Saturday, October 31, 2009

This post is NOT for the squeamish (and DON'T say we didn't warn you!!!)

BOOO! Happy Halloween everyone!!! We think you'll find this post to be very apropos for the big holiday today!

Yesterday, Mom and Dad gave me my super ultra special present that they picked out at Jungle Jim's!

A while back, Apollo's mom had mentioned that she was going to be ordering some chicken feet for Apollo...(which we thought was WEEEEIRD!) so mom started looking into it more. Turns out...chicken feet are a GREAT snack for dogs because they're cartilage (not splintery bone)! Click HERE and HERE if you want to read a bit about this.

Dad opened the package and picked out a nice juicy FOOT for me to try!
MMMMMM chickeny goodness!

I wasn't sure about this, since I'd never had anything of this texture before...

But then I figured out that it was YUMMY...

and CHEWY!


Mom kept making rude comments about how GROSS my new treat was, so I hightailed it out of the kitchen where I could enjoy my foot in PEACE!
What exactly does she think dogs ate for centuries before they invented Eukanuba or Royal Canin? Sheesh!!!!

Here's a cool video of me going to town on the FOOT! Ignore mom's color commentary.

Mom says she's going to let me gnaw on one tonight during trick or treating! She figured that might give the 'hood kids something to freak out about!

Happy Halloweenie everyone!!!! Check back tomorrow for COSTUME PICS!!!!

Friday, October 30, 2009

The peeps' trip and a MAJOR AWARD!!!

Hi everyone! I spent the last 2 days at Little Rascals Pet Motel soaking up all of Lloyd and Gail's attention. The peeps went off on some kind of "adventure" doing crazy stuff like THIS...
HOLY CRAP! The peeps are FLYING! Look at Holden way up high!

I always KNEW they were crazy! Look at them all amped up on adreneline after ZipLining all afternoon!

They drove over to Logan, Ohio and visited Hocking Hills Canopy Tours! As you can see...they had a LOT of fun!

Holden stayed with his Dad (Doug) in Logan and then mom and dad went down to Cincinnati and went to Ikea and Jungle Jim's Market (which mom has declared the COOLEST place EVER!). Check out some of the crazy foodables they had there....
WHOLE pig head (OMG!)

Rattlesnake! (A little pricey...this whole snake was $115!)


They also had a KILLER pet department...
An adjustable "sleep number" type bed which OF COURSE featured a PUG on the box!!!!

Mom thought this was GENIUS...
Stuffies with NO STUFFING!!!! No more pulling looooong pieces of cotton out of PugButts!!!

Mom and dad picked me out a few special presents, which we'll blog about tomorrow!!!

When Mom picked me up at Little Rascals this morning......they informed her that I had WON A PRIZE!!!!! (A PRIZE????? FOR ME????)

Lloyd and Gail told me that I was "Little Rascal's Pet Motel PET OF THE YEAR for 2009!"
This is HUGE!!! Lloyd and Gail gave me a FREE bath/nail trim/butt squeeze along with this BIG PUG statue trophy!

Thank you SO MUCH Lloyd and Gail! I am HONORED to be your Pet of the Year and will wear the title with great honor!
Be sure to check out Little Rascals if you haven't ROCKS!

Stay tuned to see what my present was! It will be VERY appropriate for tomorrow (Halloweenie!!!)

Happy FRIDAY everyone!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I don't like the looks of this...

Oh no. This doesn't look good....

Holden packed this bag and left it by the back door before he went to bed.

Mom and dad are packing a bag on wheels and mom is packing up a bag with all my favorite toys and some new chewies.

I don't like this ONE BIT!

(**Mom's note** FALL BREAK! WHOOHOO! We'll report back in a few days! Take care everyone!)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Frito feet

Yep...I said it...FRITO FEET! Most of you are probably aware of it and have always wondered WHY. (yeah and don't even act like you don't know what I'm talking about...grab the nearest paw and take a good whiff).

