Sunday, May 30, 2010

Congratulations Lizz! You Graduated!

Hi everyone! What an exciting weekend!

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My stepsister Lizz (Daddy's hooman daughter) graduated from Noblesville High School on Friday!!!!
Here she is with Daddy and her mom, Peggy...
Yaaaaaaay! Everyone do the Smarty Pants Dance!!!!

Here is a picture of the craziness inside the gym during the ceremony....we marked Lizz with an arrow. It was pretty hard to pick her out of about 500 kids, but the peeps spotted her!

Here is a video of the big moment! Listen closely for "Elizabeth Ashley Kelley"

Here are some nice family pics immediately following Graduation...
Here's Lizz with "little" bro, Will

With Mom, Dad and Holden

Awww...Daddy is SO proud of his graduate!

Now fast forward to the little party that *I* got to attend (apparently the school as some farkakte rule about NO DOGS or some crap).

"I'm SO proud of you, can even hold my Graduation Loofah Dog!"

Of course a Graduation party means PRESENTS.....

"HAHAHAHAAA...that smart Pug on the card looks JUST like me!!!"

We gave Lizzard a new LAPTOP so she can read my blog and send me emails AFTER she's finished with her college homework assignments!!!

Of course every party has to have CAKE too....
Mom did a COOKIES AND CREAM cake (a.k.a. "Smart Cookie" cake!). Chocolate cake with white buttercream with TONS of crushed oreos!

Check THIS out....
The mortarboard is a Reeses peanut butter cup, with a square of a Hershey bar on top and then some melted chocolate holding the Twizzler tassel in place! YUMMY!

I got a TINY TINY taste of the yummy frosting (yeah, yeah....chocolate is bad and all that, but it was a TINY taste)

Congratulations Lizz! We're so proud of you!

Congrats are also in order for Hank and Molly's hooman cousin Lily, who ALSO graduated this weekend! Jump on over to visit them and give her a big virtual high five!

Way to go Class of 2010!!!!
The world is your get out there and kick some booty!!!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Egg Cradler 3000 Friday!

Holden's grade had their EGG DROP projects due this week! They had to design/build some sort of contraption to protect an egg from breaking when dropped. Holden worked SO hard on his project (ALL BY HIMSELF, unlike a good portion of the class...which mom is NOT going to get worked up about now...)

Holden did several test runs here at home while I (Salinger T. Pug, Esq.) supervised the operation....


He tested a few more times here at home and then mom safely delivered Holden and his Egg Cradler 3000 to school for the big day...

GUESS what happened when the actual Egg Drop happened at school???


Holden was SO bummed out because he thought for SURE after all that testing, tweaking and more testing that his Egg Cradler 3000 had enough shock absorption to withstand the force of the drop. Bummer dude! I was waiting there to either celebrate or comfort him when he got home from school (both are the same really...I was just excited to see him!)

Scrambled eggs, or not...we're still SO proud of you Holden and we know that you're a genius!!! ;-)

Happy Friday everyone!!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Selective Sunbathing

Yesterday morning as the sun was just peeking throught he blinds, I had to channel my inner PugContortionist to catch some rays!!!!

Don't worry...I'll switch paws every 15 minutes to ensure even browning!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Peace Offering

To make up for the terror inflicted upon me of a Bulldog nature the other day, I got to go for a car ride last night! Mom, Dad and Holden said it was a surprise...but said it was one of my FAVORITE places!
WHERE are we going, Daddy??? DRIVE FASTER!!!

OHHHHHH! Now THIS is a VERY good surprise!

It's always hard to choose what flavor to get! Let's see what Holden got....
A Cappucino cone! (Yeah...he misses his mouth sometimes).

Dad got a vanilla cone dunked in chocolate...
Sounds yummy too...but NOT very Puggy-friendly!

Mom got me my very own little dish of ice cream.....
BUTTER PECAN!!!! MMMMM!!! Tastes like pancakes!



Ok...this is SO good that I guess I can forgive them for the Bulldog torture!

Happy Hump Day everyone!!!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Well, the parents have subjected me to nightmare inducing terror yet AGAIN...
Last night, they leashed me up and said we were going to visit my man Pugsley and his sister Lola. Of course I was allll excited, until we got down there and THIS was waiting for me at the door!

I'm OUTTA here!
You stall her, Lola!!!

Mom said this giant overgrown growly Pug looking thing was named DELILA and she's an English Bulldog! She's Pugsley and Lola's cousin and staying with them for a few days. OMG! I was worried that Pugsley had been grossly overfed!
I decided that if I stayed in Mom's arms and didn't look at that hoss Delila, then she wasn't actually there and it was ok.

