Monday, June 30, 2008

Oh no...Brother is hurt!

My brother Holden has a fractured thumb! OH NOOOOOOOOO! He was playing soccer and got hit with the ball on Thursday and by Friday, his thumb was all purple and gross so mom took him to the MedCheck (Doc in the Box) and they told him he was fine. SURPRISE.......they called this morning and apparently the Radiologist found a small fracture right near the growth plate, so they had to run him down there for a splint and his xray films!

Holden will go to see an Orthopedic doctor tomorrow to see what they're going to do next. Mommy doesn't have a good feeling about his golf league or football camp that both start Monday.

Maybe kisses will help!

Is it better yet????

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Mommy is a big sap!

Mommy finished reading this book today...
It's "Marley and Me" by John Grogan

When she was done, she'd used about twelve boxes of Kleenex and was a big ol blubbering HOT MESS! NOW she won't leave me alone and keeps HUGGING me and just mauling me in general.


I got a break when she made dinner tonight. She picked some of the lettuce that Holden has been growing in his garden and it was SO delicious!


Oh she comes again..............I gotta go!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Mimi and Great Grandpa's visit

Hi fellow Pugs, other canines and their distinguished people!

I had the most wonderful time visiting with "Mimi" and Great Grandpa the last few days! Mimi is my grandma (Mommy's mom) but we call her "Mimi" because when Holden was a baby, he couldn't say "Grandma", so the name "Mimi" has stuck for her (I think she likes it better than Grandma anyway). She lives in Arizona, and it's always fun when we get to see her! She flew to Detroit to visit HER dad (Great Grandpa) and then they drove down here to see ME for a few days!

I got SO much attention and I loved snuggling up on Mimi's lap. She won't kiss me though...she says it's "yucky". Instead she holds her hands on my face and then kisses around them so I won't lick her. She's TOTALLY missing out!!!

It was Mimi's birthday on June 10th, so we celebrated with a BIG birthday cake and some presents! One of the presents was from ME! Mimi likes M&Ms, so I picked out a bunch of different kinds for her. I think she liked my present the best!
OOOOOOHHHHHH I wish I could eat these!!!! Mom said "NOT FOR PUGGIES!" Bummer!

I also helped Mimi open her other presents. She got a cool outfit to wear when she plays Pickleball (a sport they play in Arizona). Mommy thought it was cool that she picked out a GREEN outfit to go with PICKLEBALL!!!! (get it....PICKLE?) HAHAHA!
I'm a good present opener helper! OH...HI HOLDEN! Didn't see you hiding there!

I really like Mimi's lap. I spent a LOT of time there and I could tell she was TOTALLY digging it! Mommy keeps telling her that she and Pa (my grandpa) need to get a Pug too, but she just laughs and says "JUST what we need!"
EVERY lap is better with a PUG!

So after Mimi's birthday party, I tried to sit on Great Grandpa's lap, but he wasn't too happy about that. He thinks dogs only belong on farms (WHAAAAT?) and keeps laughing at all the smart stuff I can do! I can tell he adores me too, but he'll never admit it!
Here's Great Grandpa and me with Mommy

The next day, the humans all left for a while and went to a little garden store that sold a lot of overpriced tchochke CRAP that they didn't buy and then they went shopping at the new mall (Hamilton Town Center) that's RIGHT near our house! They have a Qdoba there and my PugBuddy Pugsley got to eat dinner there with his family a few weeks ago! I hope my family takes me there soon!

So the people came home and then mommy made dinner (beef stew). Mimi fed me some of the frozen peas! YUMMY!
NO WAY! Are those PEAS????????


So after my snack of frozen peas, I sprawled out on my purple monkey pillow so Mimi and Mommy could rub my tummy. I stayed that way for about 15 minutes and just relaxed while they gave me good tummy rubs.
Tummy rub
Oh wow....TAG TEAM Tummy rubs!!!!!!

