Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Lazy K Resort, Day Spa, Cafe and Insane Asylum for Pugs

Hi everyone! We hope you're all enjoying your Memorial Day weekend! We will return to our normal blogging program in the next day or so, but right now, we're giving you a glimpse into life here at The Lazy K this weekend!

We have THREE guests this weekend!

Click to biggify....we think you know all of them by now. I'm in the back acting turdley, then there's Lola, Maggie and Pugsley!

The proprieter of The Lazy K (a.k.a. "MOM") gave us all a lovely snack of HOT DOG in exchange for a group "sit"

Mmmm....tubey meat goodness!

Maggie took advantage of the comfy lounging accomodations...

Lola got a head massage at the Day Spa...

Pugsley enjoyed listening to the voices in his head and acted like a NUT in general...

I (Salinger) hid and snoozed in the sun!

Here are the girls...watching some Cooking Channel shows with Proprieter Mom this morning...

Ooohhh...can we make a berry galette?

Here are Pugsley and I....deciding what to do next....

HEY....I KNOW!!!!

Let's play TWISTER!!!!!

Right paw RED....left paw BLUE!

OOOHHH LOOK! The Assistant Proprieter (a.k.a. Holden) has FOODABLES!!!!! GET HIM!

Come on, Holden...SHARE!!!!

Bye bye everyone!!! We hope you all have a WONDERFUL Memorial Day weekend!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Snuggly Sunday


Happy Sunday everyone!

Daddy and I are snuggle buddies today!

He gives the BEST tummy rubs!


We've even TONGUE TWINS today!


Daddy is the BEST! He told me we're going to stay home and play ALL day today!

He's the nicest daddy!

Just look at my face! Am I the HAPPIEST Pug in the world or what?????

Happy Snuggly Sunday to all of you too!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Flowery Friday

(YAAAAWN)....Oh HI mom! So why have you woken me up from my 4th mid morning nap?

(STRRREEEETCH) lovely! I bet they smell even MORE lovely!

Waaaaait a second....

These are FAKE flowers! The pot is filled with BEANS!!!! WTF kind of scam is this???

A PEN? You woke me up from my SunNap to fool me with a flower PEN???? RUUUUUDE!!!

Not cool, lady. I'm going back to sleep. ZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Happy Friday everyone!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hot Wheels Wednesday...Mutt Strut-Gimpy Flashback!

This was from a few weeks ago when I had to have my paw bandaged (and kept DRY). We went to the Mutt Strut and THIS was mom's solution to keep me dry. MON DIEU!

Raincoat, my dingus showing AND a cheesy WalMart BABY STROLLER???? OY!

Um....HELLLL-LLLLOOOOO???? Do you not notice all this RAIN?????

Unbelievable! They're SMILING in all this mess!!!

One bright spot of the day...a photographer from NUVO stopped me to take my picture....and I made it into their SLIDE SHOW!!! CLICK HERE and look for me!....I'm slide #20 of 24!!!!
My shame has been PUBLISHED!!!!

**Mom's note**
I was particularly tickled that the Nuvo photographer asked to photograph Salinger....Nuvo is the "alternative voice" for Indy. His gaydar must have been beeping really loudly when he got near Salinger!!!

Happy Hump Day everyone!!!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Tiffy Trip (part 2)

Now...for part TWO of my trip to Chicago to meet TIFFY!

Tiffy told me about this cool store near we got into the car and prepared to SHOP!

Tiffy doesn't like riding in the car very I sat in the back with her and kept her company and it totally helped!

We drove to this COOL store called Page's Healthy Paws!
Just LOOK at all this disgusting DELICIOUS stuff!

all kinds of dried body parts of various animals...rabbit's EARS and FEET (with FUR still on them!), bullies of ALL shapes and sizes, antlers, etc. etc. OMG!

Here's the stash I picked out (the flossie and blue bag of treats were from Uncle Gerry!)...

Mmmm...dried duck feet (you can see the WEBBING!), Bull trachea, salmon skin roll, dried duck NECK, and dried chicken feet!!!! NOM NOM NOM!!!! All those goodies are going to REEK up the house really nicely!

After shopping...we just hung out and enjoyed some couch time with Gerry

Then Fred and Tony came over! They are good friends and neighbors of Tiffy's peeps and they are REALLY REALLY funny!

They told me I was a handsome boy and gave me good ear scratches!

We got Sunday morning snuggles from Aunt Michele....

Notice Tiffy and I gazing into the kitchen where Uncle Gerry was cooking BACON to make his world famous RANCH EGGS for breakfast! SO yummy!

Tiffy and I played a bit of "dress up" after breakfast and posed for our OFFICIAL "Sunflower Sister" portraits!

Here I am....the honorary Sunflower Sista!!!

Here's Tiffy....


I parked my PugButt in Tiffy's princess bed one last time (because it is SO fabulous!)

