Friday, September 23, 2011

ANOTHER New Friend Friday!!!!

Ok, now this is getting RIDONKULOUS!!! ANOTHER new Pug showed up here at the house....

Look at this jackleg! He just stands there like a deaf mute STATUE!!!!

Hmmmm....he smells like he might be STONED (hahaha...get it???)

Duuuude....helllll-llllooooo????'s my impression of the new guy.....


Care to guess what Mom named this one????

She was toying with "Rocky" and even "Stone Phillips"....but finally settled on a real gem.....

Introducing....(drum roll please....)


She says he looks like THIS guy....

I think MOM needs to try on those glasses!!!!!

Happy Friday everyone! Hopefully no unexpected "surprises" like this show up at YOUR house!!!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sundays are for....

Watching football with Daddy and eating "football foodables"!

Mmmm! Mom made us NACHOS for lunch! Daddy's are LOADED and mine are Pug friendly (just cheese!)

Sundays are also good for NAPS! Since the Colts were sucking today, Mom and I snuggled up on the couch together and took a little nap...

SO snuggly!!!! ZZZZZZZZZZ!

I was REEEEALLY into my nap today and Mom decided to TRY and be slick and stretch her arm out and record me sleeping...


Happy Sunday everyone!!!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

TRACHEA Tuesday!

Heyyyyyy...what is this farkakte tubey thing on the floor????

Mom must have put that here. She's suuuuuper busy again today and isn't playing with me!

OOOHHHH....I remember this smell! It came in the package from BELLATRIX that we told you about yesterday!

It's a COW TRACHEA!!!! MOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! (Although the cow really wouldn't be saying "MOOOOOO" anymore without his trachea now would he?)

Either way....I'm taking this baby over to my bed for some hardcore nomming!!!

See ya later, Mom! You work all you want and the windpipe will be juuuust fine!

Check out my fabulous nomming form! Make sure your speakers are on to get the full grossness effect!

Happy TRACHEA Tuesday everyone!!!! Thank you again to Bellatrix for sending this yummy nommable!!!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Thank you, Bellatrix!!!!!

Ok, ok, ok, we know...where the EFF have we been, right??? Don't worry...all is well. Mom has had a TON of work to do lately (the kind she gets paid for) and she's looked like THIS lately...

Throw in some more coffee cups and empty Diet Cokes....make the hair all messed up and put her in PJs and that's mom. Tres Glamorous, no?

ANYWAY....enough about HER....I have to tell you about the SUPER AWESOME FABULOUS prize that I won from Beautiful Bellatrix! She gave away this mystery box of all of her favorite things ( OPRAH-esque!) in honor of her 2nd birthday and I WON!!!! WHOOOHOOO!

"Salinger? That's MEEEEE!"

OMG...a card from Belly, with her PICTURE on the front!!!! Just look at those fabulous ORBS (that's Belly-ese for EYES you perverts!)

Her sable coat is SO fabulous!!!!

Holy CRAP! LOOK at all this cool stuff!!!!!

What a HAUL!!!!

Bellatrix (and her mom!) sent ALL THIS STUFF.....

Jeeeez O Man!!!

All Belly's favorite things!!!!

A floppy frisbee, A Snoozle pig snout chewy, Tummy biscuits, A Churpi Chew (ooohhh...we've never heard of those!), a COW trachea (W00T!) and a toy called a "FLAPPY"! (QUIT laughing Mom!!!! Criminy....SO immature!!!!!)

Here I am trying to figure out what to do with the Flappy....

Please ignore Mom's stooooopid baby talk voice. I have no clue what that's about. It hurts my ears too.

I did a nice "SIT" for a Tummy biscuit!

Mmmmmm perfect bite sized bit of cranberry/appley/yogurtey goodness!!!! YUMMMMMY!

This is my GRATEFUL face! Thank you SO MUCH Bellatrix (and peeps) for sharing some of your favorite things in honor of your birthday! I'm honored that the randomizer picked me to win your stash!!!!

If you're not already friends with sweet Bellatrix, go by her bloggie and show her some love and wish her a belated 2nd birthday!

Happy Monday GET BACK TO WORK!

Friday, September 2, 2011

New Friend(?) Friday

Mom left me alone this morning for like 93938747382.5 hours and said she had to go out for some "Retail Therapy". She went to some place called Garden Ridge and came back with a bunch of crap and THIS....

"Hey MOM! Who is this bag-o-doughnuts????"

What do you MEAN we look like twins!?

Are you BLIND??? I am WAAAAAY more handsome than this guy!

Ok, maybe if I ignore him, he'll leave....


"Dude, you smell funny...

kind of like resin and SHAME!"

I don't trust this clown...

I'm going to keep an eye on him and see what he's up to. Did you keep the receipt, Mom????

***MOM'S NOTE*** His name is GILBERT and he's STAYING! We just don't know where exactly he's going to live here in our house yet!

Happy Friday everyone!!!!