Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!! We've had a fun and YUMMY day! Mom made this HUGE meal with all of these fabulous nommables while Maggie and I had to wait for ours.

Um....HELLLOOOOO up there????

When the hoomans were done, mom pulled out two of the good china salad plates and made little Thanksgiving dinners for Maggie and I!


About five more seconds and I'm sure one of us would have keeled over from starvation, so she put the plates down JUST in the nick of time!


Mom took this video of us chowing down!


Maggie did a good job and is a proud member of the "Clean Plate Club"!

Mine was so clean, mom could see herself in my plate!

After the turkey leftovers were put away, the peeps gave us the PLATTER to clean! WHOOHOO! Mom got this cute pic of Maggie going to town.

After dinner, we all watched the DOG SHOW! As usual...the Pug was ROBBED. We think J. Peterman has the whole thing rigged.

The good part was that mom kept giving us little nibbles of turkey!

I'm saying "THANK YOU MOM!" for the good turkey!

Hahahaa...crazy lady forgot to take her apron off!!!

Maggie sat by the dishwasher looking for more crumbs! HAHAHAAAA

We hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving and got to share some nommables with your favorite peeps too!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Hi there! Hey...what the heck is this big orange thing????

It doesn't smell like an orange....WTF????

Hey Holden...WHAT is this thing????

A BASKETBALL you say???? Seems like you're going to be BUSY for a few months! Is that where you've been after school every day????

Congrats to Holden on trying out and making the 6th grade basketball team!!! GO ARABIANS!!!!!!!!

I can't be the basketball mascot because they don't allow Pugs in the gym. Have you every heard of such a stooopid rule????

GOOD LUCK HOLDEN!!! We're all SO PROUD of you!!!! Kick some butt out there!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Recovery Monday

Maggie and I had a fun weekend here playing with Dad and Holden. Dad even bought us a McCheesyBurger to share!

Mom totally ditched us this weekend. She flew to Atlanta to visit her old friend from high school...LISA!

Mom and Lisa had a wonderful girly weekend, and Lisa got them tickets to go see mom's "boyfriend", ANTHONY BOURDAIN!!!! Are you familiar with Mr. Bourdain???? (he's the "egg slut" in this video!)

****Mom's note**** "SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!"

His performance was great/hilarious/informative and Lisa took these pics with her camera...

Here's silly mom trying to hold it together!

Maggie, Mom and I are in full on RECOVERY mode this morning from all the excitement this weekend!

Have a great week everyone!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Chillin' with the Pugs

My buddy Maggie is staying with us for a few days while her humans are out of town. She and I played hard ALL day yesterday and we're still worn out this morning! We decided to just hang out with mom on the couch and catch up on the news.

That's ME in the back in the Colts collar. Maggie was hogging mom's leg!

Normally we run around like a couple of crackheads hopped up on RedBull, so this was a nice change for mom to be able to take a VIDEO of both of us!

We weren't really into it though...can you tell????

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you have a great weekend!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Au revoir, Sweet Betty!

Most of you have probably heard the news by now, but our dear dear friend and Frenchie member of the Smush Faces, Betty has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Here is our favorite picture of Betty

We can just picture her telling all of her friends on the other side of the bridge about the great life she had with her Smushie siblings and Shannon and Bruce. She got to live near the ocean and then on a RANCH with all sorts of other 4 leggers. We like to think that Betty is running around on some nice thick grass, chasing her tennis ball, eating bowl after bowl of ground turkey and of course FARTING to her little heart's content!

To honor Betty...I'm reposting this pic of me doing my best Frenchie impression.

We will miss you Betty! You always made us smile!
If you haven't already...drop by the Smush Face bloggie and share some love!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Workin' it for KPR and I were WORKIN' IT for Kentuckiana Pug Rescue! We manned the table at the Indy Gift and Hobby Show and talked to a lot of people about Pug rescue and Pugs in general.

Mom made me wear my bow tie. She said I had to look "festive". Pssshhhh. Notice SHE'S not wearing a Santa hat or anything!

Aunt Sarah was there too with my pals Hank and Molly!

Here Molly O'Mally is getting some snuggles. She was all honked off that she was missing the salmon croquettes lunch special at MCL Cafeteria.

We talked to a TON of interesting people! Some people had their own puggies at home, and some came up and asked "What kind of dogs are these?"

I couldn't stop staring at this crazy lady's ANTLERS! She should go on that Medical Mysteries show!

There were a LOT of little hooman puppies there! This little cutie just LOVED me!

Her name is Alexis and we promised her a shout out on our bloggie! HI ALEXIS! Thanks for visiting me and for helping the Puggies of KPR!!! You ROCK girl!!!!

Mom did her best to explain how Pug rescue works and so many nice people were willing to give their treat money up!

THANK YOU, nice lady!!!!