Tummy rub 2
I'm SOOOOOOOOOOO relaxed!!!!!!!!!!!

So in the middle of my massage, my silly brother Holden came bursting into the living room doing an impression of a character from "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends" (on Cartoon Network) and he had UNDERWEAR on his head! He is SO goofy! Mommy said she wouldn't be surprised if he wound up as a cast member on Saturday Night Live one day!
Look at this fool!!!!!!

After dinner we were sitting around the table and I was telling Daddy all about my day. Mommy took this picture of us and then we all laughed because we're TWINS and have the same expression on our faces! Daddy even has buggy eyes like I do!
He snores like me too!!!!!

The next morning I got up and saw something terrible.......LUGGAGE by the door! Oh NO! That only means one thing...someone is leaving!
Waaaaaaait a minute........I don't like the looks of this.......

Mimi told me that she and Great Grandpa had to leave that morning and get back to Michigan so they could do other fun things up there. I hated to hear that, but we did have breakfast together. I got to sit by Great Grandpa and read the newspaper with him!
It was the 26th...the day of my heartworm/tick I had it in some Peanut Butter! Yum!

Did you enjoy your breakfast, Great Grandpa????

I got a few more minutes on Mimi's lap before she had to go...
breakfast with mimi

Then Mimi, Holden and Great Grandpa posed for one more picture with me before it was time for them to go...

I hated to see them leave, so I tried to block them on the way out!
NOPE...SORRY....You can't leave!!!!!!!!!!

Mimi and Great Grandpa had a safe trip back to Michigan and we hope Mimi has a nice rest of her trip before she goes back home to Pa in Arizona! I can't wait until October when Mimi and Pa are flying here to Indy to visit me! other important thing for today (Friday June 27)...HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOPHIE!!!!!!!!!! Today is my girlfriend's birthday!!!!!!! I wanted to get her a diamond collar and a day at the day spa, but Mommy said I can give her a kiss instead when I see her next weekend at our Pug Meetup! Pucker up Sophie! I'm gonna GETCHA!!!!!!!
This is my "alluring" face. What do you think?

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

My (not so fun) Vet Adventure

Hiiiiiiiiiii everyone! I'm feeling a bit spacey and out of sorts this evening. I went to the VET today for my annual checkup and shots.

I do love going to visit Dr. Graves and all of the nice ladies that work with him, but today wasn't as much fun as it normally is.

First, mommy got a picture of me on the table in the exam room waiting patiently.
Please mom...NOT that thermometer business again!!!!

Then I posed with one of my favorite Vet ladies...Lisa! She was so gentle when she drew my blood and did other testing type things to my bum.
This is me smiling because Lisa took care of me today!

Then I got to see Dr. Graves! He is so nice and whispers secrets to me! He even told mommy that I was the "prettiest Pug in the practice!" She agrees, but she's a bit biased! Dr. Graves did my shots quickly and I didn't fuss too much.
I'm saying "THAAAAAAAAAANK YOU Dr. Graves!"

On the way out, mommy got a picture of the cool fishtank in the waiting room. I didn't have to wait at all today, so I didn't get a chance to watch the fishies, but maybe next time.
Hmmmm....does Dr. Graves have any fish patients???????

So we left and mommy started to drive the car out of the parking lot, and that's when I started to throw up! ALLLLLLLLL over the front of the car! It wasn't just normal Pug was like BRIGHT YELLOW egg yolky puke!!!!!! I had a weird look and didn't seem like myself, so mommy actually went up on the curb with the car and almost hit a guy trying to whip the car around to go back to the vet!

Lisa saw Mommy bring me in and she took me right away and told Dr. Graves that I was having a reaction to one of the shots. They fixed me up and gave me a shot of something and also an IV of something else to help with the reaction and after a while, Lisa said I should be fine. I felt FUNNNNNNNNNY!!!!!!!
UGH!!!! I don't FEEEEEEEEEEL good mommy!

