Friday, July 31, 2009

Da Bugg Gooroo will tell your fortune!!!

Salinger is taking a break from playing with our weekend houseguests, Sophie and Dixie Bugg. We will have a LOT to blog about (stay tuned) but we wanted to kick off the weekend with a VERY exciting installment of Da Bugg Gooroo Fortune Teller!!!!
Dixie says: "I, Da Bugg Gooroo will anser da qweshtins about da footure! Comment heer wiff yoor qweshtins an I weel gaaaze inna ma cristel ball an tell da troof about yoor destiny".

You heard the lady....submit away!

Happy Friday everyone!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Heinous crime!!

Ok, everyone drop everything........a heinous crime has been committed in my living room and your help is needed!!!!!!
It appears that my Pig friend has been DECAPITATED!!!

WHO could have done this???

It wasn't ME! I have an alibi......I spent most of the evening helping mom finish up the cottage cheese so I didn't see ANYTHING!

Mom has secured the area until she can dust for finger/paw prints and get the authorities involved.

If ANYONE knows ANYTHING about this terrible act, please leave us a comment. This perp must be STOPPED before he/she heads to a toy/stuffie basket near YOU!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Meerkat and Pug...related???

Check this out! Mom and Holden went to the zoo yesterday and took this picture of a Meerkat....

then later she took this pic of ME.......


While you're wrapping your head around the Pug/Meerkat thing...please enjoy these NON PUG photos from the zoo yesterday.

Holden petting a shark


Self portrait...with giraffes.

Holden LOVES this Scottish Highland Cow! He always has to stop and say HI whenever we go to the zoo.

Finally...this last picture is for Vikki and Kelly J...........

Happy Tuesday everyone!!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Busy Sunday

Yesterday (Sunday) was supposed to be my day of resting and relaxing all day...but mom and Holden had OTHER ideas!

The day started off with me snoozing in the big cloud bed

Then mom came in and WOKE ME UP!

She and Holden took me to Petco to say HI to my buddies Gus and Eli (from the Pug Posse) and a new friend Max!
I got a kiss from Eli!

Mom had to get me more of my conditioner at Petco and Holden got me a HUGE bag of goodies from the treat bar! LOOK at this!!!!
Mom wasn't watching as Holden loaded up the bag...ooops!

I also needed a new toothbrush, so we went to Pet Supplies Plus AND PetSmart. I was TIRED after all that shopping! It was waaay past our lunch time so mom stopped and got us something fabulous...
Photobucket very own McCheesy Burger!!!!!

We had a little picnic at the park and ate our lunch in the sun!

Hope everyone else out there had a nice Sunday too!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hot Dog Festival!

Hi everyone!
Friday night, Mom, Dad, Holden and I went to the HOT DOG FESTIVAL in Frankfort, IN (hahaha...get it?...FRANKFORT!?). It was about an hour away from where we live, but we thought it might be fun and different. We saw LOTS of THESE guys there....
but I was the ONLY Pug in sight!

Here I am in the grass waiting for my dinner!

MMMMMM!!!! Look what I got!!!!!!!!!! YUM!

I ate my hot dog in like 2.5 seconds flat...then I snarfed up all the crumbs of kettle corn and other junk under the table while daddy and Holden were eating!
Mom says hot dogs are "vile" so she ate kettle corn instead.

After dinner, we sat and listened to some of the locals sing karaoke. It was pretty funny!
I kept waiting for another hot dog...but I just got smother hugged instead!!!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

R.I.P. Gidget the Taco Bell Dog

I'm sure by now you've all heard the news that Gidget the Taco Bell Chiahuahua has passed away.

Here I am with my Gidget stuffie paying my respects....

Just in case you've is some of Gidget's finest work....

(SNIFF!) I need a moment........

I think to help with my should zip down to the new Taco Bell down the street and fetch me a nice Crunchwrap Supreme!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Back to our normal programming....

Sorry for our silence the last few days...Mom went to Michigan and since I lack opposable thumbs, I am unable to blog without her, BUT she is back and I don't mind telling you that I am MORE than a little perturbed at what went down...

Mom went to go see Great Grandpa. Lucky!!! Even though he thinks dogs ONLY belong on farms (WHAAAAAAT?) I think he secretly digs me!
Mimi (Mom's mom) flew in from AZ it was like a big party!

All this while I was sitting HOME...on my pillow...waiting for daddy to come home and feed me.

To make matters WORSE....Great Grandpa lives with Aunt Candy and Uncle Bill (Mimi's sister and bro in law) and they live RIGHT ON LAKE HURON!
Mom got her feet in the sand......

While I was HOME......on my pillow......

Here's another nice shot of mom....chillaxin' on Aunt Candy and Uncle Bill's deck...drinking her coffee and listening to waves

While I was HOME.....and (you guessed it!) ON MY PILLOW........

SO unfair!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

That's BULL!!!

Ok, so mom bought me these things called "Bully Sticks" after hearing about them from a few of our other doggie friends and our blogger buddies Sunshine and Mud Puddles.

