Friday, July 30, 2010

Another important Yiddish lesson

Hi friends!
Today, we feel it's important to have another lesson from our new favorite book...

Here is our word of the day...(go ahead and click to biggify)


Mom felt this was very timely because THIS is what our thermomter has looked like lately!

First number is INSIDE...second is OUTSIDE (no joke!)


NOT Pug weather at ALL!

I'm going to lie here in the AC under the ceiling fan in my nice cool sock monkey bed....while mom refills my water bowl with some nice crushed ice.

"I said CRUSHED...not CUBED!"

Happy Friday everyone!!!! Stay COOL wherever you are!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

McCheesyBurgers with Maggie!

Mom TOTALLY forgot to help me blog about Maggie's first taste of McCheesyBurger when she was here a few weeks ago!!!!

Mom and Dad ran out to go gallavanting or some crap (**Mom's note...had to get GROCERIES!**) and left Maggie and I here for like 937552387848 hours by OURSELVES (**Mom's was two hours TOPS**). Naturally when they got home...we were weak and STARRRRVING.

"OMG...MAGGIE! LOOK what they brought us!!!"
This ALMOST makes up for the abandonment!!!

Maggie had never had a McCheesyBurger mom gave her the first taste to see if she liked it....
"What do you think Maggie?"

OOOHHHH She likes it...hey Mikey!!!!
(Ummm....Mom....I'm here to tell you that GRAY ROOTS are NOT CUTE!)

Ok....MY turn....
MOOOOOMMMMMM....bust me off some of that McCheesyBurger!!!!! I'm ready to pass out!

There we go...two fisted snacking! Good job, Mom!
Thanks for the McCheesyBurger Mom! Now GO FIX THOSE ROOTS FOR PUG'S SAKE!!!

Happy Tuesday!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Kibbitzing with the Shmendrick!

Hello friends!

Today's post is going to be of the literary/analytical variety, so put your thinking caps on!

(hahaha...this is me in my mortarboard after PetSmart Intermediate graduation!)

Aunt Sarah, Hank and Molly got me THIS BOOK

(Mom, Dad and Holden have been CRYING LAUGHING over this farkakte book!!!)

Now, the entire book is extremely helpful and informative and we HIGHLY suggest picking one up if you have the means....BUT, we found one entry to be PARTICULARLY interesting...

(Go to biggify...we'll wait).

***Jeopardy music plays***

Does this remind you of a certain ELGIN THUG PUG????

CLICK HERE for further comparison.


Mom says that "sometimes the shoe fits SO well that you just can't help but wear it".

Happy Saturday everyone (and a big pug hug to our buddy Anakin for being a good sport, even if he is a SHMENDRICK!!!)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Making Maggie fabulous!

Hi everyone! My girlyPal Maggie stayed with us about two weeks ago!

She came to the July Pug Meetup with us, but since this was her first one, I wanted to make sure she was looking glamorous! Mom said we could give Maggie a PAWTICURE!!!

I chose her polish for was a toss up between the silver sparkles, cantaloupe orange OR (the ultimate winner...)
HOOCHIE MAMA RED!!!! (hahahaha)

Daddy held Maggie on his lap while Mom worked on her pawticure...
It was a nice peaceful process and Maggie was totally relaxed...Mom didn't even have to get all yelly with Vietnamese words or anything!!!!!

I waited patiently while Maggie's nails dried...

Work it girl!!! Those nails are RED hot!!!!

Happy Friday everyone!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

How ya like me now????

Check this out!!! Mom had to use some of her 'hood connections to score me THIS!

A SOCK MONKEY bed (just like JOSIE'S!)!!!!

Now sweet Josie is MUCH more delicate and petite than I she fits comfortably in hers....
Um....I'm thinking ME? Not so much!

I can fit my FRONT half in!

Then Mom took it upon herself to stick my whole PugButt in the thing!!!


Oy Gevalt!...I feel like a fat guy in an innertube at a water park!!!!

Ok...while I'm figuring out what to DO with this thing...enjoy this video, and further evidence of mom's Sock Monkey obsession!!!!

Happy Thursday everyone!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Monday, July 19, 2010

Chicago, Installment 5, Kristi, Stewart and the Dukes of Hazzard!

