Wednesday, August 31, 2011

WPWF Wednesday (World Pug Wrestling Federation)


Weighing in at 23 the PINK collar....

Miss Maggie Malinga Dinga Dumplin'!

Weiging in at 25 the BLACK collar....

Salinger "Superfly" Jack Kelley-Lawson!


Match was called due to excessive napping between rounds and the referee (a.k.a. MOM) going back to BED!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday with MAGGIE!

WHOOHOO! My buddy Maggie is here to play for a few days! Mom laughed that she was SEEING DOUBLE under her desk this morning!

"Hello....for just .70 cents a too can help feed a starving Puggy like us!"

Maggie and I have been playing outside in the grass and napping in sun puddles around the house. Mom went upstairs for a bit to see what we were up to and found us in the Big Cloud Bed playing the best game ever...."MOUTHS"!

HAHAHHAAA! How did you like that giant SNOOTER-SNEEZE I laid on ol' Maggie!!!????

Sorry for the crappy video just figured out that her phone takes videos (duh!) but forgot to put the light on.

Happy Monday!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Freaky Noise Friday

Mom and Dad thought it was HIIIIILLLAAAAAAARRRRIOUS to scare the crap out of me with these stoooopid mouth popping noises....

RUUUDE, I tell you!!!

Fear not, I'll be sure and return the favor and BEG them to play at 3am and maybe puke in the Beg Cloud Bed for the cherry on top!

Happy Friday everyone!!!!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Baby Got Back(yard tomatoes!)

Mom and I picked a ginormous bunch of tomatoes from the garden this weekend!!!

TWO of them were particularly blogworthy....

Do those two tomatoes look familiar to you????

This is a screenshot taken at the 2:19 point of a certain music video....

"Ohhhhh my God...Becky!"

Mom says "you're welcome for the daily EARWORM!" Good luck getting this out of your head today!

Now mom is chasing me around with the flashy box singing "PUGGY GOT BACK!"

Puggy face with a Cinnabon booty? Mom, REALLY? Don't you have anything else better to do?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Serendipity Via Pugs

Ok....are you ready to wrap your heads around a very cool/bizarre/sweet story? Once upon a time, back in 1992, Mom was a college senior and had a really nice boyfriend named Todd. Here's a pic of them at her sorority date party.... forward to present day...Mom and Todd are still very good friends and have kept in touch all the while. Todd lives in Louisville, KY (about 3 hours south of Indy) and is a great daddy to two cute ShihTzus.

SO...a lady that Todd knows had this sweet Puggy named ZOE. For whatever reason, she decided that she deserved a better home that what the lady could give her, so she asked Todd if Zoe could come live with HIM and the ShihTzus....

Notice in this pic that there is a Todd, A Zoe, but NO ShihTzus!!!! They did NOT like each other AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Todd knows that Mom is a total Crazy Pug Lady and called and asked if SHE might want a sweet puggy girl OR if she knew anyone that would. WHAT TIMING!!!!!!! Mom said that she DID know of someone that was ready and willing to give this sweet Puggy a fabulous ForeverHome!

OH...this isn't terribly important...but Todd had been calling the puggy "Doris". He said the name suited her! HAHAHAAA

Mom and Todd synchronized their watches this morning, hopped in their cars, and met at the halfway point between Louisville and Indy so Mom could get sweet Zoe/Doris!


After a short visit, drink and a loaded Zoe/Doris into her car, said "Goodbye" and "Thank you" to Todd and started the car....

Poor Zoe/Doris was so confused! She thought TODD was going to be her new Daddy!!!

Mom brought Zoe/Doris back to OUR house where I sniffed her and then decided that I should ignore her. Mom said I had to be NICE to her and that she was only going to stay with us for a few hours until her NEW MOMMY could come pick her up!

See there? If I don't LOOK at her....she's NOT there!!! GENIUS!!!!

Mom was all squealy over how CUTE Zoe/Doris was!

(Ignore Mom's hooves in this pic.....she knows she needs a pedicure)

Zoe/Doris LOOOOOVES her some belly rubs!!!!!


THEN.....we heard a car pull up!!!! WHO could it BE?????

Zoe/Doris has a NEW MOMMY!!!!!!!!

SURPRISE!!!!!!! It's LYDIA!!! You may know her as Maggie's mom (not the Maggie that always stays with us....but the Maggie from Meetup that liked to hump Apollo!)

Most of you probably know that Sweet Maggie made a very sudden and unexpected trip to the Rainbow Bridge last month. Lydia has been looking and looking for another Puggy to love and help her heal. Mom knew this and thought this was a PERFECT match!

Lydia was SO HAPPY to meet her new baby!

She also agreed that Zoe/Doris was indeed a very pretty girl!!!!

Sweet Zoe/Doris fit into Maggie's pink harness and then sat with her new mommy for some snuggles!

"We're gonna make a GREAT team, mommy! GIRL POWER!"

After getting acquainted, Lydia and Zoe/Doris went home to get settled and start their new life together!

Look how HAPPY they both are!!!!!! Such BIG smiles!!!!

"Is she GONE yet, Mom???....I can't have this TWO PUG business going on around here!!!"

