Monday, October 31, 2011

DumDum suckers quality control is SPOOKY!!!!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!!!! I'm helping mom get ready for our big neighborhood chili/trick or treating soiree tonight! First up....CANDY!

Wow...that's a LOT of nommables!

OH LOOK! Three suckers fell out of the bag with NO WRAPPERS!

What kind of quality control do those jacklegs over at the DumDum company have anyway??? Sheesh!!!

I better check to make sure there are no razor blades or rat poison in them!

Mmmmm.....nope....just strawberry! YUM!

Happy Pugoween everyone!!!! Enjoy the noms!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Lazy Pug Weekend BLUES!

HAHAHA....check it out....I got the BLUES!!!!!!!!!


Have a great weekend everyone!!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

It's my kind of town!

**WARNING** this post is verrry long and has a crap-ton of pics, so you might want to get a snack and a beverage and find somewhere comfy to relax! Mom and Dad took me on a little ROAD TRIP....

Hmmmm...I wonder where we're going?????

Soon, I saw the familiar skyline of CHICAGO! We drove the car to THIS place and gave the keys to some man that worked there and said he would take care of it for us.

"The Drake"....hmmm....I like the sound of this place!

Wow...this is MY kind of place! The elevator even has a little SOFA in it! PERFECT!

It's a LONG RIDE up to the 8th floor....I must rest!

Check this out....ANOTHER resting spot when we got off the elevator!

Ahhhhhhhh....that was an exhausting ride up the elevator!

WOW! This is our room????

Overlooking Lakeshore Drive and Lake Michigan!!! SO pretty! There was even a dog beach right there, but it was FREEEEZING cold!

Instead of the beach, Mom and Dad took me SHOPPING on Michigan Avenue! Chicago is a very dog friendly city and mom asked Dr. Google which stores would allow me to shop. She was surprised to find out that there are a LOT of them!

Now THIS is more like it!!!!

Here is our first stop...Anthropologie

Mom got some vanilla perfume that makes her smell like a cupcake! MMMMM

THIS was my favorite store....BLOOMINGDALES!!!!!

THIS lady is BETTY from the hosiery department....she said I was the best looking customer she'd had all day, but she was sorry that they didn't have any Spanx in my size. HAHAHAA! As IF I'd cram my PugButt into a pair of Spanx!!!!! She also told me that she only dates on Sundays and Mondays and said I could come back anytime.

After we covered just about ALL of Michigan Ave, we went back to The Drake

I had a nice nap on their Big Cloud Bed and waited for dinner....

Dinner is served!!!!

Gino's East deep dish supreme with broken sausage (not the patty). NOM! Mom gave me her sausage and pizza bones (crust).

The next morning, after a NICE long sleep...Mom had her coffee in bed and I helped her and dad with the crossword puzzle.

I was also King of the 'Mote....I had to find a weather forecast that would tell us when it would stop RAINING in Chicago!

The rain didn't stop, so Mom dressed me in my rain slicker and we went out for breakfast....


If any of you watch CUPCAKE WARS on Food Network, you should know about Sprinkles! Candice Nelson is one of the judges on the show and Sprinkles is HER cupcake bakery!

They even have DOGGIE cupcakes! Mmmmm....vanilla!!!!
***Mom's note*** I tried the ginger lemon and I'm here to tell you that sometimes cupcakes ARE worth the $3.50 price tag. I have some experimenting to do here in my own kitchen!!!!

To work off the cupcakes, we walked all the way from Walton Ave. down and over to Navy Pier (map's like 93923827278485 miles)

The SUN came out, but it was still COLD! Here are dad and I in front of Navy Pier.

As we walked around, LOOK what we found!!!!!

McD's of the Future???? WTF????

Nope....regular old McCheesyburgers! Nothing futuristic about this!

I had to hurry and nom kind of fast......

Dad called them RATS WITH WINGS but mom said they were funny the way they move their necks when they walk.

After some shopping in the Pier shops, I had a therapy session with none other than BOB NEWHART!!!!

He didn't have much to say.

After some more shopping and a long walk back, we left to get back to Indy.

Bye bye Chicago! See you again SOON!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

2nd place AND Pumpkins!