For those of you that don't know what a Bully Stick may NOT want to know......but if you're brave...CLICK HERE for an explanation.

Mom thought this would be a nice treat for me, so she got a package of them and gave me one this morning (figuring that it would last me all day!)


These are the only pics that mom got because I ATE THE WHOLE THING in about 5 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!

Mom said she kind of expected that I would like it (I don't know WHY she would think that! ;-) but she had no idea that it was even possible to eat it that fast like I did.

I didn't even throw just gave me bad gas...and THAT'S no bull!!!!!

Tag, we're it!!!!

We were tagged by Winston and Clementine to open one of our pet pic folders and post a pic we haven't used before and tell a story about it.

I have shared this story a few years ago with a few via email........but here it is for anyone that may have missed it, or just wants to laugh again.......Clearly I was NOT having a good day!!!

ONE question is weighing heavy on my mind right now. Maybe some of you can help me out with an answer. WHY DO WE HAVE 9,000 DIFFERENT ALLEN WRENCHES IN OUR TOOLBOX??????????

Good god Gertie....I'm trying to find a little screwdriver to open up some little battery part of one of Holden's toys and I was rummaging in the toolbox wondering what kind of Karma I was working off to the Ikea Gods that would make them FILL the toolbox with so many farkakte allen wrenches. WHY WHY WHY do we have these? I am CERTAIN that I personally did not deposit ANY of them into the that leaves hubby..........hmmmm.

Kevin is in Denver and not available for comment. I'm going to just let this one go because I already used my monthly girly yelling ration last week when I ripped him a new one for keeping our music files in some cryptic folder that I couldn't figure out (just put it all under MUSIC so a normal person can find it!). He actually moved it all for me (so now it's under MUSIC) and I can reload my MP3 player and go for a run without wanting to stab people. I think he really thought it was a good idea to keep the mp3s in some weird drive I didn't even know we had (J? K? Some weird middle of the alphabet letter) THEN under something else, and fifty other clicks that made no sense. I guess it's that whole Male/Female/Mars/Venus deal again. Whatever.........

Ok...back to the kvetching at hand.......the allen wrenches. What do I do with them? Just throw them out? Is there some sort of organization that RECYCLES them or repurposes them? I don't think Ikea furniture comes with those little plastic postage paid envelopes (like ink cartridges do) to mail off somewhere. Does anyone out there NEED or WANT a friggin metric TON of allen wrenches??????

And while I'm being all yelly...........WHY do all kids toys have that SCREW LOCKDOWN device thing on the battery packs? I'm sure there was one moron kid out there that got into the batteries and sucked on them and probably died or something, but REALLY....did the toy manufacturers have to go so far as to require a TOOLBOX to change the batteries in a kid's toy?

OMG...wait........I have the answer (just came to me!)............The toy people need to get in cahoots with the allen wrench people and make the battery packs ACCESSIBLE BY ALLEN WRENCH (instead of one of a hundred different screwdriver sizes). Now THERE'S a good idea! See..sometimes there is a point to my otherwise pointless ranting.

Ok....I feel like I've used my powers for good tonight after figuring that out. I'm still going to go through the toolbox, pull out ALL the allen wrenches and bag that foolishness up and present it to Kevin upon his return and try and get some kind of reasoning out of him. This ought to be good.


We're passing this tag along to anyone who hasn't done it yet. Come on...find a good pic and tell us a good story!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

A typical walk in the 'hood

Hi everyone! My friends Sophie, Dixie and Harley did a cool post about "Wednesday Walkies" so we thought we'd document a walk in our 'hood too! Mom usually makes us walk with her every night after dinner whether we like it or not!!!!

Here's dad and I hoofin' it
Mom was lollygagging behind! HURRY UP LADY!!!!

FIRST off....I have to check my Pee-mail...
I love to read all the interesting messages....

A little further down the street....I have to LEAVE Pee-mail for some of my friends...

Mom and dad laugh at this goofy sign stuck in someone's yard.......
Mom said she'd give me a pig ear if I'd take a dump right then and there....but I didn't have to go. I waited until waaay later when we were just PAST the park trash can to lay cable.

Then we got to one of the little parks in the 'hood. There were no kids there tonight, so I got to go down the slide!!!

Your turn mom!

A little farther ahead, we met THIS guy......
He was a nice Puggle (Pug + Beagle) named Oscar!!! He is 2 years old, just like me!

Mom and I stopped to reflect by the lake...
We didn't see any ducks out on the water tonight. I usually yell at them.

Dad and I had to stop and look disgustedly at this house.......
Look closely...........
Mom wants to send them an anonymous "NastoGram" in the mail and tell them that Christmas lights in July is just plain flat out jackassery...but they probably won't care.


I saw a bunny in someone's yard....

Then I spotted these loves Black Eyed Susans!

Here we are back at home in our driveway....
Time for a drink!!!

Check out this cool site that mom uses to calculate how far we According to the map there...our normal route is 2.3 miles!

Happy Saturday everyone!