Jeez...look at Dad getting all snuggly with Delila...(that's Pugsley's head peeking up in the corner!)
Dad LOVES Bulldogs because he went to The Citadel for college and their mascot was the bulldog. He even has one tattooed on his bicep!

FINALLY we got the HAAAIL out of there and back home where no large overgrown growly smushfaces were licking their chops to get a bite of some Pug Dim Sum....

That stuffed bulldog looks JUST like Delila! I'm going recover from my heart attack over HERE....
...and give YOU the BROWN EYE TREATMENT for the rest of the day!!!!!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

How bad can THAT be?

Ok, some of you may know that mom LOVES cooking shows...even when they star people that annoy her to the point of wanting to jam a meat thermometer in her ear and purposely buy BAD vanilla. EXAMPLE...The Barefoot Contessa

The nervous laughter, snooty attitude and attempt after failed attempt to kill her husband and friends with dishes laced with POUNDS of butter...UGH!

BUT....just like a can't seem to look away!
"Aw crap...not THIS crazy lady again!!!"


We had to laugh when we found THIS gem on

Hahahaha! I'll be this food is FAAABULOUS and right up my alley! (make sure you biggify to read the small print!)

OOHHH...WHILE WE HAVE YOUR ATTENTION.....Please jump on over and visit my buddy Anakin the Pug who has unfortunately had to spend some quality time with his VET over the last week or so. Poor baby was sneaky and got into some chicken bones and had to have them removed from his tummy...THEN had to be rushed back in yesterday because he had a bad reaction to his incision and had to have MORE surgery! The kick in the head about the whole thing was that YESTERDAY WAS HIS BIRTHDAY!!!! We think a birthday redo is in order...don't you agree? The good news is that he came home last night and the pic on his blog shows him resting comfortably.
Here is our buddy Anakin Man with his new birthday HAT!

Feel better soon, dude!!!!

Happy Thursday everyone!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I'm the host with the most!

(flashback to Saturday afternoon)

Hmmmm....the house is all straightened up, stuff is cooking, candles are lit and there's BRUSCHETTA and a plate of liver Puggy muffins on the table? That means COMPANY is coming!!!
I can totally taste test this for you to make sure it has enough basil...

Who could be coming over????
Hanklin and Molly O'Mally!!!!!

Of course their peeps came I am snuggling up to Scott

We Puggies surrounded Aunt Sarah until she gave us foodables
(cue the music from JAWS!) "Come on...give it up lady! You're surrounded!"

The hoomans ate some warm cow for dinner, followed by THIS...
The "Are You Freakin' Kidding Me" Chocolate cake. I think this should be renamed the "NOT FOR PUGGIES SO WHY BOTHER?" cake.

Mom made chicken liver muffins for us 4 leggers....Aunt Sarah fed them to us when we did nice "sits".

Daddy tried to expand Hank's beer horizons and offered him up some REAL beer (not that PBR swill)
Hank said "Aw HAIL...I can't be caught drinkin' none of this QUARE S#*T!!!!!"

"I'm jess gonna spin around in this here chair."

"Ugh...I'm feelin' a little queasy, I tell you what!"
"I've gotta get this here monkey off my back!!!!"

Here's ME telling Hank that he's a big ol HOT MESS! Hahahaha

It was getting late and the Strains had to go home...but I was having so much fun with Hank and Molly that I tried to go WITH them!

Thanks for coming over Hank and Molly (and for bringing your peeps!).

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Swingy Sunday

Mommy and Daddy took me for my walk this morning and it was too early for kids to be playing at the I got to try the swings!!!!!


Happy Sunday everyone!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tough guy Tuesday

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!! I'd had enough of Nipsy's smug look and goofball long arms. I'm going to give him some "what for" and wipe that stupid look off his face! GRRRRRR!
(Make sure your volume is turned up for this!!!)

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Lawn Care Supervisor

Hi everyone! Dad mowed the lawn on Saturday, so I had to supervise...

Ok, good job, Dad! I'll just finish snootering away these grass clippings on the driveway and then we can go in for a nice big bowl of water!!!!

We got in the house and mom started in with the "Mom screeching" and started chasing me around with a washcloth yelling about my SHREK FEET!
Check me out!

She's just jealous because I have a whole GREEN PAW....she's always whining about how she doesn't have a "green thumb" and kills all of her plants! HAHAHAHAA

Looks like it's time for a bubble bath!

Wait...I thought it was GOOD to be GREEN!?!?!?!