STOP with the camera already and just get me HOOOOOOOOME!

Mommy brought me home and sat with me on the floor for a while and then she put out a pain pill for me with some peanut butter. I just wanted to stand in the kitchen and stare at all the pretty shapes floating by! Check out the bandage on my leg. Have you ever seen anything so pathetic in your LIFE?
I was so out of it...I even tried to wear one of Mommy's old shoes on my other foot!

Later tonight, mommy and Holden did some yardwork and I helped and now I'm getting ready for bed and running around the house with my "night crazies". I think mommy understands that I need to blow off some steam after the day I've had!!!!!!!

Tomorrow, while Holden is at his golf lesson, Mommy is going to walk with me and then she's taking me to the self service dog wash for a VERY scrubby bath! I don't smell very good after the Exorcist episode in the car today!

Mommy wants to give a "shout out" and thank EVERYONE at Bridgeview Animal Hospital that helped take care of me today! I am so lucky that I have the best Vet's office in the world and they take such good care of me! They really do understand how important I am to my family and it really shows through with the great care and service they provide! We love them!!!!!

Good night! I'm getting sleeeeeeeeeepy again! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The humans have gone HOUSE crazy!

Mommy and daddy have been working very hard getting our house "de-ghettoed" for Mimi's visit this week! Mimi is my grandma (Mommy's mom) and she is bringing Great Grandpa down to visit us. We are very excited, but have also been working very hard to get the house looking nice. Here are some examples of OUR handiwork (I say OUR because as the Pug, I play the most important role of moral support and comic relief).

FIRST...daddy put up these cool shelves in the garage to store all of our holiday crap. He said bad words about mommys Christmas stuff, but she used bad words back at HIM and said she's not getting rid of any of it. HAHA!

I'm dreaming of a puggy Christmas!!!!!!!!!

There is MORE Christmas crap in these boxes too!

Daddy bought this cool sign in San Fransisco. I tried to get them to put it on the front door, but they thought it looked better here in the garage.
Don't mess with the PUG!

Yesterday, Mommy and daddy stained the deck! I wasn't allowed outside at all and that made me all growly and whiney. I watched from the doorwall and then showed them where to put all the furniture this morning when it was dry.
OK...looks good!

OH...remember that cool deck planter box that mommy made? WELL...daddy filled it with dirt and mommy planted her basil in it and then they figured out that it was a BAD idea because I can GET IN IT and DIG DIG DIG!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAA! Mommy said she's going to buy some of that cute wood picket fencing to keep me out, but until she does that, daddy jeri-rigged up some wood and old wire fencing to keep me out. Bummer....I wanted to eat that basil!
WTF? How am I supposed to eat the basil now????

I also like to eat tomatoes, but these aren't ripe yet. I'm sure I'll get one when they turn red!
Mommy...these tomatoes with that basil would make a FABULOUS Caprese Salad!

Daddy also had to jeri-rig up some fencing for my brother's garden! I love to eat everything in there too! Holden has a very green thumb...he's growing romaine, spinach, mesculin and sweet corn! YUMMY!!!!!!
Can't they see that I'm STAAAAAARVING? Lemme at the food!!!!!!!!!

So now that the outside is looking less ghetto (haha)...Mommy is working on the INSIDE today and tomorrow. The biggest problem is keeping all of my toys put away. I don't know why she's all crabby and yelly about them....SHE'S the one that keep buying them for me!
This is my first load of the living room.

This is my second basket of toys, in mommy's office

This is my other basket of toys, upstairs. HEY...I've been looking for that one!

So that's my report on the house and the crazy humans. Mommy tells me that I get to go see the vet tomorrow for my "annual visit" and I don't like how that sounds. I have a feeling I'm going to be reporting again tomorrow after it's over.

Happy Sunday everyone!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Look what I can do!

I have a new trick! probably isn't a trick, but mommy and daddy are all excited about it and keep telling me "good boy!" when I do it, so it FEELS like a trick!