So mom took me to PETCO on Sunday for a Halloween Party and entered me in the costume contest (with my Sushi suit on!). I came in SECOND PLACE!!!! Mom had her hands full, and it was really hard to get pics because I was acting like a hot buttered mess....

Here I am with Aunt Sarah and my buddy Count "Hank"ula! (hahahaa)

The winner was a REEEEALLY cute Boxer puppy dressed as a police officer! pics.

Hank and I did some shopping to celebrate my 2nd place win...

"SIT DOWN, HANK!....For crap's sake...get this buggy rollin' to the TREAT BAR, mom!"

In other news, Mom and Holden carved their pumpkins last night. Here is the finished collection....

Check out Holden's "puking" pumpkin barfing onto the poor dude below that was STABBED in the HEAD! Yikes!

I helped mom by modeling for her pumpkin (pugkin?)...

"Um, might want to think about calling to schedule an eye dr. appointment....or perhaps some remedial art classes!"

Mom tells me that she and dad are taking me somewhere REALLY COOL tomorrow! This better be good to make up for this sushi suit jackassery!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

My Halloween costume (drum roll please!!!....) we are with the annual Halloween HUMILIATION!!!!

That writing on the front of my shirt is Japanese for....


Can you BEEELIEVE Mom did this to me? Oy.

Here I am giving her the "Super Evil S#IT Eye Glare" as she was sewing this monstrosity together.

I kept willing her to POKE herself with that needle...

Even my own MIMI sold me out and HELPED with this jackassery!!!!!

"Thanks a HEAP, Mimi!!!! Why did you have to encourage her?"

I'm just going to hide here until Halloween is over

"Can you PLEASE take this ridonkulous getup OFF me now????"

What are all of YOU going to be for Halloween????

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

More Mimi Fun

We've been keeping Mimi VERY busy and out of trouble!

Holden had his LAST football game yesterday and Mimi got to see him play! GO ARABIANS!!!! (I stayed home and watched The Flintstones because of the stupid "NO DOGS" rule at the stadium).

Holden's team won 22-0 and the peeps were FROZEN and soaked from the rain!!!

Here's Mimi getting a nice sweaty hug from Holden after the big win! Way to go, Holden!

This morning, it was STILL raining, so Mimi wore mom's wellies to keep her feet dry.

I wore my raincoat just because it looked so fabulous....but no one made me go out for a walk in this mess, thankfully!!!!

Then tonight, Holden got all dressed up like a fancy waiter and then the peeps left for like 923928374832849 hours...

Holden plays in the PHMS Honors Band and they had their first concert of the year tonight! They sounded FABULOUS!

After the concert, we had a little birthday party here to celebrate Mimi's friend ANN's birthday! Ann lives in Arizona and has the CUTEST little Maltese baby girl named Ellie (just like our Pug friend Ellie!!)

Happy Birthday Ann! We know you're in AZ, but we'll have some cake here in Indy to celebrate your big day!

Mimi also helped Mom make my Halloween costume today. I don't want to talk about it.

***Mom's note*** The costume is AWESOME! Stay tuned for pics after a tiny bit of fine tuning!!!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Guess who is here from ARIZONA!?

Did you guess who my OTHER surprise visitor was????

It's MIMI!!! (Mom's mom). She flew in from ARIZONA yesterday just to see ME!

LOOK what she brought me! A JIF jar!!!! (Mom says she doesn't even want to KNOW how she got this past the TSA!)

Mimi and I did some hardcore snuggling on the couch. Look how wrinkled up she got my hotdog neck!!!!

Scratch harder Mimi!!!!! Don't neglect the booty area either!!!!

I pulled out the old "Oliver Twist" routine trying to get Mimi to share her dinner with me....

"Oh PLEASE Mimi...may I have some more Chicken Cordon Bleu, mashed sweet potatoes and spinach/pear salad? I am simply FAMISHED!!!"

After dinner, I took Mimi out to the front yard to show her my pumpkins and autumnal decorations...

"Isn't autumn in the Midwest LOVELY, Mimi? Does a CACTUS turn pretty colors in the fall?"

Mimi and Mom went for a walk around the 'hood (looking at everyone's Halloween jackassery!)

