember last year that Mommy's BFF (since 1981!) and her family came down to visit us and I got to play with the girls! CLICK HERE to refresh your memory...we'll wait
**Jeopardy music plays**

So this blog is about THE RETURN OF THE EDWARDS FAMILY!!!!

I love playing with little kids, especially with Olivia and Elyse! Here I am with Olivia (age 6)

I even got to play "dentist" with her!
Keep up the good work with your brushing, Olivia!

Lysie (age 3) decided that I needed some kisses too
Wow...she's an expert at KissyFace! She might even be part PUG!

The girls and mommy had "Girly Beauty Night" and had SPA night! I got to snoopervise the bubble bath...
The girls wanted to paint my nails PINK, but I had to draw the line. I may be into dudes, but I'm not a cross dresser!!!!

I had to stay home while everyone went to the Muncie Childrens Museum, but here is a really cute pic of all three little humans outside the museum with the kid sculpture!
Aunt Susan and Uncle Tom gave Holden that cool Beatles T-shirt! Thanks guys!!!

Here's one last pic...Holden had to go to football practice and here are the girls CHEERING for him!

Thanks for visiting us Edwards Family! We know that Livvy and Lysie are big fans of my bloggie and read it every day, so we hope they liked seeing their cute pics here! **blows kisses from Indiana**

Happy Friday everyone (WHOOHOO FRIDAY!)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Woeful Wednesday

***SIGH*** Hi everyone. Today is day TWO of school for Holden and I miss him!

Mom is trying to keep me busy. She dragged me around the 'hood this morning on what felt like a bajillion mile Bataan Death March, THEN she dumped out my office basket of toys and tried to play with me.
"Ummm...I hope you plan on picking all this crap up, because I'M certainly NOT going to!"

Finally she gave up and just let me wallow in my own depression while I listened for the sound of the Evil Cheesewagon to deliver Holden.
"Was that the bus???" (um...no Salinger, it's only 9:30 am!)

***SIGH*** It's going to be a long school year!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Out of hiding...and onto the CHEESEWAGON!!!

Hi everyone!
Ok...mom is on her knees begging for everyone to forgive her for being a total complete slacker for the last...oh...THREE WEEKS??? She has lots of pic updates of vacation, visitors, Holden's football practices and other assorted festivites to share with you (in good time) but we're going to ease back into our routine with an all too familiar annual event...

Mom's two legged baby is a SIXTH GRADER!!!!!

You may notice that it's DARK outside...that's because although Holden's school is K-6 (that's how they roll down here in the corn apparently) BUT...he is in BAND which is offered at the Middle School during first period, which means that poor Holden has to get up at the butt-crack of dawn to catch the evil Middle School cheesewagon at SIX FRIGGIN THIRTY!!!! I'm pretty sure that goes above and beyond "jackassery" and has transcended into "ass-hattery"! Six thirty!!! Sheeeeesh!

Here is Holden the renaissance man playing his French Horn in his football pants/pads. Mom says she can't wait for the first concert so she can hear fifty renditions of "Hot Cross Buns"!

ANYWAY...back to the issue of getting up at O'Dark-Thirty this morning...

I knew that Holden was getting ready to LEAVE me, so I got all angsty and barky (which you can imagine mom REALLY enjoyed hearing so early in the AM!)and tried to BLOCK him in!!!!

My staged "sit in" didn't work out so well though....

He stepped RIGHT OVER ME and got onto the cheesewagon!!!!

Mom tells me the SAME crap is going to happen tomorrow, the next day and the day after that too! WhatEVER...I'm going back to BED!

***Mom's note***
Ok...in my slackerdom...I haven't even been keeping up with all of you, so I promise to come visit all of your bloggies in the next few days and get caught up!!!