Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Music Appreciation Tuesday

When Holden started the school year, he started lugging THIS thing around too...
Usually I run and HIDE when Holden brings it out, but tonight...Daddy held me while Holden performed a concert for us.

Ladies and Gentlepugs....here's HOLDEN!


Mom says I need some music appreciation and concert etiquette so she gave me this etiquette book to read.

Psssshhhhhhhh...whatEVER! I think it makes a nice resting spot for my PugButt!

Happy Tuesday everyone (and way to go Holden...you really do sound awesome!!!)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

White Knuckles Wednesday

Mom had to share this music video from one of her FAVORITE bands...OK GO

You may remember these guys from their cool Rube Goldberg Machine video they did earlier this year!

We were kind of expecting Brutus the Frenchie and our pal Puglet to show up somewhere in this video!

Enjoy the music and the cool doggies (and a GOAT?) in the video! Check out their newest CD called Of The Blue Color Of The Sky. Mom has been playing it NON STOP in the car these days!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Save the Date!

That's right...Pugsley and I are making it OFFICIAL!

NO GIFTS PLEASE!!! (or if you feel that you MUST do something...please consider a donation to Kentuckiana Pug Rescue in lieu of a toaster/blender that we can't operate anyway with us lacking opposable thumbs!)

NOW...some of you may have heard the buzz about the big invasion of Indy coming up here the first weekend of October! It seems that many out of town bloggers are going to be traveling from all OVER the place to come to one of our (in)famous Indy Pug Meetups!

Pugsley and I (along with our hoomans) have decided that our official "union" will be Friday, October 1 at the hotel where we understand most people are staying!

WE'RE SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!! Let's see...old, new, borrowed, blue...check check check and check!

Saturday afternoon is our official Meetup and then Vikki and Dennis (of The Pug Posse) have graciously offered to host an "afterparty" at their house! There will be lots of puggies, laughing and nommables!

(Pee mail us privately at laura0227(AT)yahoo.com for details if you still need them). We're keeping details off of the invitation to protect our privacy against the papparazzi (read: stalker weirdos!) out there that might show up and make a scene!

We are so excited to see all of our puggy friends and their hoomans and promise that you will have a FABULOUS weekend here in Indy! You never know what kind of friendships/connections will be made....just look at Pugsley and I the first time we met when we were both little pups (October 07)

Hope to see a BUNCH of you all there!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Hanging with Pugsley and Lola

Today is FRIDAY (WHOOHOO!) and Mom is PUGSITTING for my BPF and Lola! We had to discuss our upcoming "union" and iron out some details regarding color schemes...

I think we have it all finalized now! In the end, we decided on a RAINBOW theme (appropriate, no?)

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Happy HOP Day!

Hi everyone!

Last weekend, Mom and Dad were out restaining the deck and dad made a VERY interesting discovery that I had to check out...

It's a big frog/toad!! (maybe Stubby's mom can 'splain the difference to us?)

At first glance...we thought he had deck stain on him, but upon closer inspection, Mom thinks it looks like some sort of skin icky-ness. Click to biggify this dude!

Hmmmm....we think he needs a good Dermatologist!

Mom went back to check on him after she took the camera back inside and he must have hopped away. Bummer!

Happy Hump/HOP Day everyone (hahahaha...get it? HOP? WHOOOO! I kill me!)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Craziest Pool Party EVER!!!

This cool waterpark near our house (Monon Center Waterpark) had a "Dog Dayz" on Labor Day and for the last two hours of the season...4 legged kids were invited! Mom called and invited my pal Maggie so her brother Seth (Holden's BFF) came with us!

Here are Maggie and I all suited up to go swimming!!!

I was SO excited on the way over that I couldn't even stay still! Here's mom trying to chill me out!
She's saying "SALINGER...CHILLLLLL your puggy a$$ down!!!!"

