Monday, October 27, 2008

TRICK OR TREAT!!!!!!!'s the big unveiling!!!!

Mom finished my Halloween costume!!!

(DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!)


GET IT???????? I'm a WATCH DOG!!!!!!!

I don't think I like it very much. It feels weird and I refuse to walk while I'm wearing it. Maybe I'll just stay here and hand out candy with daddy on Friday!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Slave to fashion

Now that the weather is getting colder, Mommy is starting to bust out my wardrobe! I don't mind wearing clothes at all...unless they are too long and touch my tail, then I just SIT and won't budge until she either adjusts things or take it off!

I have TWO new outfits for fall! Mom got a little crazy at Hobby Lobby with this one. I only wear this at home or walking in the 'hood after dark!
Don't hate the player.....hate the game!

This is more of an everyday look especially for Fall! Mommy says I look very "collegiate". All I know is that it was too tight around my fat neck, so mommy has to exchange it for the next size up.
Excuuuuse me...which way is the Alpha Chi Omega house?

Mommy is working on my Halloween costume this weekend and she will post some pics as soon as it's ready!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Thursday, October 23, 2008


EVERYONE who knows me knows that I am one of the best kissers around! Mommy says it's Pug nature, so she thinks it's funny......sometimes to the point of being what other people call GROSS!
We're playing "dentist"! I do a very good job!

Here I am kissing Daddy in his favorite chair.
I love Daddy, but he had just eaten steak, so I had another reason here...

Of course I have to kiss Holden EVERY chance I get!

Now...the newest member inducted into the Salinger The Pug's Kissy Face Attack Hall of Fame...............
I KISSED PA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No tongue this time.....maybe next time!

HAHAHAHAAA! I got him!!!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The biggest surprise EVER!

While Mimi and Pa were here visiting last week, the people had planned on leaving me ALL ALONE and they were going to go Christmas shopping (so Mimi and Pa didn't have to ship anything back to Indiana...I could all be wrapped and stay here). Friday morning Mommy got all ready and was waiting to GO but eeeeeveryone else was being SO POKEY! Mimi was changing her clothes, daddy was messing around on his blackberry and Pa kept asking for emery boards and saying he wanted to watch the financial news. Mommy was ready to start getting all yelly when the DOORBELL RANG!
DING DONG!!!! WHO could that be???????

OMG! OMG! It's UNCLE SCOTT!!!! He is mommy's younger brother and he lives in PORTLAND, OREGON and flew ALLLLL this way to surprise us!!!!! Everyone knew except for mommy! Thankfully no one got a picture of mommy crying and ME running loose out in the street when I escaped through the open door!

Uncle Scott is SO cool! He got a cool rental car while he was here! He gave Holden a ride.

We all went to Falls Park and fed the ducks and walked around the river.
Here is Pa, Uncle Scott and Holden all down by the river at Falls Park. Mommy stayed up with me.

We spent some time down on the pier near our house feeding the fish Wonder Bread (they LOVE it).
Here is Uncle Scott, Mommy and Mimi (Mimi is their mom....can you believe it?). Daddy took this picture and said it looks like one of the Kennedy family photos! HAHAHAHAA!

Uncle Scott went to Holden's football game with us too! Here is a group photo of all of us after the game
Check it out! I have my Titans jersey on!

Mommy and Uncle Scott had fun laughing about the things they used to do when they were little (like make Mimi and Pa crazy!)
They're smiling because they're too old to be grounded! HAHAHAHA

So that was the BIGGEST surprise ever! I've met just about EVERYONE in my family now!!!! Mommy still can't believe they pulled this off...she is VERY hard to surprise!

We had such a nice family visit and it was very sad when everyone left
I'm sad!

ONE big question remains.........

DID I KISS PA????????????

We're going to make you wait another day and we'll tell you tomorrow! HAHAHAHAA

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

2nd Day of our visit

Now that Pa and I are best buddies, we all went hiking at Mounds State Park. It was perfect weather and the leaves were SO pretty!
Follow the Pug!!!!!!!!

We had a really nice day and saw lots of cool things. We even found that cool bench/shell thing where I had my picture taken a few weeks ago with my Pug family!
SO cheesy!

Mimi and Pa even walked me! Mommy loves this picture and says it looks like a postcard

Holden tried to trick me and told me this was a doghouse. EW!
No way Brother!!!!!

Toward the end of our walk, Mimi sat down to fix my leash (or her shoe, or something) and I ATTACKED HER! Mimi is funny to play kissy face attack with because she YELLS! HAHAAHAHAA

Here, let me kiss you!!!!!


I think she's starting to like it....but she'll never admit it!

Now the BIG question on everyone's mind...IS PA THE NEXT KISSY FACE VICTIM????? Tune in next time!

We had a nice picnic and then went home and took Holden to football practice. It was SUCH a nice day. HOW could this visit POSSIBLY get better? Stay tuned and find out!!!!! HUGE surprise coming up!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

It's PA!!!!!!!!

Last week, I got to meet PA!!!!!!!!!! Pa is my grandpa...he's mommy's dad. Here is a pic of the two of them...

I've met Mimi (my grandma...mommy's mom) a few times before, but this time she brought PA with her when they came to visit from Arizona!

Here he is with me!
Hi Pa!

It's so nice to meet you!

Ok, now time for treats!

This is my new buddy!

I love Pa! He rubs my tummy and he thinks I'm cute! I decided that he wasn't going back to Arizona until I kissed him, so stay tuned for more details of our visit and to see if I got to give Pa a nice slurpy kiss!

Stay tuned for more.............

Little Rascals!!!

Ok, mom says to tell you that she's really sorry for not keeping up better with my blog, but we have been CRAZY busy the last two weeks! Mom has decided to catch everyone up in installments because there is SO much to tell!!!!

FIRST off...I got to stay at Little Rascal's Pet Motel again (all you locals check it out... ) I normally stay in the VID (Very Important Dog) Safari Suite, but this time mom thought I might like the VID Teddy Bear Room
Here is a pic of my room!

I LOVED IT! The pink bear bed was SO comfy and I got to relax and watch Animal Planet all day without mom bugging me for walks!

While I was at Little Rascals, Mommy, Daddy and Brother went to stay at a people hotel because they got the carpets cleaned in the house and wanted them to dry without feet prints on them. Here is a pic of Daddy and Holden chillin' out in their hotel room.

We ALL got continental breakfast the next day and then mommy came to pick me up and then took me to PetSmart for a nice scrubby bath and Furmination! She told me I had to get ready to meet someone very special! Stay tuned for the next installment to see WHO the special person was!!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Grandmas bring goodies!

I had some surprise visitors today!

My Grandma Neff and Great Grandma Belcher! They brought a big bag of yummy apples from the orchard up the road and a surprise box for mommy......

We LOVE them! The black pug even has her tongue hanging out (might be hard to see) just like Dixie-Bugg and Clementine!

Both Grandmas think I'm adorable (duh!) so they sat and gave me good tummy rubs and ear scratches on my dome head. AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Thank you so much Grandmas!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Make no bones about it....

I'm not sure I like sharing my sunbathing spot with this skeleton.
These people and their holidays!!!!