Sunday, June 27, 2010

Defunkified and Crazy

The other day, Mom and Dad spent a few minutes discussing the almost visible "smell lines" coming off of me, so I got to play in the bubbles!
Ahhhhhhh...scrubby scrubby!

WAIT a minute!!! You're taking nekkid PICTURES of me in the tub????
Oh no...I hope Pugsley doesn't see this!!!!

Don't skimp on that tummy rinse Mom!
You don't want me scratching and rolling around on your bed tonight to itch myself!

Normally when I get out of the tub...I run CRAZY right into Mom and Dad's closet (it's connected to their bathroom) and SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE!!!!!! (HAHAHAA all over Dad's "label whore" clothes!!!!)
BUT...he roadblocked me this time!!!!! Aw CRAP!

SO...I had to run crazy through the rest of the I am in action!

So funny...everyPuggy we know does this apres-bath!!!! What gives????

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Annual checkup and pokes with perks's that time of year annual VET visit and various pokes. I actually LOVE going to the Vet's office so I'm usually ok, as long as they don't go messing around with my "brown eye"!

Mom plunked me up on the table and had to fill out this health questionnaire about me. I kept telling her to just mark "NO THANK YOU" so I could just get butt scratches and go home.

Aw CRAP...too late! Someone's here!
Photobucket's my favorite VetTech!

LOVE Betsy! She calls me "Mr. Salinger" and always has lots of scratches for me!

Then Dr. Graves came in to see me....
He is such a nice Vet! He whispers secrets to me and assures mom that I'm "just right" sizewise and chills her crazy overprotective butt out!!! I was a good boy when I got my shots and sat still when he checked my ears and eyes.

We also did some more visiting....THIS pic is for our buddy Charlie the Golden!
Look Charlie! It's Dr. Boucher!!!! (Charlie knows Dr. Boucher because he used to live here in Indy!)

This is Dr. Boucher's bird, Joey!
Joey was eating an oatmeal cookie for breakfast! Can you see it in her hand (claw?)? She kinda freaks me we went to visit someone else...

Can you believe BigPug doesn't have a NAME yet? Someone just dropped him off OUTSIDE the Vet's office with a note to please give him a good home! Now I ask you...WHAT kind of jackassery is that??????

As we were leaving....Betsy brought out a collar and said that it was too small for all of their big doggies, so it's just been sitting there. Seems that someone left it and never came back to claim it, so Betsy thought I might like it!

Here's a pic of the same collar from E-bay (click to biggify)


Being a "Pug off the old block" LABEL WHORE like my daddy....I proudly showed off my new collar for him when he got home!
Of course he LOVED it! He likes all that stuff with little horsies and alligators on it. trip to the vet was AWESOME!!! I wonder what someone might leave behind the NEXT time I go? We're crossing our fingers for a nice new Kate Spade bag for mom!

Happy FRIDAY everyone!!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Taste of the Wild Winner!!!


That's right folks...we drew the big winner for the Taste of the Wild prize package today!

Here I am with all of the entries (if you left us a comment or sent us an email, you're in!)

Click to biggify if you want to see everyone's name that entered...

We folded them all up and put them in my big water bowl (it was empty and clean)

Shake shake shake 'em up!!! (***MOM'S NOTE*** I used the back of one of Kevin's airline itineraries...don't want to waste paper!)

Ummm...Mom? You're going to have to help me out here...I don't have opposable thumbs!!!

Here's a live shot of the winner being drawn (just so no one accuses us of rigging anything!)

YAY!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!

The prize package goes to GEN AND THE FOO!!!!

Congrats ladies!!! Mom emailed you with details!!!

Thanks for playing along everyone and THANKS so much to NiceLadyTara who contacted us from Taste of the Wild to let us know about their yummy foodables!

Happy Hump Day everyone!

Monday, June 21, 2010

First Time Swimming!

Last week, mom and Holden loaded me into the car, stopped at Petco and bought me THIS farkakte thing...
Photobucket's SUMMER and eleventy thousand degrees out here! Do I really need a JACKET????

Then we kept driving over to Hank and Molly's house!!! OOOHHHHH! This ought to be good!
WOW! They have a GIANT BATHTUB in their backyard!!!!!!!!!!

I like taking a bath, so mom figured that I might like to try SWIMMING too! At first I wasn't too sure....

But with Holden's help....I REEEEALLY got the hang of it!!! Check me OUT!

Eat my dust Michael Phelps!!!!!

I took a little break and did some poolside lounging with Hank (he perched his booty up on the TABLE!)
He was looking for someone to bring him a Mountain Dew (it really was too early in the day for PBR) and his Nascar hat for some shade!

I hung out with O'Mally too...
Oy VEY...that old bird can YAP about her Lumbago, her damn-good-fer-nothin'-grandkids that never call, write or visit AND she was pretty honked off because she was missing Matlock on TV that afternoon.

Thanks for having us over Hank and Molly (and Sarah & Scott too!). We had a BLAST and I can't wait to come swimming again!
NEXT time...can I go SKINNY DIPPING instead of wearing this stooopid red thing????

***Mom's note*** Don't forget to check out (and leave a comment on) our TASTE OF THE WILD post to be entered for a prize package from their nice rep, Tara!!!! Winner will be drawn WEDNESDAY!!!!! IF for some reason, you can't comment....just send us a pee mail at LAURA0227(at)YAHOO.COM and we'll put your name in the hat!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!!!!