Here are Hank and O'Mally chilling out in the Puggy Playpen.

I think they kinda liked being in there away from all the excitement.

...but NOT ME!!!!!

GET ME OUTTA THIS FARKAKTE CAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aunt Annie came to relieve us and then took over the money collecting duties. She later told Mom that all total for the day, we collected just over $100 in donations!!!

HOLY PUG! That's a good chunk of kibble money!!!!

Don't worry...if you missed the Indy Gift and Hobby can STILL DONATE to KPR! Just CLICK THIS LINK and feel free to help the puggies in the care of KPR!

Monday, November 8, 2010

How did mom get into the TV box???

For the last two days, mom has been cooking these things and stinking up the house while she's yammering on about "testing", "tasting", and "perfecting".

She's also been acting like a crackhead hopped up on some super strength Starbucks Extra Bold too!

She LEFT me by myself (with the eau d'onion lingering here in the house!) this morning to go do THIS......

CLICK HERE to watch the segment on the TV channel's website if this picture is too squishy!

That's my friend Jenna (she has a PUGGLE named COOPER!) and MOM cooking on TV!!!!! She left the TV on that channel when she left me and then I got to watch her LIVE when she came on!

Nice job mom! No F-bombs or undesirable bodily functions on live TV! Next time, how about a shout out to the Pug here at home?????

Happy Monday everyone!!!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Toilet Talk

Mom and dad have been kvetching about the toilet in the master bath for AGES now. They kept trying to "fix" it and wound up breaking it completely and then realizing they were SCREWED because none of the replacement guts fit or worked! GRRRR! SO they decided to have the whole farkakte crapper replaced.

SO...that makes me the PLUMBING ASSISTANT PUG today!!!

Don't worry...they didn't try to attempt this feat themselves! They called over their buddy, and football dad extraordinaire, JERRY! I love Mr. Jerry because he plays with me and tells me about HIS doggie...a big Golden named Scout!

Um...Mr. Jerry? Why is the can right in the middle of the BEDROOM???? This doesn't seem right!

Jerry explained to me how to uninstall the old toilet, scrape up the wax ring, and replace it with a new one to insure a perfect seal...

I'm taking good notes for mom and dad....

HEY...the new one fits!!! Way to go Jerry!!!

Ok, bolt that sucker down....

...and I'll test 'er out!!!!

Hey about a newspaper and a little PRIVACY PLEASE?????

Thank you so much for installing the new throne, Jerry!!! You rock!!!!

Happy Friday everyone!!!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tuesday Thievery

I think I'm going to be in the doghouse for a few days after THIS little escapade.

I HAD to do it...I'm still protesting those new bowls!!!!!

I'm starving for crying out Pug!!!!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Humiliation

Happy Monday everyone and I hope everyone had a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!! My Halloween started out completely humiliating and only got worse from there......

I went Trick or Treating at Three Dog Bakery wearing THIS getup! The girls that worked there were all squealy over it, and I even got TWO big bags of treats, but I still wasn't happy and even juiced my anal glands all over mom's lap on the way home! HAHAHAAA! started making chili and everyone was changing clothes and running around and a bunch of other humans came over (WITH my pal MAGGIE!!!!). It was crazy! Mom put me in a striped shirt and then went outside to do something weird to the front door with tape and kept ringing the doorbell and laughing herself stupid.

Maybe she was locked out....who knows.

Daddy even got into the Halloween spirit and wore a costume!!!!

He's veteran Red Wing goalie, Terry Sawchuck!!!!! Awesome eh?

Here are Holden and Mom. Holden and his BFF (Seth) dressed up as OLD LADIES!

Mom has this secret ambition to be a Naptown Roller Girl, so she dressed the part. She only had ONE big fall over the curb as she was skating around the driveway.

Here's a good shot of Holden and his buddies right before they left for trick or treating!

That's Seth, Joe, Justin (the PIMP! HAHAHA) and Holden.

Mom LOVES this pic of Holden and Seth...

They were calling each other "Gladys" and "Helga" and didn't break character all night! They were calling everyone "whippersnappers" and "sonny"! HAHAHAAA

So while all this jackassery was going on, Maggie and I sat inside and watched everyone get free candy and point and laugh at us.

WTF? WHY is everyone laughing at us??????

Finally, the peeps shut the light off and came in the house with all the kids and ate more chili and went through all the candy!


The kids swapped and made deals with their candy.

HEY...if I steal a Snickers for you, will you give me a McCheesyBurger????

Everyone started whining about SCHOOL the next day and then everyone started to go home. Maggie and I had fun inside the warm house and keeping tabs on all the crap going on outside, and STILL have no idea why the entire 'hood kept pointing at us in the door and laughing.

Now take this farkakte shirt OFF me! NO ONE looks good in horizontal stripes Mom!!!!

Hope you all had a fabulous Halloweeeeeeeeen!!!!!