Saturday, March 26, 2011

Another THANK YOU shout out! Guzzi the Pug and peeps!

Hi friends! Today I want to say a big THANK YOU and introduce you to some more special peeps that donated goodies for the March in the Pugs raffle....
Meet Steve, Val and their adorable Pug...GUZZI!

Guzzi doesn't have his own blog (YET!) but occasionally sends us emails and fun pictures of himself in various getups! Now THIS is really cool....Steve and Val are part of the BEST FRIENDS PETCARE Management team! Steve is the Director, Facilities and Procurement and Guzzi’s mom, Val, is the Director of Grooming Operations!

Check out some of this cool swag they mailed to KPR for the March In the Pugs raffle!!!

There was SO MUCH STUFF it had to be split up among a few baskets!!!
Steve, Val and Guzzi sent:
a bone pillow
a ceramic dog bowl
an adorable rugby shirt
a little bone shaped tin full of Back to School Biscuits
super cute braided collar
glow in the dark ball
bone shaped pill holder
2 little bottles of shampoo and a bottle of cologne!!

Thank you SO MUCH guys!!!! I know that for our shift (morning) of manning the raffle ticket table...people were FALLING OVER THEMSELVES to buy packs of TWENTY FIVE tickets to try their luck at winning a fabulous prize to help the Puggies of KPR!

We also have to mention that Sweet Guzzi is also a REGULAR on the hilarious website PETS WHO WANT TO KILL THEMSELVES! Now, living the charmed life that Guzzi does, we know that the name of the website is all in fun....but here are some of Guzzi's finer moments....

(cue lights and techno music)

...and here's one last "handsome" pose...

Thank you SO MUCH Guzzi and peeps! We hope that Guzzi might have his own blog one day (soon!) but in the meantime, you can visit him at his Myspace page at

You guys ROCK!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Family Game Night

WHOOHOO! Family game night!!!! Put on the music and clear the table! Tonight's selection is....

PUG-OPOLY! It's just like Monopoly but with PUGS!!!!

Ok....I'll set up the board...

I'LL be the banker....because the rest of you are a bunch of sorry CHEATERS!!!

Instead of houses and hotels, you buy "dog toys" and "big bones". Mom kept telling me they were made of WOOD, but I didn't believe her and kept getting all flipped out thinking it was a bag of FOODABLES!!!


YAY...I win!

cabbage patch dance Pictures, Images and Photos
YOU losers clean up the pieces and put it away!

***MOM'S NOTE*** for your very own PUGOPOLY game (which directly helps the puggies of KPR!) go to and follow the "contact" links to email to ask about availability!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Erin go braless???


I, Salinger O'Jack Seamus McGillicutty Kelley-Lawson am here with my annual St. Patrick's Day post! This year, we dedicate this post as a big fat THANK YOU to Minnie and Mack and their sweet Hu-mom for donating some $$ to KPR to help some of our Puggie friends! THANKS GUYS! (the rest of you that donated will each get your own post too!)

Here I am toasting Minnie, Mack and their Hu-mom with a nice room temperature Guinness!!!! Sláinte!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dad (poster boy of Ireland!) and I settled in on the TOLG (a.k.a. couch!) and had us a nice puff on the old Dúidín (pipe)

Ahhhhhh.....Is maith é sin (this is LOVELY!)

Dad piled up all things even remotely "Irishy" for a photo op....

Would you LOOK at all this CACAMAS (crap!)??? A box of Lucky Charms cereal? A shillelagh? The Kelley family crest? Bottle of Guinness?

HE'S dÚsachtach!!! (CRAZY!)

Dia cabhrú liom!!!! (God help me!)

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY everyone and a big big St. Patty's kiss to Minnie, Mack and their Hu-mom for helping out our pals at KPR! You guys ROCK!

***Mom's note*** Hey Oisin and did we do??? :-)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The ULTIMATE Party Machine!

HEY MOM! What's in this big box that the mail lady dropped off?


Were you pilled up on Ambien and shopping online in the middle of the night again????'s the one with the FAMILY SIZED BLENDER ATTACHMENT!!!!

OK...let's take this bad boy into the kitchen for a test drive!

Yogurt smoothies in just SIX SECONDS!!!! MON DIEU!!!

***Mom's note*** Thanks to my awesomely sweet friend LISA for the Amazon gift card! As you can see, it was put to VERY good use!
For those of you that aren't familiar with the Magic's pimped on one of the GREATEST INFOMERCIALS OF ALL TIME!!!!


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Just checking in...

Hi everyone! Mom says she's sorry that she hasn't blogged for me in like a WEEK, but she had a crazy busy week last week and this coming week is shaping up to be crazy too! She'll get her act together soon, but in the meantime, enjoy this pic of me being pouty and all straight tailed!

Stay tuned....more when mom gets her act together!!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Happy 12th Birthday Holden!!!

Twelve years ago....this is what he looked like...


Here he is on ALL of his birthdays since!

First birthday...

ELMO theme!

Second birthday...

Teletubbies theme!

Third birthday...

Blue's Clues theme!

Fourth birthday...

Star Wars theme!

Fifth birthday...

Army theme!

Sixth birthday...

Pirate theme!

Seventh birthday...

Star Wars theme (again!)

Eighth birthday...

Golf theme!

Ninth birthday...

Doggie theme!

Tenth birthday...

Hockey theme!

Eleventh birthday...

Japanese theme!


FIESTA theme (with all of his "brochachos"!)

Happy happy happy birthday to the best human brother on the planet!!!!

I love you buddy! Have a WONDERFUL birthday!!!!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Pillow Puggy Sammich

Ugh...more humiliation for your viewing pleasure...

Happy Friday everyone!!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wordless Wednesday...Happy Boys Edition

Mom took her two favorite boys to Starbucks!

Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Tribute to Emmitt

Hi friends!

I'm sure most of you have heard by now that another of our dear dear Puggy friends has crossed the Rainbow Bridge...we'll miss you Emmitt!

This is sweet Emmitt at his 13th birthday party last year! It's one of our favorite pics of him.

Now I never met Emmitt Pug to Pug...but his sweet mom (Hi Auntie Melissy!) was our FIRST Blogger friend outside of our Indy peeps!

Isn't it cool how people can get to be friends on the interwebs? Emmitt and his sweet mom have been such great friends to us and the entire Puggy community...always there with a kind word, smile, a donation of something great to help others, a funny story or just a short and sweet "hello". We know that Emmitt was the inspiration for so many of these things and he will be so so so missed!

Auntie Melissy and mom have talked on the phone a few times (so mom could order stuff from PugNotes!) and Mom's favorite story about Emmitt was about him eating so many frozen peas (his favorite food!) that he got BRAIN FREEZE!!! LOL

Here is Emmitt hoovering up frozen peas!

SO....we thought it would be a PERFECT tribute to Emmitt to slip on my AuntMelissy sweater and have some frozen peas!


OK...Frozen peas are ready......



Emmitt dude...we're so happy that you had a happy long life! We hope you're enjoying your party on the other side of the bridge and whooping it up with Stubby and enjoying a feast of meatloaf, Popeye's and TONS of frozen peas (without the brain freeze of course!)

HEY...keep it down up there guys!!! It's hard to keep up the routine of turdliness and jackassery down here with all that RACKET going on up there!!!!!

Emmitt's peeps put together this awesome video that made us laugh, cry and smile all at once. We think you'll enjoy it too....make sure those speakers are CRANKED and get up and DANCE!

Emmitt would have LOVED it and I'm sure is dancing and singing right along with all of us!

Run free Emmitt! We love you!