Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pumpkin post

Hi everyone! Want to see our pumpkins????

My brother Holden and I will introduce you to this year's pumpkin lineup!

Holden painted this guy...scary unibrow pumpkin!!!!!

Holden designed AND carved this one ALL BY HIMSELF!!!! Wow...he didn't even cut himself or anything! Good job Holden!

Here is another Holden Masterpiece!!!! I tried to eat the was made of Starbursts!!!!

This is mom's pumpkin. RAAAAATS!!!!!

This is MINE. It's my new pumpkin stuffie from my friend Mr. Claude and his daddy! He won't rot and doesn't require candles!!!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!!!!! Mom promises to share our Halloween pics tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I'm on a hunger strike!

Yep...that's right...a HUNGER STRIKE!


Want to know why????

Dad got me this cool tricked out bone shaped feeder (VERY similar to my OLD one, which ALSO had stainless bowls!) and I refuse to eat from it.

They even tried to get me to eat a Cheesy McBurger from it! NO WAY!

I've got PLENTY of fat stored I'll just wait until they bring the old bowls back!

Yep....nothing will tempt me...not chicken, cheese, eggies, cheesy mcburgers, or even fortune cookies. FORGET IT!!! I'm going to keep protesting until mom gives me back my old bowls!!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Cleaning up our act!

Hi everyone! My buddies Winston and Stubby have inspired me to help mom gather up all the old magazines and take them to the RECYCLING bin at Holden's school.

Can you BELIEVE all this crap???? There were so many old magazines stuffed into the magazine rack for the upstairs oval office that it BROKE THE RACK!!!

We took them to Holden's school to feed them to the big Abitibi box! He looked HUNGRY (and his tummy was empty!)

Speaking of hungry and empty tummies...can we stop for a McCheesyBurger on the way home? This recycling is HARD WORK!

We fed the box and mom let me hop out and help too!

Goodbye old magazines!!!

The sign on the side of the Abitibi box says they take ALL KINDS of paper (old mail, papers, magazines, newspapers, etc.) so CLICK HERE to see if there is one near you!

We have one HUGE question though.....does anyone know how to pronounced "Abitibi?"
Mom thinks it's "a BITTY bye"
Dad thinks it's "Abby Tibby"
Me? I don't give a rat's A$$...I just know it didn't involve foodables.

Happy Monday everyone!!!!

***UPDATE**** Mom googled and emailed the link to this post to the Indy Abitibi rep (nice lady named Melinda). SHE WROTE BACK and said that my blog was "too cute" and thanked us for recycling with them and also let us know that it's pronounced "Ab-a-tib-ee" (and Pearl's momma's note in the comments also gave us a helpful tool to confirm this too!)

Friday, October 22, 2010

A HUGE surprise...I'm a MUSE!

So the other day I was just lounging around in my sun puddle, minding my own beeswax, when the DOORBELL RANG! The mail truck was pulling away and there was this BIG BOX on our porch!

The return address said "Alabama" but there must be an Alabama, Italy because the sticker said "Frah-GEE-lay"! ( cracks herself up).

WHAT in the world could this be? Is it a MAJOR AWARD???

It must be very special and important because it's SIGNED with someone's autograph!


It's ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you BELIEVE this?? It was painted by Lauren (Kitty and Coco's Mom!) and her sweet note said that Salinger just HAD to be painted!!!! OMG!!!! I'm a MUSE!!!!

We can't get over how she totally captured says right down to the turdley look in my eyes!

Mom helped me put my tie on so I could be exact twins with my portrait!

Thank you SO much for this masterpiece, Lauren, Kitty and Coco!!!!! We absolutely love it and are so proud to own one of your pieces!!!

Lauren is hoping to have her Etsy shop open very soon...but in the meantime, she can paint any of you too!!! Just contact her at laurencmitchell(at) to discuss details!!!!

I can't stop looking at this!!! It's like looking in the MIRROR without having to deal with an actual HAT on my head (NOOOOOOOOO HAT!)

Thank you SO much Lauren, Kitty and Coco! You made our week!!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Halloween Costume Hell!

Look I come with my super humiliating Halloween costume for 2010!

Are you ready for this????

