Thursday, June 30, 2011

Farewell Sweet Molly O'Mally Strain!!!!

HI everyone!
By now we're sure most of you have heard that one of our very dear dear puggy friends, Molly O'Mally Strain went to the Rainbow Bridge while dreaming away on Sunday morning.

Molly O'Mally Strain August 16, 1997 - June 26, 2011
We'll miss you sweet girl!

As you all know, Molly was QUITE the character and we realized that most of the things that remind us of Molly also start with the letter M!

First off....MATLOCK! Molly's favorite TV show!

We hear she also liked "Murder She Wrote", but mom couldn't find it.

MCL Cafeteria....Molly's favorite restaurant!

Mom and Holden met Molly's mom and dad at MCL the other night for dinner (at 3pm in true O'Mally fashion!) and a toast to sweet O'Mally

"The song is ended, but the melody lingers on"...Here's to a true Grande Dame Pug, Molly O'Mally!!! Cheers!

Naturally, after dinner comes another favorite Molly word....METAMUCIL!
Yeah's the generic stuff....but you get the idea! It all does the same thing!

M is also for one of MY favorite things that I shared one day with Hank and O'Mally....


M is for MOUTH.....CRIMINY that old bird could yap the bark off a tree!

Mom always said that O'Mally was yammering about her damn-no-good-fer-nothin' grandkids that never called or wrote, the lazy meter readers and blasted neighbor kids or anyone else that wouldn't stay the hell off her lawn. She used to let everyone know when the early bird special at MCL was about to start and when it was time to go to the beauty parlor or CVS to pick up her meds. Whatever it was, we're going to miss Aunt Sarah always yelling "CLAM UP, O'MALLY!!!!"

Another important M stands for "Moses Pa Pa Pomeroy"
CLICK HERE to read the entire sordid tale! (cue banjo music!)

This is NOT an actual photo of Molly's DaddyGrampa, but we have to imagine he had a mullet like this!

We leave you with hopefully a smile and a video (or "vidyuh" as Hank would say!) of Molly O'Mally's namesake in action......


Thanks for letting us love on you during your time here with all of us, Molly! We miss you, but will always look back on your life with a smile! We'll always laugh imagining you on the other side of the bridge in your red pants kicking, stretching and kicking and chowing down on all the MCL you can handle!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Froggy Friday!

The other day, I was helping Mom and Dad mow and take care of the yard. The lawn mowing machine STOPPED and mom got all squealy over something....

LOOK! Do you see what we see????

It's KERMIT!!!!

What is he doing here???

I gave him a good sniff and mom told me to give him a kiss to see if he might turn into a handsome prince... thanks!

Here I am trying to play with Kermit....

As you can see, he wasn't in a playing mood and hopped into the neighbors yard.

Good thing, because dad was already in the house heating up a frying pan and dreaming of THIS....

(Yes, those are frog's legs!)

Happy Froggy Friday everyone!!!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Trashy Thursday (not what you think!)

Thursdays are ESPECIALLY exciting here in our's TRASH PICKUP DAY!
Mom opened the front door for Maggie and I so we could watch for the big truck to roll up and conduct business....

WOW!!! SO exciting! The big truck picks up the OTHER side of the street first, but then he'll roll by and pick up OUR side of the street this afternoon! It's like a double feature for us puggies!

Happy Thursday everyone!!!

**Mom's note** sorry if all of your 4 legged kids start yammering when they hear these guys in action!

***ANOTHER Mom's note*** for anyone that knows me well (mom/dad) my voice sounds weirder than normal because I have this wicked sore throat thing going on. I went to the doc yesterday and he says I'll live, so no worries.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Guest Royalty Wednesday....Queen Maggie on her throne!

Hello EveryPuggy!!! I am Maggie....Salinger's best buddy and temporary ruler of TheLazyK while my peeps are off on vacation!


Aunt Laura and Uncle Kevin call me "Maggie Malinga Dinga Dumplin'" (Dumplin' for short!). Here's why....

I'm just a big ol BONELESS Dumplin!!!!!!!