Posed for one last pic with the Mamas....

OY my EYES!!! Put that farkakte flashy box AWAYYYYYY!!! I'm BLIND!!!!!

Tiffy gave me the sweetest present (since we're total BFFs now)....a charm for my collar! You'll need to click to biggify...

It says "PAMPERED" (NOT spoiled....there's a big difference according to mom!)
Tiffy has a matching charm that says "DIVA"! Perfect!

Mom and I got into the car and I fell asleep before we were even at the end of Tiffy's street!!!! Here's a pic of me sleeping in mom's lap the WHOLE WAY HOME!


Thank you SO MUCH for a fabulous weekend Tiffy, Gerry and Michele!!! We had a wonderful time and can't wait to visit again!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Special Road Trip...Official Pug Business (part 1)

Mom and I had to share our superexcitingawesome ROAD TRIP we had this weekend!!!!

She packed up a bag for her and THIS bag for ME!!!! You can tell it's mine by the luggage tag!

We drove for a while and then mom started having to stop the car at like FOUR of these drive thru windows and give them money!

BUT...we totally got ripped off....they didn't give us any McCheesyBurgers in return! WTF???

After a while, Mom stopped the car and I found myself in front of a familiar door...hmmmm....this porch totally smells familiar......

Mom explained to me that we HAD been here before...but there was a change and a BIG SURPRISE for me! was Aunt Michele, Uncle Gerry and TIFFY!!!!!

I got a little hello kiss from Tiffy and we had a good hello sniff!

Tiffy has settled in very nicely and really seems to LOVE her new forever home!

I totally wanted this BED! Have you ever seen anything so FABULOUS in all your life?????

Of course Tiffy and I got to play, but mom explained to me that she was there on "Official Pug Business". You see, back after Stubby went to the rainbow bridge...Mom promised Auntie Michele that she was going to take her shopping to buy a tree or shrub to plant in honor of Stubby. Mom thought Stubby would have REALLY liked that idea with him being such a Green Pug!

Here are Gerry and Michele holding up Stubby's special memory quilt that was a gift from a bunch of us blogger buddies that knew and loved Stubby. We talked about what a great Puggy Stubby was, and thought this was the perfect weekend to plant because his 14th birthday would have been on Friday, May 13!

Uncle Gerry got Tiffy and I some POPEYES for lunch, also in honor of Stubby!

NOM NOM NOM NOM!!!! Be sure to CLICK HERE to go to Tiffy's blog and read about her very first Popeye's experience! HAHAHA!

After lunch, Mom and Michele went to Hawthorn Gardens to shop. Aunt Michele picked out a beautiful pink flowering Sweet Almond shrub. We think it's perfect!

Uncle Gerry did all the hard work and dug the hole and positioned the shrub just right.

We can't wait to see pics of Stubby's Shrub grow and flower over the years! We think this is a GREAT way to keep his memory alive!

Stubby...the Most Interesting, and longest armed Pug in the World!

I told Tiffy all kinds of stories about the things Stubby and I had discussed over the few years that I knew him. I told her she had some BIG PugShoes to fill, but she told me she was up to the challenge and THEN kicked my butt at a nice game of "Chase"!

WHOOOOOO!!! I'm TIRED! TiffyGirl wore my PugButt OUT!!!

I'm going to get some ZZZZZZZZs and will fill you in on the rest of our visit tomorrow!!!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I have a green paw!

It's that time of year again...GARDENING!!!!

Mom said it was time to get our herb garden going again, so we drove to Home Depot to do some SHOPPING!

I picked out this nice pot of MINT so we can grow it to make my favorite breath buster biscuits!

We got our loot home and planted before it rained...

The new plants are in the middle...Greek oregano, cilantro, flat leaf parsley, 2 basils and rosemary. The perennials are on each end of the herb garden...chives on the left and sage on the right. I have been working hard and peeing on that sage plant ALL YEAR. Just know that in case you come over and Mom is making Chicken Saltimboca.

The mint went into its own pot.

I keep nibbling at it and mashing my face into it! MMMMMM!

Mom LOVES this snowball bush. She says it looks like a big Hydrangia plant! She planted it when I was a tiny it's FOUR years old too!

ACK! We know...the lawn needs to be MOWED, but it was NINTEY FOUR DEGREES (NO JOKE!) here today and it's also rained for like the last 9958439393828289 days we'll get to it asap!'s what's left of our lilacs....

They were really pretty last week and they smelled up the whole yard! Now they're turning brown and looking pathetic.

OOOHHH...forgot to tell you about the other new addition to the backyard this year!

MY OWN FIRE HYDRANT!!!! Mom and Dad are trying to stop the "polka dotted lawn" syndrome, and got me this thinking I'll pee ONLY on it. HAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!! It's pretty cool, but I still have my usual yard map to leave my pee mails.

NOW hopefully mom won't kill it all!!!

Happy Hump Day everyone!