Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year everyone!!!!!

Hi everyone!!! My peeps and I want to with all of you in Bloggerland a HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY 2010!!!!

Here is the obligatory shot of me in my festive party hat to ring in the new year! (Mom's note...I couldn't find any Happy New Year hats, so S-Dog had to have Teletubbies. I figure humiliation is humiliation no matter what is on the hat!).

Holden, Daddy and Will...whooping it up for New Year's Eve!

Our plans tonight included a TON of yummies (which you can see traces of on Holden's face), some Scrabble and watching the Three Stooges on TV! WHOOHOO!

We hope all of our bloggie friends and quiet readers all have a WONDERFUL, safe night tonight and we wish you ALL the best for 2010!!!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

O Holden...where art thou????

My friend Maggie is here visiting for a few days! We've had fun playing and snuggling with everyone!

The other morning, mom gave us a very important search and rescue mission to find Holden!

We think he might be hiding in this blankety lump somewhere...

AH HAAAAH! We smell him!!!!

Back up! Look...we have evidence!!!


Silly Holden is sleeping SIDEWAYS and his feets are poking out of the blankety lump!!! WAKE UP HOLDEN! Time to play!!!!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas part deux

As promised...the continuation of Christmas here with the peeps and I!

Christmas morning started off with Holden kindly waiting until 7:30 to come get us out of the big cloud bed. He took me downstairs and showed me what Santa Paws left in my stocking!!!

There were a LOT of presents to open! We must have all been very good this year!

Santa left THIS to "S-Dog and peeps"

Hahahaha! Mom said that I look like Triumph the Insult Comic Dog with my chewie/cigar in my mouth!

What the heck is in here??? It's so HEAVY...

It's a black pug statue!!! He's VERY heavy so he is a bookend in our bookcase now!

I gave Holden new SOCKS since I like to chew on them (and make HOLES in them!)


Check out this cool big stuffed BULLDOG that I got from Mommy and Daddy!

His name is "Beauregard". I'm not sure if he's "humpworthy" yet.

Holden had a nice surprise from mom...

A (very hard to get!) TICKET to the COLTS GAME against the NY Jets!!! WHOOHOO! (Daddy has the other ticket...he unwrapped it for his birthday!)

We also unwrapped this sweet ornament from Mimi and Pa in AZ...

It's a little puggy on the word JOY! How appropriate!

It's been a JOY spending so much time with my peeps and friends! Everyone has time to visit and share lots of yummies. The house looks so pretty with all of the trees and lights. I think this is my favorite time of year!

T'was the day before Christmas....

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a very nice Christmas and that Santa Paws was good to ALL of you (even Hank and Pearl and all the rest of you who left "presents" of your own under the Christmas tree!)

Mom said we have "a buttload" (I think that's a LOT) of pictures to share, so we decided to post in installments to get caught up. We're starting with Christmas Eve.

TWO packages were in our mailbox, both for MEEEEE!!!! Here's mom helping me with the first one...from JANIE (our Mail lady!)

"WHAAAAAAT is it mom???"
(***Mom's note*** hair is a LOT darker than it was...those stupid colors on the box are never what they seem!!!!)

How sweet! Janie gave me a new Santa stuffie, some rawhide treats and a cute little picture frame with MOI in it that says TOP DOG!

"COME ON lady! Use those opposable thumbs!!!!"

Thank you so much Janie! We love it and we love having YOU for our MailLady!

The next package was from Heather and Harry Pugalicious! (and was a TOTAL surprise!)

Heh heh...notice the "Salinger Pug ESQ." on the address label!

Daddy used his opposable thumbs to open it for me...

"HURRY UUUUP! What IS it???"

There was a whole BUNCH of stuff inside! Some treats and a new christmas bone stuffie for me, a funny magnet and coaster for the peeps and THIS......

A Christmas Puggie SNOWGLOBE!!!!! How PRETTY!!!!

Thank you so much Heather and Harry! You are both so sweet and we send you both a zillion hugs and kisses!

The rest of our Christmas Eve was so much fun! I hung out here with Mom, Dad, Holden and Holden's dad (Doug) and then LOOK who dropped by to visit and bring CAKE BALLS!!!

It was Reggie and Dallas' family (MINUS Reggie and Dallas). Julie brought me a nice chewie (and that's her son James in the picture too!).
Thanks for coming by guys!!!!

Later, Heather came by with my boyfriend Pugsley, his sister Low Rider Lola and a nice plate of daddy's favorite cookies (chocolate oatmeal no bakes!). We all sat nicely for treats!

We all ran crazy and wore ourselves out after this picture!

It was getting late and according to Norad...Santa was entering US airspace! Holden mixed up a batch of reindeer food (oatmeal and glitter! YUM!) and sprinkled it in the driveway....

Is Santa Paws going to bring me anything? I think I've been a good Pug this year!!!

Installment TWO coming tomorrow!!!!! Stay tuned!

OH...and regarding my Christmas message in our last says to try it again. She thinks the system was just overly busy on Christmas Eve with all of the other doggies and kitties sending messages to their friends too!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Christmas greeting from Salinger himself!!!!

Click below to open! Turn up your speakers!

petcentric - DOGGIE & KITTIE-MAIL

Bet you didn't realize that I speak with a British accent!!!!!



Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas came EARLY this weekend!