Ok, continuing on with our Chi-Town tour of 2 and 4 legged friends! We stopped off to visit Kristi and Stewart...

...and their two 4 legged furkids...BO and LUKE

(get it??? hahahahahaa!)
Just the good ol boys...never meanin' no harm!!!
Bo and Luke don't have a bloggie (YET) but maybe they will soon!

Mom and Kristi are sorority sisters!
Yeah...that's right...they know secrets!!!
Mom started to tell me some once, but I fell asleep.

ANYWAY...Kristi is so fabulous and amazing so before she put me down...we decided to practice our fierce and ferosh posing skills....
(cue music for the photo montage....)

Bo (yes...he's a PUGGLE!) challenged me to a "BIGMOUTH" contest!

He beat me by a mile....but he was a worthy adversary!

I sat in Daddy's lap for a bit while Luke stood back watching. I tried not to look like TOO much of an eggroll because I wasn't sure what he might try!
"Is he still looking?"

Uh oh....he started poking me with his nose!
"Um...hello nice doggie Luke, sir! I am not a foodable!!!"

He kept poking and sniffing
and once he figured out that I was NOT dim-sum....

He HOPPED UP ON DADDY for playtime!!!
Look at the look of shock/relief on my face!!!

Now THIS is cozy!!!

HAHAHAHA! These doggies are FUNNY!!!

Just as the party started rolling...Mom (a.k.a. Fun Governor) said it was time to get back to our hotel. Before we left...Kristi, Stewart, Bo and Luke gave me PRESENTS!!!!
Some YUMMY liver treatables and a SOCK MONKEY (can you hear mom squealing???)

I named the monkey "Cooter" (hahaha...get it?)
That way I'll think of my buddies Bo and Luke whenever I play with him!

Thank you SO much for the goodies and having us over Kristi and Stewart (and for missing a chunk of the ALL STAR GAME!!!!) Kiss your silly boys for all of us ok?

Here's me in the backseat before we even hit the expressway back to the hotel!
"Driver, kindly wake me when we arrive back to the hotel...ZZZZZZZZZZZZ"

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Chicago, Part 4, Those Elgin Pugs!

For our next installment of my whirlwind Chicago tour...THOSE ELGIN PUGS!

You really should read THEIR recap of our visit (and FOLLOW UP POST) because it's hilarious and there are some GREAT pics, but I'll share how things went down too...

I was so excited to meet this bunch...and I think they were pretty excited to have someone new to sniff out too!
Here is a nice group shot of the daddies...Rob and my daddy (Kevin). The Puggies are Izzy, ME and Anakin Man!

Don't forget Josie!
OMG...that FACE!!!! Mom and Dad were plotting to PugNap her!!!

Here's me with the on my mom's lap and Katy!

We were having a great time together and Anakin even asked me if I wanted to play a game!
"Pssst...hey BUD....ya wanna play CORNHOLE!?!?"

I thought that was awfully nice of Anakin to suggest a game that I'm very familiar with (being a Hoosier Pug and all!)
"Cornhole? Bring it, dude! Where are the corn bags?"

Ummm....unfortunately we kind of got our wires crossed apparently.
"'re not in the joint anymore!!! Take off that striped harness and GET OFF ME!"

(Shhhhhhhh....don't anyone tell Pugsley, ok?)


To keep us out of trouble...Mom and Katy provided some goofball entertainment....
Katy wondered what she would look like with long we know! HAHAHAA

Katy also read us her BOOK and showed us the great illustrations (available her blog for details!)

We can't wait to order it!!!

Just before we said our goodbyes, they gave me this GINORMOUS bag of goodies!
I don't even know where to START with looking at all of this! There is a cute SUNFLOWER card (since I'm an honorary Sunflower Sista), a TON of cookies, some doggie petit fours, a pink pig/bunny (I named him Wilbur!) and pics of my sweet friends dressed up for Valentines Day and also in their HOTDOG costumes! THANK YOU SO MUCH guys! You spoiled me!!!

We had such a blast meeting all of you and I don't think Mom and Dad will EVER stop laughing at Anakin "climbing aboard"!!! Thanks for inviting us to your beautiful home and spending the evening with us!