Holden and Seth were a little amped up too. Look at them sticking baby carrots in their orifices!!! HAHAHAHAHAAA
Yes, ladies...they'll be available for dating in a few years! Get in line!!!!

FINALLY after like 833758265823628 hours (**Mom's note...it was 20 minutes TOPS!**) we got there and got in the water!

Be sure to click to biggify to see all of the important stuff labeled!

Daddy got in the water too and Mom took a video!!! Check me out swimming!!!

You may want to watch this on "mute"....trust me!

The Indy Star (Newspaper) was there too!!! MAGGIE made the paper! Check out the photo gallery of all the fun!
View this gallery at The Indianapolis Star: Monon Community Center Doggie Dayz

Maggie is the 12th pic and you can see ME and Mom's backside in pic 14!!!!
CLICK HERE if the slideshow doesn't work or gets stuck...it was acting weird for us.

We were SUCH good swimmers! Mom and Holden helped us take a breather.
Soggy Puggies!!!

We had fabulous time and we were SO tired after swimming!!! Here is Maggie resting with her big brother Seth...
He's asking "Is this cookie for DOGS or HUMANS?" Mom told him to taste it and find out! HAHAHAA


We hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing Labor Day!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hangin' with the COLTS/Pug Corral

Hey everyone! Since you all met Baby Stewie in my last post I thought I'd also tell you about Stewie's brother and littermate JEFF SATURDAY in his new furever home with his big siblings! Collectively, they form the PUG CORRAL and are all named after Indianapolis Colts players! CLICK HERE to visit their bloggie and show some love!

THIS is center...Jeff Saturday!

You can CLICK HERE to see some archived pics of the PUPPY Jeff Saturday and his sweet mama Sassy!

Next in our starting lineup is Quarterback...Peyton Annie Manning!

The 4 legged Peyton is a BUGG (Pug + Boston terrier)

Next up is tight end...Dallas Clark!

"Dally" (as he's affectionately called) is a PUG-TZU (Pug + Shih Tzu)

Last but not least...our favorite wide receiver...Reggie Wayne!

Mom stopped over at the Corral to pass along some tummy rubs and got to meet Baby Jeff Saturday in pugson. She left me at home because she figured I would act all turdley and stuck up like I did around Baby Stewie. Here she is getting PUPPY KISSES (a.k.a. CHEATING!) just before kickoff!
I wish you could hear mom...all yammery about "puppy breath"! Eeeesh!

Right off the bat...Jeff Saturday TACKLED his big sister, Peyton!
It sure looks like unnecessary roughness to us!!

Let's take a look at the instant replay!

Looks like a FIRST DOWN
(Get it? DOWN? hahahahaa)

Ok....TIME OUT to take a break and rest up for the rest of the game!

Here is a final pic of ME (Salinger) with one of the Pug Corral's coaches and Mom in Charge...JULIE!
She came to visit me last week and brought me TREATS!!! Nom nom nom...thank you Auntie Julie!!!!

Thanks for spending some time with the Pug Corral with us!!!! Happy Hump Day and as the Corral always says...TOUCHDOWNS AND TUMMY RUBS TO ALL!

Monday, September 6, 2010

September Indy Puggy Meetup

First Saturday of the month means....PUGGY MEETUP!!!! The one we had on Saturday was SO much fun with perfect weather (nice, sunny, cool and breezy!) and a TON of Puggies showed up. Mom and Dad tried to get pics of everything, but there was SO much to see....here is a pretty good mix of pix!

Just for your reference, I (Salinger) am in the blue wife beater shirt with the bulldog on the back (Mom got it in the BABY department at Meijer for $2! It's a 12 months baby size!)
Nothing beats a good ol' "sniff train" to kick off the festivities!!! O'Mally was at the head of the line and that's Rocco between us!

OH THANK PUG that mom brought treats!!!
Poor Pugsley, Lilo and I were wasting away because it had been almost a whole TWO HOURS since we'd eaten anything!!!! Can you imagine???

