Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pug on Druuuuugs!!!!

Duuuuude! So I've had this little spot on my paw that mom noticed a few days ago that I've been licking and chewing. Mom has been watching it (she thought it was just a nick from the rosebushes outside) but this morning it looked like THIS!!!

HOLY CRAP! Mom and Dad flipped out, called Dr. Graves and they told us to come right in....

(No...this isn't actually them, but the faces were captured perfectly).

Dr. Graves looked at my paw and said he "Didn't like the look of it" and said he wanted to remove the cysty thing. He said it could be a mast cell tumor, OR it could be a benign histo-blahblahblah and we should get lab results back in a few days. Here I am ALL DONE and feeling NO PAIN!

Niiiice Dr. Graves gave me a shot for pain and this pretty green bandage. Now I'm seeing pretty colors!

Here I am at home enjoying the effects of the drugs, man!!!

Does anyone else have the munchies?????

Mom promises to keep everyone posted with my lab results, but Doc says I'm going to be JUST FINE and said he cut out the entire "iffy" looking spot.

Happy Saturday everyone! Turn up the Pink Floyd, man!!!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

A special THANK YOU and GOTCHA DAY post

Hi everyone! First off...would anyone believe us if we told you were were abducted by aliens for the last 10 days? (which is exactly how long it's been since we blogged about anything?)????

NO? We didn't think you'd buy it!

Well, we're back today with another one of our very special THANK YOU shout outs for another very kind donation that was made to the March In The Pugs raffle last month!

Meet Krista (the human) and her furkid JEZZY!

Mom and Krista have been friends since MIDDLE SCHOOL and she lives in Florida now, but heard that KPR needed some stuff to raffle to help raise money for our Puggy friends, so Jezzy and her peeps sent THESE!

WOW! SO COOL! Jezzy (and Krista) totally understood the situation because Jezzy is a recycled doggie too! Thanks guys! We noticed the ticket bag for these gift cards were FULL (which means a LOT of tickets were sold!)

Here is cute Jezzy with her daddy...

She is dressed in her patriotic best because her daddy is one of the brave people that protect our country! He is very far away right now and we understand that Jezzy misses him. THANK YOU for all that you do Jezzy's daddy!!!!

NOW...this is where the superspecial part comes in....THIS is Jezzy's brother, Gavin!

Today is Gavin's GOTCHA DAY!!!! Krista explained that while it's very important to rescue 4 leggers that need homes, there are also a LOT of 2 LEGGERS that need good homes too! SO ten years ago today, a nice judge in the Ukraine made 4/28 Gavin's GOTCHA DAY!!! Happy GOTCHA Day, Gavin Buddy!

Thanks so much guys! You ROCK!

Today is ALSO My Uncle Scotty Honey's birthday!!!

He's the one that gave me my nickname of "S-Dog!"
Be sure to check out the BIRTHDAY POST we did for him last year!!!

We PROMISE to be better about blogging (yeah, yeah, yeah....). Things should slow down a bit this weekend for us so we promise to catch up on all of your bloggies and say HI and see what you guys have all been up to. Mom has a crap-ton of new pics and material, she just needs to DO IT!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Birthday Wrap (?) Up

WRAP up? I don't know why I should refer to it as a WRAP up because Mom didn't even WRAP my presents this year!!!! She just GAVE them to me like this....

WTF is this??? WHERE is the pink sparkley wrapping paper and rainbow ribbon bows???? PFFFFFT!

I did get to go with mom and dad on a car ride, and I did get my THAT was good....


I also got my very own CAKE! this a banana peanut butter FIRE cake????

I got to lick the peanut butter cream cheese frosting off the candles all by myself!

Mmmm...waxy goodness!

First taste.....


This is just EYE BUGGING good!!!!!

***MOM'S NOTE*** before everyone gets their panties in a wad and starts in about the "chocolate" chip border.....RELAX...they were CAROB CHIPS!

Forget this FORK jackassery....LET ME AT IT!!!!!!

Thanks so much for the birthday wishes everyone! I had a blast reading them all with mom!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Puggy birthday to MEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

Hi everyone! I am FOUR years old today!!!! Mom, Dad, Holden and Holden's buddy Kain took me to ICE CREAM PLUS last night for a special birthday treat!!!!

OMG....the line is SOOOO long! I'm going to be FIVE by the time I get my ice cream!


I'm an ice cream purist and really appreciate the delicate bouquet and flavor notes of just plain vanilla!

Ok, screw the spoon....LET ME AT IT!

Almost to the bottom.....I need to get some better leverage on this bad boy.....

Mom says I get a McCheesyBurger, my peanut butter banana birthday cake and presents later today, so stay tuned for more pics!

In the meantime....I want to thank my Sunflower Sista WILMA for her sweet and hilarious birthday post for me today!

Special birthday shoutouts also go to my Norwegian PuggyPal BAJAS!

Happy birthday, Dude! You're NINE today!

Also....happy HATCH day to sweet Archie and Melissa's parrolet, GILBERT!

I leave you today with the annual showing of Mom's FAAAAAAAVORITE picture of me when I was ONE DAY OLD kissing my PugMom, Gertie...

(say it together...) "AAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW"
Happy happy birthday to my littermates: Bert, Diggy, Dudley, Betty and Tibbi!

Happy Friday everyone!!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tuesday in the tulips!

Mom gets all squealy when her tulips open...

She was so busy yammering about her tulips that she couldn't even wipe the eye boogers out of my eye!

Me? I like to pee on them! YEAH!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Flipped over Friday!

I have just three words to say today.....


Happy Friday everyone!!!!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Thank you Chicas Libelulas!!!!

We have another very important thank you to share with everyone....CHICAS LIBELULAS and their fabulously beautiful mommy Marcella! The girls sent a care package FULL of awesome giftys for the KPR raffle that was held during March In the Pugs last month.

Here are the girls...Spongy and Licky!

Mamma Marcella makes the COOLEST stuff (you can CLICK HERE to see her shop!) and was kind enough to donate a package full of her awesome hair bows and headbands and handmade cards like this one....

Here are the girls modeling some of Marcella's hairbows!

Pout for the camera, Licky!!!

Work it, Spongy!

If Spongy looks like she knows how to work the'd be RIGHT! Some of you may know that while Spongy looks all sweet and innocent, at night...she becomes Puggy Stripper "DULCE"!

(Pretend that really obnoxious techno music is playing right now)

WHOOHOOO!!!! Even though I (Salinger) am into dudes....Countess Spongeta Dulce is VERY talented....deeply and importantly I had mom shake me up a Pugtini so I could take in a show!

Look, S-Dog has MILLLLLK BONES and SINGLES!!!!!!

Ok, seriously...if you haven't visited Spongy and Licky....PLEASE click here to go say HI and give them props for sending such a great care package to KPR to help the puggies that aren't as lucky as all of us!

All right....back to the show!!!!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Starving on Saturday

Daddy and I slept in this morning...and tried to give mom the big hint that we wanted breakfast in bed...

But she missed the clue-bus. We had to haul ourselves ALL THE WAY DOWNSTAIRS for scrambley eggies. Can you believe this crap?

Happy Saturday everyone!

Friday, April 1, 2011

A still life....

Check me out....we call this "A STUDY OF WRINKLES"!

Back to is jet lagged and will resume normal blogging soon!