"Now can we PLEASE refocus your FULL attention back on MOI!????? JEEZ!!!"

***SALINGER'S NOTE*** Can you TOTALLY tell that this whole cockamaime story came from MOM??? Here's MY version.....

Mom talked on the phone with someone

Mom got in the car and left me home to watch Food Network for like 93939596848 hours.

Mom came back with this girl Pug that smelled funny and tried to bogart my toys and water bowl

Lydia came over and scratched my butt and told me I was cute (about dang time SOMEONE did!)

Lydia took the Girl Pug away

I had my house to myself again.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

First Day of School

Good morning Holden!!!!! Hey...why are you up so farkakte EARLY?

And WHY are you dressed already and smelling so good????

Aw crap....I think I know what this is about.....

School bag, up early, standing outside with mom and her flashy box.....It's THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!!

Holden didn't ride the cheesewagon this drove him because he had to carry SO MUCH stuff, school bag, lunch, french horn, gym clothes, etc. This was ok, because I got to ride along to the big MIDDLE SCHOOL!!!

Wow...the Middle School is MUCH bigger than Holden's old school!!!! I hope he doesn't get LOST inside!!!!

There goes my brudder, the big 7th grader!!!!!

I barked out for him to "HAVE A GREAT FIRST DAY!" but the parking lot nazis made mom move up and pull away really fast, so he probably didn't hear me.

Mom surprised me with a stop on the way home!

"Yes, hello! Large Diet Coke for mom and an order of scrambled eggies for ME please!!!"

MMMMMM!!!! This is almost as good as a McCheesyburger!!!!

I totally think we should drive Holden to school EVERY day because we pass right by here on the way!!!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Special visitors! we promised yesterday, Mom is catching up with blogging for me. Rewind back to the first week of August.....some of my favorite people came to see ME!

It's the EDWARDS family!!!!
That's Olivia, Tom, Elyse and Susan! CLICK HERE and HERE to see pics from their other visits so you can see how big the girls have gotten!

Mom and Aunt Susan have been BFFs since the first day of 6th grade (back in 1981!)

Awwwwww! That's a LOT of fun over the years!

Aunt Susan was there at the hospital with mom when Holden was born! She tried to hold him like she did when he was a six pound baby.....

But it wasn't as comfortable 12 years later!!!!

Olivia and Elyse LOOOOOOVE me!

They looked funny with their faces painted (by a clown at the mall!) but I didn't care!'s fun playing TUG with these girls!!!!


Hmmm...Olivia and Elyse brought some interesting toys with them!

Mom says this girl's name is "Barbie" and says she's the most fabulous toy in the world. Looking at how glamorous she is, I think I have to agree!!!!

The peeps spent some time at the pool, the zoo, and a few other places that DON'T allow Pugs (what crap!), BUT....then I got to ride with them in Aunt Susan and Uncle Tom's van!

GUESS where we went?????



Aunt Susan and the girls picked me out a special treat for being such a good boy....


NOM NOM NOM! Doggie Carrot Cake!!!!!!!

Thank you Aunt Susan!!!!

...and thank you for bringing your family down to see ME!

Same time next year, ok????

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hangin' with Hanklin

My good buddy HANK came over the other day (with Aunt Sarah of course...she had to drive)!

I asked Aunt Sarah if we could all go shopping, to which Hank replied "Aw HAAAAIL no...I'm stayin' here in the AC on the armrest!"

BUT....we promised him AC and treats, so he came with us.

I had to work hard to convince the good ol boy that shopping WASN'T just for "ladies, sissies and quares" (HAHAHA!)

Here we are...THREE DOG BAKERY! With a poster of our relatives in the front window!

Hank could smell all the yummies inside, so we headed in....


"HO-LY CRAP! I need to check all this stuff out! I'm happier than a busload of simpletons pulling into Chuck E. Cheese!!!!"

A nice worker lady came over and gave Hank and I a BIG GIANT BOXER BROWNIE to share!

**MOM'S NOTE** Everyone chill out....if you're not familiar with Three Dog Bakery, they use all doggie safe ingredients. This is actually CAROB (NOT chocolate).

"WOW...that was FUN, I tell you what!!!"

"When can we go back, Maw?"

(pssst...between you and me...I think ol Hanklin is nuttier than a squirrel turd)

Just LOOK at him down there on the floor of the car! Sheesh!

Look what Aunt Sarah got for us!


Thanks for the treats Aunt Sarah!!!

And for bringing Hank to visit!!! We always have a blast with you guys!

***MOM'S NOTE*** NOW for a bit of unpleasantness....I'm sorry but I've decided to enable comment moderation to our blog. While we LOVE comments....we do NOT love spam stuff or rambling mean spirited comments that are just plain uncalled for and unnecesary, so I'll have to start weeding out the riff-raff. We hope all of our friends and kind followers will keep commenting and sharing with us and we'll do our best to keep this a fun family blog for all! <3, L.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sundays are perfect for......

Sitting on your brother!!!!! HAHAHAHAAAA!

Hey mom and dad....looks like Sunday would be a good day to STRAIGHTEN UP THE SHELVES too! How is a Pug supposed to get any productive thinking or napping done with all this crap cluttering up everything???