We all have our theories. Here's ONE theory (CLICK HERE)

Holden has had his own theory for quite some time and even posed his question to Da Bugg Gooroo! (CLICK HERE for HOLDEN'S theory).

Turns out that Holden was RIGHT and now my/our cover is blown! I really should have listened more carefully for the garage door and return of the peeps!

Monday, October 26, 2009

War games

Good morning troops! This is General Salinger T. Pug reporting from the upstairs of our residence with Corporal Holden and I conducting heavy surveillance and evaluating our target (Will)

At 1200 hours, Mom gave the all clear to FIRE!!!!
"Ahhh...I love the smell of Nerf darts in the morning" (well, technically it was noon).

I jumped up to make sure Will didn't require medical attention from the Nerf attack

He was fine, so I decided to hold him prisoner and make him play tug with a ball with me!

Meanwhile, Holden kept threatening to attack if Will didn't get up!

I barked at Holden and told him that I had secured the prisoner and he was going NO WHERE for the moment. Mom and I commanded him to go clean his room while I roughed up my ball and prisoner!

What did all of YOU do this weekend?

Happy Monday!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sort of Sporty Sunday (say THAT three times fast!)

Hi everyone and GO COLTS!!!!

Did we fool you into thinking that mom and I are really into this??? The truth is that I HAAAAATE that Colts jersey and won't move in it and Mom really doesn't understand football, so she's in the kitchen making pumpkin related goodies!

Sporty or not...we hope you have a great Sunday too!

Friday, October 23, 2009


Hi everyone! Mom laughed when she read an entry from our buddies Oakley and Swisher titled "That's Ridiculous" and decided that she was going to swipe the award and tell on herself.

Ok, FIRST off...DAD was the one that pointed out that our little cold morning ritual is "ridiculous". Personally...I find it comforting and very kind of mom to take such care to insure my comfort.
Do you see me watching mom make my scrambled eggy????
Notice how my feet and bum stay nice and toasty on the BLANKET instead of the cold floor.

Ahhhh...nice warm eggy and kibble all while I have nice warm toasty feet!

Mom figured out that the blanket was a necessity for me after I would sit on the carpet in the living room and CRY while looking longingly at my dish. She figures that plopping a blanket down is just another way to keep me comfortable and "pampered" (remember...I'm NOT spoiled...the difference is that I APPRECIATE what she does!)
What a lovely breakfast!!!

So THANKS MOM and just know that I love the RIDICULOUS (or RIDONKULOUS as dad says!)things you do for me!

Happy Friday everyone!!!!
Make your hoomans do something ridiculous for YOU this weekend!!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pug healing powers and a PSA for all doggies out there.

Hi everyone!
Part of my MIA week last week was spent taking care of my Daddy...he was SICK! He didn't have the Oink Oink Flu or anything...just a nasty cold (that mom refuses to catch!). He stayed in the big cloud bed for TWO DAYS! It was WONDERFUL!
That big lump behind me is Daddy!

I stayed right next to him the whole time!

Mom decided to enhance my PugHealing powers with some homemade chicken soup...
Once the schmaltz was skimmed was VERY yummy!

Here is me waiting for my sample before it went up to Mr. Hacky McMucus


Daddy is doing just fine and is all better now...but we also wanted to share something else with all of you in case you weren't aware of it...

CANINE INFLUENZA! (CLICK HERE to read all about it)
My awesome Vet, Dr. Graves, told mom about this and recommended that I get vaccinated against this yucky disease. I got my first shot a few weeks ago and I get a booster on 11/2. It didn't hurt at all and it was only $20!!!!
Thank you Dr. Graves!!!!
We recommend that EVERYDOGGIE check with your vet to see if this might be something for YOU!

Happy and HEALTHY Thursday to all of you!!!