Mimi held my leash and laughed at how many delivery posts I have to leave and read my pee-mail!!!!

After our walk, we sat on the deck and looked at the stars...

I'm so glad you're here, Mimi! You are such a good snuggler!

But THEN...she thought it would be cute to put this farkakte HAT on me!!!!


It was getting late, and we have a LOT of stuff on our I tucked Mimi in and gave her a good night kiss!

Good night, Mimi!!!! Sweet dreams!!!!

Stay tuned....more adventures with Mimi coming up!

****Mom's note****
Special Puggy SHOUT OUT to all Mimi's friends (who we understand are all LURKER readers of our bloggie!) Feel free to leave a comment for Mimi...don't be shy!

She obviously arrived safely yesterday and was greeted with nice crisp 61 degree and sunny perfect fall weather. She enjoyed a nice warm carmel apple cider and is keeping warm with layers. We have a LOT of fun on the agenda for the next few days!

Also...hugs and kisses to PA! We miss you this trip!

Monday, October 17, 2011

VISITORS and a fun weekend!

Have any of you guessed who our mystery visitors were this weekend?????


It's Miss Tiffy Tippy Toes and Miss Pugnacious P herself, Payton!!!! They're pictured here with their mommies, Michele and Christy, but their daddies were here too along with Payton's Gammy and Gampy! We all had a fabulous afternoon of some yummy lunch and some playtime!!! We had a BLAST!

Payton's beautiful mommy, Christy, handed out banana chips to all of us Puggies!

NOM NOM NOM!!! (you may see Maggie in there too...she was still visiting this weekend!)

I got lots of loves and scritches from everyone....

Payton's Gammy....

Payton's Gampy....

I hung out and had some "dude time" with Payton's daddy, Tim! 'bout them Cardinals huh?

Everyone was SO NICE and WAAAY too generous and brought PRESENTS!!!

These bags all had stuff for the GROWNUPS! Two on the right were from Payton's peeps and had some fabulous wine, and the ones on the left were from Aunt Michele, Uncle Gerry and was full of 4 bottles of PINNACLE ( time!)

Tiffy and her peeps stayed the night with us and they "sampled" quite a bit!

This amazing array was from Payton and her peeps!

The pretty red box had homemade coffee cakes (!) inside (mom wants your recipe!), a grain free cookie for me, yogurt drops for me (which are already gone!), a bully stick (NOM!) and a cool rubber squeaky dude with no face named "Cuz"!

Payton's peeps played a funny joke on us....they're from St. Louis and walked in and handed THIS box to mom....(notice the look of utter disgust on my face!)

NOW, Mom and Christy have talked about St. Louis "pizza" and how they use this weird white Velveeta-ish melty cheese called "PROVEL" on it (unless you SPECIFICALLY order mozzarella). Mom and dad were in St. Louis once and got a pizza without knowing this and GAGGED. SO, mom acted very polite and said "Thank you" for the pizza box, but then opened it.....


No gross pizza! It was full of VOLPI salami from St. Louis! (we are all now BIG FANS of this stuff!)

Mom and dad served lunch for everyone (baked 7 cheese mac and cheese, salad and rolls with cake balls and pumpkin whoopie pies for pics!)
and then brought out something special for Miss Tiffy.....


After lunch and playtime, we all got ready to go to Ellie's first birthday party, but first stopped off at Three Dog Bakery!

We all look just like the three puggies in the poster!!! I was afraid we'd be late to the party because I thought people might start asking for autographs!

We were fashionably late to Ellie's birthday party and mom HARDLY got any pics at all!!! (WTF?!) She did get these few though....

This was for the made vanilla bean buttermilk cake with raspberry filling and white buttercream frosting. MMMMM!

Here's a group shot waiting for handouts....

PugPosse member GusGus chillin out on the ottoman!

Mom mauling Posse member Pippin (again)

Me with Payton
Mom is LOL'ing and says that Payton is looking at me like "Put your eyeballs back in your head, dude!"

And finally, me with Christy (Payton's mom).

Thank you ALL so much for coming to visit, bringing goodies and for helping to celebrate our friend, Ellie's birthday INDY style!!!! Can't wait to do it again! resumes because we have ANOTHER special visitor arriving today! Stay tuned!