Thursday, December 30, 2010

Holiday Wrap Up (get it...WRAP? HAHAHAHA)

Ok, one more post showing all the fun we've had in the last week or so with Maggie visiting, Daddy being HOME from work, Will and Lizz here from Texas and Holden home from school all day!

We've done a lot of fun stuff like...

Have Family Game nights

Make cookies....

I helped Holden and Lizz make Spritz cookies!

Maggie and I ate our weight in McCheesyBurgers


We helped Mom roll Buckeye balls...

HEY about tossing one to US?

We played a LOT

and we took a LOT of good naps!

Mmmm...the Big Cloud Bed ROCKS!

Aside from all the nice stuff...we witnessed and participated in our fair share of JACKASSERY too! Check this out....

Exhibit A.

A family SNUGGIE picture for our christmas cards (they said "We wish you a SNUGGIE Christmas and a happy new year!") Just look at the disgust on my face. Oy.

Exhibit B and C
Mom's new, interesting headwear....




SLIPPERS TOO???!!!??? Oy Gevalt!!!

Exhibit D.
Maggie apparently took up smoking

"Hey pal...gotta light?"
(***mom's's a Pork Chomp chew!)

Exhibit E.
Holden had THIS situation going on....

(***Mom's note...relax's a build your own STRAW kit!)

Exhibit F.
Holden also was hellbent on shooting his eye out...while I stood there and had to watch.

As of the time of this post, he still has two eyes, thankfully!

Exhibit G.
Dad chased us around with the Shillelagh that Mimi and Pa sent him for Christmas!

Dad was yelling "Faugh a Ballaugh!....Always after me Lucky Charms!" Whatever that means!

Exhibit H. and I
THIS chick appeared in our front yard one day after it snowed....

She stood out in the yard looking all trashy and ho-like until the SUN came out....

Oh now THAT is a shame!

Just look what all this craziness did to Maggie!

Ummm...MOM? I think she fainted!!!


We still have to celebrate NEW YEAR'S EVE!!!!!!!!!!!

We hope everyone enjoys these last few days of 2010 and look forward to pics of your OWN holiday jackassery!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Presents with Pugsley and Lola

We had a Puggy gift exchange with Pugsley (my Pugsband) and Lola! Heather was carring this bag that smelled YUMMY!


We all attacked her and opened the bag and discovered it was a big bag of Bit O Luv (yes...I shared with everyone!)


I gave Heather a kiss and thanked her for using her opposable thumbs to get the treats for Pugsley and Lola to give to me!

OK...MY turn to give Pugsley and Lola their pressies!!!!

Mom made homemade treats (peanut butter squirrels and bones!)

CHECK THIS OUT...a dual leash for when it's walking weather again!!! Now Pugsley and Lola won't get all tangley when we walk together!!!!

After presents, we all played and ran around the living room like maniacs (typical).

Did any of you exchange presents with your puggy friends???

Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Such a Merry Christmas!

Hi everyone! I hope all of you in Bloggerland had a Merry Christmas and that Santa and your hoomans were good to you!

Maggie and I RAN downstairs with Holden in the morning to open our presents!

"Is this one for ME?"

Ooohhh....another one for ME!

HURRY UP DADDY!!!! What is it????


They smell just like real waffles!!! NOM NOM NOM!!!!

Santa also brought me a new bag of YamGoods! MMMMM!

These are my favorite "Mommy will be right back!" treat that Mom keeps by the door!

There was a very special package for ME from Mommy.....

My very OWN lacy/sleazy panties in STUFFIE form!!!! VERY cool...but not exactly as good as the real deal!

Maggie and I exchanged presents too! Look what I got for her!!!!

Work that outfit girl!!!!!
Hahaha! It looks like she's SMOKING a cig, but it's really a Pork Chomp chew!

I picked out a blue bunny for Maggie too....I think she thinks it's her "baby"!


Maggie gave me some PIG EARS (MMMMM!)

...and a snowman stuffie that sings!

Thank you Maggie! I LOVE them!

Sweet Maggie also brought pressies for my HOOMANS too! Here is Holden unwrapping some new CO2 cartridges for his airsoft gun (with Maggie's help)!

"Don't shoot your eye out, kid!"

Later during the evening....Daddy went to the airport and came back with WILL AND LIZZ! They live in Texas now, and we miss them a LOT!