Hi everyone and MERRY EARLY CHRISTMAS! We had a VERY busy weekend here at The Lazy K Ranch (haha). We had everyone together (Me, Mom, Dad, Holden, Will and Lizz) and we went to go visit Hank and Molly's family! Their daddy took this great pic of my hoomans with Hank and Molly, but I was being turdley and am not in the pic.

Mom forgot the farkakte camera, but jump on over to Hank and Molly's blog for a good recap of our vist! We'll just tell you that we went for a very special screening of a very heartwarming Christmas show...


Later that evening...we had EARLY Christmas with the kids and I got to open a few of MY presents too!!!!

Oooohhh...PUPCORN from Mimi and Pa!

Will helped me open one in spcial Three Dog Bakery wrapping!

YUM! A vanilla chewy! NOM NOM NOM!

The kids all got SNUGGIE blankets from Mimi and Pa!!!!

SNUGGIES? HA! Good thing I'm a PUG and don't have to worry about looking silly in a Snuggie!

Another present for me??? me open this!

Oh no!

A Snuggie for DOGS?

W T F ??????????????

Aw crap! I look like a cult member!!!!

I was a good boy all year for THIS??????

Oh well....I hope you're all having a great holiday season celebrating whatever makes you happy!


Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday FACEOFF! (sorry...couldn't resist!)

Happy Friday everyone!!!

Here's an interesting story for everyone CLICK HERE to read...

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy


Kind of makes mom think twice before doing this...'s face seems TASTY!

Happy Friday everyone!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

CookieFest 2009!

Hi everyone!!! Last weekend, mom spent the whole weekend making TONS of cookies for Daddy's office staff to enjoy. My job was the official Quality Control Officer/Taster!

Mom put Daddy, Lizz and Will to work rolling Buckeyes...I made sure that they tasted good (PRE chocolate of course!) and were all the right size...

I stood right next to Lizz in case she needed my help, or dropped something!


Here are the three trays of finished cookies...
Tray 1

Date pinwheels, pecan tassie bars and Ginger molasses cookies

Tray 2

Sugar cookie snowflakes and Christmas trees, Irish soda bread cookies and Rugalach

Tray 3

Chocolate crinkles and Buckeyes

As always...if anyone wants a recipe, just drop us a comment with your email!

The cookie trays are OUT OF HERE (mom is thankful!) and we hear that Daddy's office peeps are enjoying them! NOM NOM NOM!

What kinds of cookies are all of YOU making???

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Twirly Tuesday with S-Dog

WHEEEEEEEEEEE! I'm spinning!!!!!

Happy Tuesday everyone!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Today is Daddy's birthday!!!! We've been celebrating all weekend and he took today off from work, so we're letting him sleep in.

Here I am helping him blow out his candle on his birthday cake!

Make a wish Daddy!!!!

Don't worry...I didn't get any of the chocolate/puggy poison cake. I got a gingerbread doggie cookie instead!

Mom copied the ruffled top of this cake from one she saw a lady make with Julia Child (click here to see it). Daddy wanted to Indy Blogger fave...the AYFKM chocolate/buttercream cake. Nom nom nom nom!

Mom and I are going to rerun Daddy's birthday post from last year because we love the pictures so much!



Photobucket daddy is turning 45 today (Monday, December 14). Mommy helped me put together a very special blog to celebrate his big day!

This is mommy's favorite current picture of him!
SO handsome!!!!

Daddy (aka Kevin to some of you) grew up in Greenville, SC and went to The Citadel in Charleston, SC. Here is a picture of him when he was a REALLY young Cadet!

Here he is 25 years later, back visiting The Citadel (this time with mommy). I don't appreciate him talking to that BULLDOG, but I guess it's ok since he's bronze.

Speaking of BULLDOGS...look what daddy has on his arm! Most people don't know he has this!
SUCH a tough guy!

I think it's safe to say that daddy now prefers PUGS to bulldogs! Here's proof....this is the day I picked him to be my daddy!
I kissed him, mommy and Holden! That's how they knew I wanted them to be my family!

Daddy helped take such good care of me when I was a tiny puppy!

We became good buddies as soon as they brought me home!

Here are some interesting facts about my daddy....

His family heritage is Irish (can't you tell by looking at him? hahaha!).
He doesn't normally talk like the Lucky Charms man...but he can do it when he's being funny!

Daddy loves HOCKEY (mommy does too, but this blog is about DADDY!)

Daddy's favorite movie is Pulp Fiction
pulp fiction Pictures, Images and Photos

His favorite band is

His favorite TV shows are
30 Rock Pictures, Images and Photos

His favorite food is

Mmmmm STEAK! Medium rare please!

His favorite restaurant in the whole world is Carey Hilliards...a BBQ joint down south (in Charleston, SC)
Bring me a BBQ sammich and some Brunswick Stew!!!!!!

Daddy loves to be silly and make us all laugh...
We don't know what this is either...but we thought it was funny that they sell it at Sam's!

Daddy with the OSTRICH!


Just look at this goofball trying to make me dance with him!!!

Daddy is not only funny....he is very sweet to me also!

I sleep right next to him in the big cloud bed...
Waaaaake up daddy!

He take me for walks...

Gives me lots of good tummy rubs...

Shares his food with me...

Tells me funny stories...
HAHAHAHAHAAAA! You're funny daddy!!!!!

Takes me shopping...
I love going to PetSmart with Daddy and Holden!

He takes me to lots of other fun places...

But best of all...he just loves me and is a great daddy!

Happy Birthday to the best Daddy in the world!
I love you so so so much!!!!!!

Have a great day!