It's fun hanging here because Aunt Laura has someone to be GIRLY with! Look at this FABULOUS outfit she got me the last time I was visiting!

She lives in a house full of stinky boys, so when I come to's girly bonding time! We do our nails and talk about cute boys.

Salinger is very sweet when I'm here visiting. He shares his treats with me and even takes naps with me!

He held my paw to help me fall asleep!

My favorite spot in the house is the chair in Aunt Laura and Uncle Kevin's bedroom! I call it my THRONE! Whenever they can't find me....this is usually where I am!

I am the QUEEN of cute!!!!

I'll be visiting for another week or so, so watch for more posts coming soon!

Maggie Malinga Dinga Dumplin'

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day 2011 to all the daddies out there!!!!

Mom swears she's not lazy (well....maybe a little), but she's going to "rerun" the Father's Day post that we did last year. She says it's worth repeating.

Have a GREAT Father's Day to all the 2 legged AND 4 legged daddies out there!


Hi everyone and Happy "Hallmark Holiday" to all of the daddies out there!

In honor of today, we're posting this pic of me (left)with my PugDaddy, Rufus (right)! can see where I get all this handsome from!!!

Daddy and I are spending Father's Day morning doing THIS....

So Mommy is hijacking the rest of the blog today to wish HER dad (my PA) a very Happy Father's Day. ENJOY!
Hi everyone and Happy Father's Day!!! Salinger has once again GRACIOUSLY agreed to allow me (Laura) to be a guest blogger just for the day so I can send some props and love to my dad for Father's Day (which I know he's going to hate...but what's he going to do...GROUND ME? hahahaha!)

THIS is my dad, Jim... taken at Watson Lake in Prescott, AZ!
He lives in Arizona (with mom) and loves all things outdoorsy related after being cooped up indoors as a TEACHER for almost 30 years once upon a time!

Here is an old favorite pic of mine...the date on the back is June 6, 1970 which would make me a little over 3 months old and pretty close to his first Father's Day!
I could make a joke and tell you to imagine banjo music in your head while I tell you that this is his high school graduation picture (HAHAHA!) but the TRUTH is that he had just earned his Master's Degree!!!

Fast forward 38-ish years later and here we are....

I share dad with my younger brother Scott. I realize this is NOT the most flattering pic of ANY of us (hahaha...look at that look of teenage angst on my face! HAHAHA) but there is a very important detail in this picture that I have to share...
Look at my shoes ( shoes!)
This pic was taken in 1982 (in Toronto on vacation!). This was about the time that designer labels and name brands were coming into vogue. Not having much of a clue in the months before this, I wore the regular tennis shoes from Sears (or wherever mom bought them from) and thought nothing of it...UNTIL....some jerky kids started to make fun of me at school for my "cheap shoes" (!!!). I remember dad coming to my rescue one night after dinner and took me to the mall and bought me my first pair of blue Nike shoes, saving me from further shoe ridicule at school! To this day, I don't know if he did it because he was a teacher and saw that kind of thing happen firsthand, or if mom made him do it...whichever it was, THANK YOU DAD! Sometimes character building works in strange ways, and those shoes felt like armor to me at the time. I wish I could say that dad also took my brother under his wing and did something about those tragically dorky tube socks, but sadly, no.

Dad is also know as "PA" to Holden...grandchild extraordinaire! He couldn't say the full word "Grandpa" when he was a baby, so "PA" it was!

I love this pic of them fishing last fall!

OF COURSE we had to save the best for last...(since this IS Salinger's blog!)
Their first official meeting...

...and first KISS!

Happy Father's Day Dad!!! I hope your day is full of peace and quiet and everything else you love!!! Thanks for being the best dad and always being able to make me laugh! I LOVE YOU!

Happy Father's Day to all the other dads out there too...human, canine, whatever!

Have a great day!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Goodbye Grace Kelley, HEL-LO Gene Kelley!

You all know about my favorite stuffie GRACE KELLEY, right?