They're my Stepbrother and Stepsister and they're staying for the WHOLE WEEK! That's a LOT of snuggles and tummy rubs!!!! YAY!

We had MORE Christmas with Will and Lizz and they gave me the COOLEST shirt!!!


Maggie and I even got some bites of PRIME RIB!!! OM NOM NOM NOM!!!!


I hope all of you had a nice Christmas too!!! Maggie and I are such lucky Puggies...we were spoiled with great presents, lots of love, yummy foodables and then we got to relax and just enjoy each other's company on the couch. Ahhhhhhhhh


Friday, December 24, 2010

Santa doesn't like funkified Pugs!!!!!

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!!!!!

WHEW! All this playing and running around has turned us into a couple of VERY rank Pugs!!! We stink so badly...we have visible SMELL LINES coming off of us!!! UGH!

Santa is going to GAG when he gets a whiff of us! We better do something about this so he won't be scared off and take our presents with him!


Don't be cheap with that coconut oatmeal shampoo, Mom!!!!

Extra style points for the Simultaneous PugTail Scrub!!!!

Way to use the Elbow Grease, Lady!!!!! rinse!

Make sure you rinse us EXTRA well...I don't want to deal with an itchy PugButt later while I'm waiting for Santa!!!!


Mom dried us with her hair dryer so we wouldn't catch Pugneumonia running around with wet fur. Maggie was ALLLL about it...but me, not so much!

Hahahaha! Listen to me barking like Snoopy!!!!!

Ok, now that we're all clean...time to hang up our stockings!

We helped Holden put out cookies and a Bud Select for Santa (Holden said that he could be lactose intolerant and would probably appreciate a beer...good thinking!). He thought the reindeer might like to try some Pegetables. We hope they like them!

Merry Christmas to all of our friends in Bloggerland! We can't wait to read all of your Christmas posts!!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

We've created a McMonster!!!!

When Maggie came to stay with us, her sweet family brought a basket full of presents for us! Tucked in the basket was this envelope.....

Can you read it? It says "$5 for McCheesyBurgers for Maggie and Salinger to share!" JACKPOT!!!!!!!!!!!

Maggie had her first McCheesyBurger here at our house (Click here to refresh your memory) and now she's a TOTAL MCCHEESYBURGER FREAK!!!!!!!! Just look at her trying to ORDER her own!!!!

"Yes, I'd like 9384575849392748 McCheesyBurgers....all but 2 of them PLAIN!"


Can't you see that we're McStarving here!?!?!?!


YUM! McCheesyBurgers are the BEST!!!! Even better right from the drive thru window!

Happy Hump Day!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Good Pugs!

Hi everyone! The next several bloggie posts are going to include my pal MAGGIE! Her hoomans are traveling all over the place visiting family for Christmas, so she gets to stay HERE with us!

We were having the BEST time this morning just snuggling and playing "Blanket Fort"....

"Shhhhhh...Mom will never find us here...we're hiding under the CAMOUFLAGE blanket!"

When Mom started coming after us with our harnesses and OUTFITS! WHAAAAT?

"Aw CRAP Mom!!!! We're having FUN!"

Mom put my Punchy PJs on me (squealing about how CUUUUTE I was). I gave her my best stink-eye AND I stuck my tongue out at her.

Maggie didn't mind wearing the Santa shirt at all. Why couldn't we trade???

We rode in the car to PETSMART and then got to visit SANTA!!!!!!!!!!! OMG! TOTALLY. WORTH. THE. PJs!!!!!!!

Notice Maggie's shirt fell off (hussy!) but we had a nice long talk with the FatMan. I told him I wanted my very own Arch card with an unlimited spending limit so I can have McCheesyBurgers ANY time I want, a chauffeur to drive my PugButt to McDonalds to procure said McCheesyBurgers, my own walk in fridge FULL of cheese, my own popcorn maker, a home waterboarding kit (for when Mom hauls out those PJs again), a new bed for the hoomans so they'll stay out of MY king sized big cloud bed, and some bully sticks. Maggie asked for a new dress that would stay on and some new nail polish.

While we were waiting for our picture to be printed, we walked around and did some shopping.

Mom and Dad put us in the cart because there was a big doggie walking around that kept giving us that look that says "YUM! DIM SUM!" and they didn't want to take any chances.

We've been VERY good Pugs this year and hope that Santa Paws REALLY comes through for us!

What do all of YOU want Santa to bring you for Christmas?????