Here are more snackables for Pugsley, Sugarpaw and Hank
Just look at Lilo there to the right...the poor dear was so famished, she didn't even have the energy to get in line with the others!

Mom laughed at this exchange....
This is Molly O'Mally and Maggie eyeing up Carson the Elderly Puggy! Mom called them a couple of "Gold diggin' hussies"!!!

THEN the cheating started....
Here's Mom with "Hot Mess Rosie"! Poor little sweetie is the Pug Posse's newest foster pug/mix. Mom called her a "Pugifino" because she's a mix of a Pug and "Hell if I know!" She was so sweet and just loved to be held!

Of course she had to make a big fuss over Pippin (her "unofficial" favorite member of the Pug Posse)
Criminy! That woman is SHAMELESS! I was standing RIGHT THERE!

DADDY even cheated on me!!!
Here he is holding adorable Baby Stewie! (You may know Stewie...he was one of sweet Sassy's pups that were all born LIVE on the KPR webcam! CLICK HERE to see some archived pics)

Here's mom in a big ol PILE of cheating (and handing out foodables)
Just look at me behind her hanging my head in disgust while she's holding up Stewie like he's baby Simba!!!!

Mom and Stewie's Mommy, Debbie tried to get me to check out Baby Stewie to see how I would react to a new baby Pug...
I figured out that if I don't look at him, he's not really there.
***Mom's Note*** Be sure to check out Yoda and Brutus' blog for a VERY hilarious pic of the whole Salinger/Baby Stewie meeting that wasn't!

Cheating and jackassery aside, we had a great time seeing some of our most favorite Pugs and their peeps....

Here I am with Aunt Sarah (Hank and O'Mally's mom).
Check it out...we're holding paws!!! Awwww!

Here's Vikki with some of the Pug Posse!
She was a little bit "tied up"! HAHAHAA

Heather with Low Rider Lola (I was off behind a tree with Pugsley somewhere!)

Here is Mark with Claude Pug
Mom thinks we need to start a petition to get Claude to start a blog! He's VERRRY funny!

This is a new Puggy friend named Braxton!
This was her FIRST TIME at the Indy meetup! Her parents were from South Carolina!

This human puppy named Lily came over with her parents to find out WHY all these Puggies were running around!
They thought it was pretty cool that us Indy Puggies have our very own social calendars!!!

Last but not least...here's a great group shot of those of us that stuck around for a bit. There were a TON more there...but we didn't think to get a group shot until the crowd started to thin out! Sorry if we missed anyone!!! Be sure to click to biggify so you can figure out who everyone is!

YAAAAAAAWN! Ok Mommy....I'm TIRED and starving!
Can we go to McDonalds now????

Ahhhhhhhhh! Nothing like an Al Fresco Cheesy McBurger!!!

Hi Daddy...you aren't going to eat all of those fries are you?

Thanks for coming along to our September Meetup! Be sure to stay tuned...October is shaping up to be a VERRRRY interesting meetup!!!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Flowery Friday

This one's for YOU Tuni-Woons!!!!

Mom THINKS they're Petunias anyway...when I asked her, she said "Who do I look like...Jerry Friggin' Baker????"

Happy Friday to all and to all a nice LONG WEEKEND!!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Cleaning up my act!

In light of all my recent jackassery, Mom told me I had to "clean up my act"....so Dad decided he would help me...

"Holy proper amount of suction!!! What IS that thing?"

Dad said it was a "Dyson Ball" vacuum! HEEEYYYYY....I've seen that commercial!!!

We took it for a spin and it looked like a whole NEW PUG was formed from JUST the downstairs carpet!!!!!!! OMG!!!

Wow...this thing really SUCKS (and I mean that as a compliment!)
I should be all cleaned up in NO time!!!

***Mom's note/health report*** only ONE little cough yesterday! YAY!