A POOP FACTORY!!! Can you BELIEVE this farkakte costume?????

The ONLY reason I'm going along with this is because Mom submitted my pic to the PetSmart photo contest. She says if I win one of the gift cards or a cash prize, we can donate it to Kentuckiana Pug Rescue (as long as the money people there PROMISE not to buy or make ridonkulous costumes for the puggies in their care!)
You can vote for me EVERY DAY, so please remember to do it and make my humiliation worthwhile.......PLEASE????

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Another Family History Lesson

Some of you may remember the time that mom scored a treasured heirloom painting (CLICK HERE TO READ ABOUT IT!). WELL....she was lucky enough to find another gem and teach me a bit more about my roots.

This beautiful portrait of my great (times 7) Aunt Fanny is a very important piece of Pugkind and the source of one of mom's favorite expressions (more on that later).

Unlike my Great (times 18) Grandfather Colonel Hampton the Flying Ace, my Great (times 7) Aunt Fanny was a simple domesticated housePug. She liked to spend time in the kitchen with her Hooman named Thelma.
How lucky that we happened to have a picture of Thelma!

Fanny was a fiesty little Pug who insisted on floating mint leaves in her ice water and a spritz of rosewater behind each of her button ears. She would sit at the screen door and bark at any of those damn neighbor kids that crossed her lawn and made sure to keep the floor clean of scraps of cucumber sandwiches when the Bridge Club came over.
Can't you see the family resemblance? UNCANNY I tell you!!!!

So now it makes a LOT more sense to me when Mom uses the phrase "My Aunt Fanny's A$$!" Here's an example...

Mom: "Holden did you feed Salinger?"

Holden: "Ummmm....yeah" (as I'm standing there starving to death staring at my empty bowl!)

Mom: "MY AUNT FANNY'S A$$ YOU DID!....Get in here and feed him NOW please!"

Wow...who knew my Pugcestor was such an important part of our family vernacular!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

***Mom's note**** guessed it...another find at TJ Maxx!!!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Snout Saturday

Hi everyone! Happy Saturday! I'm spending the morning in a sun puddle with one of my favorite treats!



This feels so nice on my teeth and gums...and it makes my tail extra curly (just like a piggy!)

Here's a pic of this delicious treatable BEFORE the nomming commenced! If you want your very own, they sell them at most pet stores or you can buy a buttload of them HERE

Happy Snouty Saturday everyone!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Thanks (?) Melissa and Emmitt!!!

OOOHHHH! Mail's here!!!!

MOOOOOOOOOM!! This envelope smells like it's for ME!

Is it foodables????

Come ON Lady!!! Open the farkakte thing!!!!

Hey...this looks like something from Auntie Melissa and Emmitt!!!

What IS it???



Um...Mom? Is this what I THINK it is???


No offense Aunt Melissa....but I'm NOT looking at the camera!

OK...I gotta WILL look pretty sweet during football season since it's totally ARABIANS colors!

Ok, take the picture, but MAKE IT QUICK!!! this smells harmless/non-humiliating!!!


Now THIS is cool looking here in Mom's office!!!! I'll sit up close to the switch so you can see the resemblance!

THANK YOU SO MUCH Melissa (and Emmitt) for making my sweater vest in RECORD time! Mom loves it and I agreed to pose for some more pics later when I'm not being so turdley!

**MOM'S NOTE** Melissa can do these adorable sweater vests in ANY color combo that you can dream up! CLICK HERE to order your very own today!!!!

Happy Hump Day!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Congratuations and pug kisses to Holden!

What's THIS?

I see Brother's name on this list!!!!

Ooohhh....Jr. Beta? What is that?

It sounds COOL!

Congrats to Holden for getting invited to join Jr. Beta club at his school! Beta is a national organization "To promote the ideals of academic achievement, character, service and leadership among elementary and secondary school students".
26 students from the sixth grade were invited/inducted into the club the other night with a lovely ceremony.

Holden even did a READING! Here he is telling us about "charity" and then taking the oath with the rest of the new members.

You may recognize one of the other inductees...Holden's buddy SETH!

Remember HIM? Seth is my buddy MAGGIE's brother!!! Click HERE for a refresher!

