Saturday, May 9, 2009

Stamping out hunger (with Pearl)

Hi everyone!

Hopefully you all ready my gal-pal PEARL's post yesterday about donating to the Mail Carrier's Food Drive today! If your mail person hasn't come yet...get a bag of goodies out to your mailbox toute de suite (pronnounced TOOT SWEET!)

Mom and I cleaned out the pantry yesterday and LOOK at all the yummies we came up with!

OH WAIT! There's MORE!

MORE??? Now mom is just being silly!!!

One question...HOW are we going to get all this stuff into THIS little bag?

We hope our awesome mail lady Janie collected LOTS of good stuff for the people that need it!

PEE ESS: I am totally embarrassed that I'm totally BUTT NAKED in these pictures! Mommy took my collar off to give me a bath when we got home from Holden's soccer practice (I was all muddy!) and I wasn't dry yet in this picture! I hope TMZ doesn't get ahold of this picture!


Tweedles -- that's me said...

Hi Salinger
What a good job in finding foodies to help stomp out the hunger! That is some mighty good lookin food, that should make a lot of tummys happy. You look great naked!

Hank said...

Sal, 'bout bringin' some o' that food over and stampin' out MY hunger???

Stubby said...

Salinger - I could have used some of that food! I hope the USPS collected lots of food for all the hungry people in the U.S.
Stubby xoxo

Libby's Library said...

Hi ya Salinger. We read Pearl Girls post, and did our part.
Hey - your mom can stack stuff really well.

Stanley said...


You know, TMZ probably already has file photos of you in the buff, man. They're crazy thorough.

I hope your mail lady didn't have to carry all that food around herself, because I bet she had a lot of people donate! What a cool idea.

About your lawn, we totally sympathize. My yard is very jungle-like right now too, and Stella & I have worn away an arc from one gate to the other, that goes around our deck. My girl's going to have someone re-seed it while we're out of town to give it a chance to grow.

I just have to tell you that we LOVE your wrinkled brow photos. We both go nuts over puggy wrinkles. (Call us crazy!)

Happy Mother's Day to your mama. Give her a big juicy goob smooch from me!

Goober love,

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