Hi everyone and Happy "Hallmark Holiday" to all of the daddies out there!

In honor of today, we're posting this pic of me (left)with my PugDaddy, Rufus (right)! can see where I get all this handsome from!!!

Daddy and I are spending Father's Day morning doing THIS....

So Mommy is hijacking the rest of the blog today to wish HER dad (my PA) a very Happy Father's Day, and repeat the blog that we did last year. ENJOY!

Hi everyone and Happy Father's Day!!! Salinger has once again GRACIOUSLY agreed to allow me (Laura) to be a guest blogger just for the day so I can send some props and love to my dad for Father's Day (which I know he's going to hate...but what's he going to do...GROUND ME? hahahaha!)

THIS is my dad, Jim...just taken in the last week or so at Watson Lake in Prescott, AZ!
He lives in Arizona (with mom) and loves all things outdoorsy related after being cooped up indoors as a TEACHER for almost 30 years once upon a time!

Here is an old favorite pic of mine...the date on the back is June 6, 1970 which would make me a little over 3 months old and pretty close to his first Father's Day!
I could make a joke and tell you to imagine banjo music in your head while I tell you that this is his high school graduation picture (HAHAHA!) but the TRUTH is that he had just earned his Master's Degree!!!

Fast forward 38-ish years later and here we are....

I share dad with my younger brother Scott. I realize this is NOT the most flattering pic of ANY of us (hahaha...look at that look of teenage angst on my face! HAHAHA) but there is a very important detail in this picture that I have to share...
Look at my shoes ( shoes!)
This pic was taken in 1982 (in Toronto on vacation!). This was about the time that designer labels and name brands were coming into vogue. Not having much of a clue in the months before this, I wore the regular tennis shoes from Sears (or wherever mom bought them from) and thought nothing of it...UNTIL....some jerky kids started to make fun of me at school for my "cheap shoes" (!!!). I remember dad coming to my rescue one night after dinner and took me to the mall and bought me my first pair of blue Nike shoes, saving me from further shoe ridicule at school! To this day, I don't know if he did it because he was a teacher and saw that kind of thing happen firsthand, or if mom made him do it...whichever it was, THANK YOU DAD! Sometimes character building works in strange ways, and those shoes felt like armor to me at the time. I wish I could say that dad also took my brother under his wing and did something about those tragically dorky tube socks, but sadly, no.

Dad is also know as "PA" to Holden...grandchild extraordinaire! He couldn't say the full word "Grandpa" when he was a baby, so "PA" it was!

I love this pic of them fishing last fall!

OF COURSE we had to save the best for last...(since this IS Salinger's blog!)
Their first official meeting...

...and first KISS!

Happy Father's Day Dad!!! I hope your day is full of peace and quiet and everything else you love!!! Thanks for being the best dad and always being able to make me laugh! I LOVE YOU!

Happy Father's Day to all the other dads out there too...human, canine, whatever!

Have a great day!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Cheating for charity

Two weeks ago (yeah...still catching up), Mom and Holden took me to one of my favorite places!

There was a cool charity event going to on to help the Indy Humane Society....SMOOCH A POOCH!!! For $1 you could kiss Frankie the Bulldog!!!!

Just look at mom....shameless hussy just cheating RIGHT in front of me!!!!! Is this even LEGAL????

Mom loves this series of pics of Holden....just scroll down and look at them all in order and you can almost hear Holden laughing!!!!

Oh SURE...boy and a dog is CUTE and everything...but it's STILL CHEATING!!!

To help me get over my case of the red@$$ over the propped ME up in the kissing booth!!!!

Nope...sorry Mom. You're not pimping out my kisses even if it IS for charity!!! Take me home at once!!!!

Since mom bought me a new placemat and some flossies...I really couldn't stay mad at her. I guess it WAS for a good cause, so I'll work on forgiving her again.

Happy Saturday!

**Mom's note** These pics were taken by a photographer there at Three Dog Bakery and were uploaded to Snapfish. I copied them and have been trying for three days to resize them or get rid of that annoying white background but no dice! Just use your imagination...ok?

Friday, June 18, 2010

June Pug Meetup

TWO WEEKS AGO (ahem) was our monthly meetup in Broadripple Park! It was kind of a rainy, crappy day...but that didn't stop a bunch of my friends and I from hanging out!

As usual...the peeps had to get all up in Pippin's face!
Poor Pippin! He must think "Aw $#it!" when he sees my people coming for him!

My buddy Claude was there too!
Hey Claude! WHEN is that daddy of yours going to start blogging for you???????

Hank and Molly O'Mally were there sniffing with the rest of us, so Holden and Aunt Sarah posed for a nice pic...

Since it was raining...we were under the pavillion in the park to stay somewhat dry. There was also a graduation party being set up in the pavillion. There was a DJ there setting up the sound system, so HANK had to run over and tell them what was what....
Hank's saying, "Now listen here, yer doin' this ALL WRONG!"

They didn't follow Hank's sage advice, so Hank showed them what he thought of their wiring job...
HAHAHA! You show 'em Hanky!!!!

The rain was REEEEALLY starting to come down so it was time to give mom "the look"...
"Can we PUUHLEEEEEEEZE get out of here???"

Here's a good shot of some of our pals leaving....
That's Denny (from the Pug Posse)
Sarah (with Hank and O'Mally)
Vikki (Pug Posse)
Jami (Apollo)
and Mark (Claude...whose bloggie is still nonexistent)

See you all in July (or before!)