Saturday, May 30, 2009

Random Saturday Stuff

Happy Saturday everyone! Our weatherman predicted RAIN today, but luckily he was WRONG!

Holden had a soccer game this morning and decided to match his hair to his jersey
He looks like a CHIA HEAD!

Since they don't allow dogs at the soccer field, mom took this video so I could see Holden's powerfoot in action. He was playing goalie and made this big goal kick! (He's wearing the red goalie vest over his green jersey)


When they got home, mom and dad were all disgusted because people apparently can't READ the big "NO SOLICITING" sign posted at every entrance to our subdivision because there were lawn care people, Bible Beaters, cleaning services and whatnot all out ringing doorbells. I am a good guard dog and LOSE MY MIND barking when the doorbell rings, but dad and I had had enough.....
Mom was laughing really hard when she took this picture! She said we look like two grumpy old men!!!

It probably doesn't surprise anyone to find out that our doorbell has been quiet since this sign went up! HAHAHAHAAA!

Mom and Holden are going to work on making the yard pretty, dad took the car in for an oil change and I am all ready for the Wings game tonight!

It's a few hours from now, but I figured it's never too early to put one's gameface on!

Happy Saturday and GO WINGS!!!!!!!!!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Fish with Chives

HAHAHA...NO, this isn't one of Winston and Clemmie's Foodie Friday posts! Just new photos to share!

Mom went to Super Target the other day and spent almost TWO HOURS just wandering around by herself sipping on her Iced Venti Decaf Americano from Starbucks. I think all that alone time coupled with the Starbucks euphoria clouded her judgement because she got me THIS scary thing from the dollar bin!
I think my face says it all...I am NOT fan of this fish! Mom had to bribe me with cheese just to get this picture snapped! What kind of creature has eyes this googly (hahaha!) and WHAT is with those lips? Mom named the fish "Angelina" and keeps SQUEAKING it at me, but I'm STILL not going anywhere near it!

Ok...calling all green thumbs...(yeah, we're talking to YOU Auntie Kyle!). Mom's chives now look like THIS
They're very pretty and flowery, but is that GOOD? They still taste good (according to mom) but do we leave the flowers alone or do we need to cut them back??? Mom has had these chives for a few years and this is the first time they've ever done this before! What gives?

Have a WONDERFUL Friday everyone!!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mom's favorites

Dad had to take the camera to work today so mom decided to keep today's post short and sweet. Hank's mom took this pic at our last meetup and now it's mom's computer wallpaper and she keeps looking at it and smiling.
Thanks for such a great picture of mom's 3 favorite boys, Sarah!

In other VERY VERY important news...the RED WINGS wrapped up the series with the Chicago Blackhawks last night and are advancing to the STANLEY CUP FINALS!!! Game 1 is Saturday at 8, so don't anyone call us because we're going to be GLUED to the TV!
Mom says she guesses that Pittsburgh didn't learn their lesson last year!! ;-)


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Pug doth protest too much!

Ok, I've been on eleventy billion WALKS this weekend, played with all my friends at the Pug Posse's house, supervised yardwork, assisted with laundry, cleaned the kitchen floor of any cooking dribbles, been cute and adorable and snuggly and I am quite displeased with the high level of activity as of late!

Do I want to go for a nice morning walk??? Mom....are you NUTS???

Do I want to play with your fitness ball? Tempting...but PLEASE get that thing out of my face!
Photobucket is Salinger The Pug's Day Off...but it will be NOTHING like that ridiculous Ferris Bueller movie because I'm NOT MOVING!

That's IT...No walk, No playing, my decision is FINAL...GOOD DAY MADAM!

Are you STILL here mom? Put that farkakte camera away and leave me ALONE!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Partying with the Posse (and other pals)

Hi everyone! I'm still wiped out from all the fun we had yesterday afternoon/evening over at the Pug Posse's house!

I got to hang with all my are some cute PugMugs for you to check out from the party! Mom says to tell you she's sorry to all those that she missed!

Pippin (notice mom hugging all over him...whatever!)





Eddie and Brutus guarding one of the food tables

and MOI (with mom)

It was in the mid 80s and on the humid side here in Indy The Posse's family set up swimming pools for us! WHOOHOO! Puggy Pool Party!

Mom put my trunks on me I took a quick dip while my BPF/Life partner Pugsley watched

GusGus was digging the pool...
He spent most of the time playing with his squeaky hamburger and hot dog! Silly guy!

THEN it was time for exercise!!!! BARON the German Shepherd came outside to run with us across the fence!

Ready, set...GO!

Always the nonconformist...I ran the other way (well that...AND I was feeling embarrassed with those fruity pants on!!!)

THEN it was chowtime! Daddy shared some of his corn on the cob with me!

Holden shared some of his chicken and mac and cheese with me too! YUMMY!

Bernice and I had a nice long chat while sitting on our moms' laps...

We had a fun time (as always) and I fell asleep as soon as we got into the car! When we got home...LOOK what I got!!!
A BATH!!! I didn't want to get out because mom got a new sprayer hose thing and the warm water was SO nice and relaxing! It was like an evening at the spa to cap off such a fun day!