PeeS. We especially want to send out some "feel better" wishes to our sweet friend Lilo. She's been feeling yucky for a few days now and we hope it goes away asap!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pugsitting for Maggie

Sorry we haven't blogged in almost a whole WEEK! Mom has just been busy with work and a few other things that keep her from sitting down and focusing on what's most important (me). We've been PUGSITTING for the last few days and we have my friend Maggie here. Here is a cute (according to mom) pic of Holden and his BFF Seth (on the left) with their darling puggies in their laps.
Mom thinks it's funny/weird that Holden and Seth are best buddies AND they both have fawn pugs. (Do you hear the Twilight Zone music playing???)

I like Maggie and everything, but I'm just not sure about how I feel about sharing my space with anypug.
Here are some examples of this foolishness...

1. She totally tried to take over my favorite blanket in mom's study...
"Hey...move it along sister!!!"

2. She plays with my toys...
" about ASKING first???"

3. She TRIED to go down the stairs ahead of me...but I put the kibosh on THAT!
"I don't THINK so!"

4. She even tried to "out-cute" me while posing for pics!!!
Mom told us to "look distinguished". ( IF I know how to look anything but!)

So I finally gave up and just asked....
"OK you want to play?????"

Notice she STILL didn't get down the stairs before ME! HAHAHAHA!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Play date with Maggie

Hi everyone! You remember my friend Maggie, right??? We went for a nice long walk together last week and then we got to PLAY!

We walked past a farm on our walk and LOOK what we saw!!! MOOOOOOOOOO!
I thought they were big dogs but mom told me they were big walking STEAKS! MMMMM!

Maggie and I had fun playing back at her house after our walk!
"Pssssssst...Hey Maggie! Let's run around and act NUTS!"

After walking THREE miles, you'd think we'd be exhausted, but just energized us!

(Ignore mom and Dyan chatting about how they make chicken pot pie!)

Mom says if she could figure out how to bottle Puggy energy, she'd be a bajillionaire!!!!

Happy Thursday everyone!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Hoo got all "inspired" by Gen and Foo's mom and Pugs and Bugg's mom (last year) with their cool carved pumpkin/pugkins. Mom has this weird "thing" for tiny pumpkins, so she decided to DRAW a Pug onto the pumpkin....
"What the....?"

Now, keep in mind that mom can't even draw STICK PEOPLE correctly, and this was clearly done as a result of being hopped up on regular leaded coffee (instead of her usual decaf)
"Mom...seriously....a SHARPIE and a piece of pink cake fondant???"

I don't know what she was thinking either....
I should check into some remedial art classes for mom so she can draw me something that resembles ANYTHING.

No wonder she sucks at Pictionary!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, October 12, 2009

White Schmackle fun with Mimi

After our wet hike (and mom recovering from the five heart attacks she had watching me chase the squirrel), we stopped off to pick up some SLIDERS from White Castle (a.k.a. White Schmackle). Mom was making "White Trash Stuffing" to go with pork chops for dinner (sautee onions, celery and mushrooms...then add some chopped up sliders and a bit of chicken stock). I attacked Mimi in the back seat trying to get at the goods!

The stupid lady at the drive thru saw me (I was sitting on mom's lap in the car) and said that I was "so ugly that I was cute" UMMMMMMMMMM EXCUUUUUSE ME???????? She was no prize herself so we aren't sure where she got off saying that. She even had the cajones to give me a crappy, substandard "Ol' Roy" dog biscuit (which mom threw away because she read that they're made in China from roadkill, lead paint, melamine, salmonella and whatever else caused them to be recalled a while back).
ANYWAY...where were we after the mean/ugly/probably meth addicted lady insulted and tried to poison me?

Oh yes....SLIDERS!!! Since I was such a good sport and went hiking in the rain and mud, mom told Mimi that I could have a slider...
Mimi broke it up into tiny pieces for me


Mimi finally quit breaking off pieces and just held it out for me to take little bites. I was very careful and didn't bite her fingers...

Mimi even let me lick the empty box when I was finished!

Notice the proper positioning for this task....back arched and PugButt up FAAAR into the air. This allows for maximum face force on cardboard which allows for more flavor to be absorbed.

Mmmm...Sliders are yummy!!!! I highly recommend that you have your people pick you up some today!