Here's a nice group shot of the newest Jr. Beta members!

Congratulations everyone!!!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Meetup AFTER the Meetup

Ok, we PROMISE this is the last post about our superfabulous weekend!!!

After the meetup at the park...The Pug Posse once again graciously opened their house to all puggies and their peeps for some foodables and fun! One hiccup this time...Poor Denny (Pug Posse Papa) was laid up in the HOSPITAL getting treated for some yuckiness in his knee! We hear he's on the mend, so that is GREAT news!

Here's Vikki (The Posse Mama) with some of the Posse in her lap
Hostess with the mostess!!!!

We walked in and THIS was the scene....
OMG House of PUG!

Mom ran some numbers (ha!) and she thinks that the max number of Pugs in the Posse's house at peak time was TWENTY NINE (yes...29) PUGS!!! Here's some of the pics we were able to get in between all the snuggling and eating!

THIS sweet guy's name is TUCKER and this was our first time meeting him! He's the Posse's newest addition.
Mom and Dad both wanted to take him home! He's so sweet and cuddly!

Here's Kelly (Pearl's Momma) snuggling another new Posse member...BELLA!!!
"Take some of this black PugFur back home to Pearl in OkieHoma OK?"

Punchy's daughter C. and Pugsley (not MY Pugsley....The Posse's Pugsley!) were bonding.
"What a nice ladyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz"

Michele and Stubby
Stubby is saying "I all my days I have never seen so much PUG FOOLERY!!!"

Isn't this a perfect Christmas card pic of Hank and Molly and their peeps???
Hahaha...O'Mally's saying "AW HAAAAAIL HANKLIN...You promised we could watch Lawrence Welk tonight!!!"

As usual...Mom cheated on me with Pippin
Are you all seeing this jackassery??? He's lying on her tummy and she's all snuggly with him! Sheesh!!!!

Cindy (Yoda and Brutus' Mom) saw me standing there ALONE (while mom was cheating) and scooped me up
"THANK YOU for paying attention to me Auntie Cindy! Mom is busy playing with other Pugs and IGNORING ME!"

Here I am hanging with Mark (Claude's Daddy)
Claude doesn't have a bloggie yet, but we're working on it! Perhaps we need to start a petition?

Here I am with Aunt Jami (Apollo's Mom). She says I'm cute!
"See? SOME people appreciate me!"

Dad, Mom and Holden got a "family" pic taken....but do you notice anyone MISSING???
The PUG maybe???? HELLLLLOOOOOO????

Here's another pic (without ME). Be sure to CLICK HERE for some appropriate background music while viewing this picture!
It's Mom in between the "Twinners" (Pearl's Mom AND Sophie, Dixie and Harley's mom)

While I was off sulking in the corner, the peeps had some cake that mom made...

OMG...LOOK OUT! Stacy (Brutus and Miley's Mom) is TWO FISTING utensils for cake!
Hahaha...she's such a funny lady!!!! Mom says they are "kindered spirits" whatever that means!

After cake...we got the ULTIMATE BLOGGER PIC. Be sure to biggify and find your favorite blogger and maybe their Puggy!

Cindy blogs for Brutus and Yoda
Kelly (KJPugs) blogs for Sophie, Dixie and Harles
Stacy blogs for Brutus and Miley
Katy blogs for Those Elgin Pugs
Vikki blogs for The Pug Posse
Jess (in the front) blogs for Clover and Chewy
Michele blogs for Stubby
Lydia blogs for Maggie
Punchy (Deb) blogs for Pug Possessed
Kelly blogs for Pearl
Jami blogs for Apollo
Jessica (in the back) blogs for Lilo The Great Rock Eater
Sarah blogs for Hank and Molly O'Mally

The peeps started to notice how LATE it was getting when puggies started to crash. Just look at Miss Josie (of Those Elgin Pugs)!
Poor dear, she's cashed like a winning Lotto ticket!

Mom was too busy flapping her yap with everyone to notice how tired I was! I fell asleep on her LEG!

Thanks again to the Pug Posse Peeps (Vikki, Dennis and Sam) for hosting and for the great time! We hope Denny's knee continues to get better so he won't miss the NEXT big bash!

Happy Hump Day everyone!