I started lifting my leg up on stuff when I pee!!!

Now...this probably isn't a big deal to most of you, but ever since I was a baby, I squat and pee like a girl. Mommy wondered if nature would take over and it DID! Now when we're out walking, I have a few favorite light posts, fire hydrants, mailboxes and fence posts where I like to leave pee-mail!

Daddy says I have really good form...almost like a Russian gymnast! Check it out...

Photobucket, I don't think this spot will do at all....let's keep looking....

Ahhhhhhhhh....YES.....a lightpost! I'll leave some pee-mail for my friends....

Just LOOK at that reach! Dominic Hasek (he's a washed up NHL goalie) should be so lucky to do splits as effortless as me!

So that's my exciting news for this morning. Probably not news to anyone really, but mommy and daddy are very easily amused and entertained.

Today we're going to be doing all kinds of work outside! Mommy and daddy are going to clear off the deck so they can stain it and then they're going to repaint the trim on the front of the house so everything will look nice when Mimi (my GRANDMA!) comes to visit! She's flying to Michigan from Arizona today and then driving down on Tuesday with Great Grandpa so they can come visit me! I'm going to give them BOTH lots of kisses (which I know they'll LOVE! :-)

Happy Saturday everyone!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Look what we built!

I helped mommy build a PLANTER BOX for the deck this afternoon! Who knew she was so handy!?!?

Mommy has a big scrape on her leg and is bleeding in three places, but it's DONE and it didn't cost $150 like the jacklegs that built our deck wanted to charge us!

Now we just have to fill it with dirt and try and find some basil plants to put in it!!!

I think we're both getting a shower, we're gross and yucky!

Daddy is going to be SO surprised! He gets back from his business trip in Atlanta tonight! I hope he likes it!

Monday, June 16, 2008

The crap is GONE and I'm tired!

It's taken me a few days to recover from the big CRAP sale and all the excitement that went with it, but I'm ready to tell you allllllllll about it now!

First...Saturday morning we were all up early and got everything set out for the big crap (er...I mean garage) sale. I helped Daddy with product placement
Bring the scooter out here, Daddy!!!!

It was nice and cool out in the morning, so I stood outside looking extra cute in my Colts bandana.
BIG only! Get all the crap you want right here!!!!!

A few people came by and bought things, but then it started to get warm outside. Mommy brought out my purple monkey pillow and a butcher bone so I could laze on the cool floor and check everything out.
Maaaaaan...selling crap is hard work!

I was just starting to take a nap when Nancy (my first human mommy...she's my Pug Mom Gertie's mommy and also mommy to my Pug Brother Bert) came to see what kind of crap we had for sale! I remembered her and how she took such good care of me when I was a tiny baby, so I gave her lots of kisses!

Mommy had to take her next door to see the cute baby Basset Hound named Beau that is next door! He's SO little, and he has the saddest face! This is me with Beau and my first human sister Gracie!
Doesn't Beau look exactly like the Hush Puppy dog on the shoes???

We came back to find my brother Holden on the lawn demonstrating what a great deal the innertube was ($5....but let's deal!!!!)
Salesman of the decade!!!!!!!!!

SO....I was just settling down for my nap that I didn't get to before, when my buddy PUGSLEY (from the birthday party) came by with his mom and brother!!!!!
Pugsley looks like he's FLYING!

We hung out for a while and ran around in the backyard and made ourselves totally snorty and exhausted. We drank about a gallon of ice water and then did some goodbye kisses.

THEN I finally got my my favorite place......mommy's arms!!!

So in between all this fun, we really did sell a bunch of our crap that we didn't need anymore. There was some stuff left that we took to Goodwill yesterday, but not too much. Daddy said he was just as happy to have a nice receipt for tax deductions. He thinks that I should be a tax deduction too, but he's probably have to go to a place called "The Pokey" if he tried that!