WELLLLLL....Mom has been talking about "retiring" Grace. She's lost an ear, lost most of her stuffing, has so many stitches that she hardly even LOOKS like a Pug anymore AND mom says that she REEKS (despite multiple washings). SO...while mom and Holden were at Meijer the other day, they walked by the toy department and saw THIS...

(yes, you can imagine that Mom and Holden got some weird looks wheeling around Meijer with this dude in the cart!)

Mom introduced us and let me sniff him....

Wow...he's a pretty big dude, but incredibly flexible and very light on his feet. I think his name should be Gene....GENE KELLEY! (HAHAHAAA!)


"I have something for you, Gene!"....

Gene's a pretty tough guy and seems like he'll be a great new "buddy" for me!

So after we got acquainted was time to show Gene what was what his role was here in MY house....

Yep...Gene Kelley...I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

BIGtime Kudos to Holden!


This blog post contains the obnoxious rantings of a very proud to the point of bragging parent. Mom can't control herself, so if you find this type of ranting to be too much...just skip reading today!

Hi everyone and happy Thursday! Last night was Holden's SIXTH GRADE HONORS NIGHT and he made us all so proud!!!

Here he is with proud Mom (OMG...she had HEELS on too!)

The entire sixth grade was honored for all of their achievements...academic, artistic, athletic, attendance and citizenship!

Do you see Holden in the white shirt and tie? This was the presentation of the Jr. Beta awards.

Here is Holden posing with his teacher, Miss Schellinger!

She has been such a GREAT teacher for Holden because she really challenged him this year and made him WORK for his good grades. PERFECT prep for Middle School next year! She also made learning a lot of fun for the whole class and Holden has declared that she is his new "alltime favorite teacher"! Wow...that's a big honor!

Here is Holden posing with some of his "besties"....

You've already met Seth (he's Maggie's human brother) and then there's Parker, who he's been friends with since first grade!

Here he is with his buddy, Kain

CONGRATS to all of you gentlemen!

All in all...Holden brought home the following honors:
President's Outstanding Academic Achievement Award (signed by President Obama!),
Band Award for participating in the Middle School band program (he made the HONORS BAND for next year too!),
Athletic Award for participation on the school Basketball Team,
Academic Spell Bowl Award,
and an award for his membership in Jr. Beta

I got to personally kiss/congratulate Holden when he got home (stoooopid "no dogs in school" rule again!).

WAY TO GO HOLDEN!!!! We're SO SO SO PROUD of you!!!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Portrait of ANOTHER famous relative!

Hello there everyone! Today we have another glimpse into my interesting family history for you all! You may remember the fine portraits that mom acquired of my 7th Great Aunt Fanny and my 18th Great Grandfather, Colonel Hampton the Flying Ace...but thanks to the (fictional) website called, mom has found another ancestory of mine....

Meet famed journalist PUGWARD R. MURROW!!!!

(be sure to click to biggify....Pugward's image is made of NEWSPAPER print!)
Isn't the resemblace UNCANNY????

It's a little known fact that my pugcestor, Pugward R. Murrow was the reporter that broke the big scandal between (then) King Edward and Wallis Simpson!!
Here is a photo of Duke of Windsor, Edward VIII, and Duchess of Windsor, Wallis Simpson taken April 21, 1954

It's been said that Mr. Murrow was able to break the scandal due to some tips from some "UNKNOWN" sources very close to Mrs. Simpson in exchange for treats!!!
In case you're not familiar with this story (or didn't see "The King's Speech"), King Edward VIII fell in love with Mrs. Wallis Simpson, not only an American, but also a married woman already once divorced. Yet, in order to marry the woman he loved, King Edward was willing to give up the British throne - and he did!!! WOW...that's a story fit for TMZ if we ever heard one!!!

We did some digging and Pugward was the proud recipient of several awards for his fine work in the field of journalism, including a PUGBODY and 2 PUGLITZERS!!! Wow!

VERRRY impressive!!!!

You may be very surprised to find that there are copies of my famous pugcestor's print available at TJ Maxx in their fine art department. I really must have mom check into the legal aspect of this as I'm SURE there must be royalties involved for using my pugcestor's likeness...don't you think???

Happy Hump Day everyone!!!