Thanks for having us over Pug Posse! It's always so much fun hanging with you guys!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

PERFECT Saturday!

Hi everyone! This is mom hijacking S-Dog's blog again because I HAD to share what Holden did this morning (and since Salinger is in the shot too...I figured it was ok to share on the dog blog!)
BREAKFAST delivered to me in the big cloud bed!!!!! Mmmm....Holden knew exactly what to bring! Greek yogurt and sliced apple (with no blood!) WOW!!!

Of course I shared with my sweet boys...clearly the 4 legged one is starving!

What a PERFECT Saturday morning! Please ignore the Red Wings jersey hanging in shame over the screen in the background...they lost 4-3 in OT last night! :-(

Thank you Holden! I couldn't have designed a better kid!!!!

Make sure to check in with us tomorrow...we're going to the Pug Posse's house later on....along with most other Indy bloggers and there are SURE to be some good pics!

Happy Saturday! I hope everyone gets to do everything they love WITH the people they love!!!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Memorial Day weekend kickoff!!!!

YAY! It's the start of Memorial Day weekend! Mom says that means the neighborhood pool is OPEN!!!!

OK...when are we going swimming???? I'm ready!

WHAAAAAAAT? No Pugs allowed???? What kind of farkakte rule is that???
I have been working HARD getting this bod into perfect Puggy shape!

PERFECT form, I tell you!

I guess I'll stick to my own private blow up pool here in my own backyard! I can shed the suit without worry that way!


Thursday, May 21, 2009

LOLA....L.O.L.A. LOLA! (feel free to sing along!)

We got to meet Pugsley's NEW SISTER last night!!!!
Well, technically she's his FOSTER sister, but she already seems to be completely at home!

Poor Lola was given up by her family and had to spend some time in a yucky shelter where the mean shelter lady said she was (brace yourself) UGLY!!!! WTF?????
Mom was ALL too happy to snuggle with Lola and said that mean lady must be BLIND because how can anyone call this sweet little thing ugly?

She is absolutely ADORABLE and quite the little Diva!!!
She snuggled right up to my daddy!

We brought Lola a little present...
Wow...check out that noseguard!!!!

No one is really sure about Lola's age or history, but she seems to be a happy little girl that already shares a trait with her new brother, Pugsley....
BONELESSNESS on the kitchen floor!!!!

We all sat nicely for some treats...
That's Pugsley, Lola and Me (Salinger) all lined up and looking fabulous!

Here is a cute video of Lola looking like she's trying to say something!

Mom says that Lola reminds her of Dixie Bugg!

When it was time to leave, I told them I'd see them again soon!
We're going to have SO much fun playing together!!!

We think Lola's daddy needs to make her a yellow feather headdress...don't you?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Salinger's very FIRST Wordless Wednesday (a.k.a. SPEECHLESS Hump Day!)


***Mom's note***
Way to have your DOG bust you for just leaving them on the floor!

Monday, May 18, 2009

I got to meet Stanley!

We did the COOLEST thing today! Mom and I got to meet up with one of our blogger buddies STANLEY THE AIREDALE and his Owner Girl, Lisa as they were in the early stages of their road trip to NYC! They were passing through Indy and we couldn't pass up the chance!

Here is handsome Aireboy Stanley!

Stanley's Owner Girl, Lisa said that she was all excited to have "Puggy Time" so I gave her the full treatment...

I let her rub my tummy, scratch my butt and say sweet things to me in my ear!

We even had a "open mouth contest"! I'm not sure what the rules were, or who won...but it seemed like a good idea at the time!

THEN...I got to meet Stanley! Our moms were careful to introduce us slowly because I was a little flipped out by his size! He's HUUUUUUUUUGE compared to me!
Hello Stanley! SO nice to meet you!!!

Stanley's mom says he's "Gooberlicious"! We just thought he was a very kind gentleman who did a very nice "down" so he didn't seem as big to little old me!

Stanley's Owner Girl, Lisa held on to me while we did some sniffin' and said our hellos.
BOY...he was a big doggie!!!

Mom made Stanley some mint cookies to snack on during their roadtrip!
He told me he liked them!

Stanley brought ME a NEW SQUEAKY MONKEY with a big smile on his face!!!!
I named him "Stanley" in honor of my new friend!!!

Here are the moms being cheesy...self portrait!

We hope that Stanley and Lisa have a very FUN and safe rest of their roadtrip and can't wait to hear about it! They mentioned a few other blogger buddies they were going to try and meet up with, so make sure to check out Stanley's Blog soon for details!!!!

Thank you so much for the new monkey, Stanley and Lisa!
Stanley the Monkey will love his new home here with me!

Happy Monday everyone!!!

Pee-S...Speaking of STANLEY...the Red Wings beat Chicago yesterday in game 1 of the Western Conference Final Series, making them only SEVEN MORE WINS away from the STANLEY CUP!!!! WHOOHOO! Go wings!