Friday, May 1, 2009

Talkin edition!

Hey everyone!

It's a rainy Friday night and I'm settling down to watch round 2 of HOCKEY PLAYOFFS with the family....check me out all ready to cheer for our beloved Red Wings...
Let's go Red Wings!!!!

We're playing the Anaheim's what their jerseys look like (almost)
Hahahaha...look close!

Here's what I think of the Ducks....

Ok....time for opening faceoff....I must focus!

(and if you're a fan of any other team (like the Canucks) it's ok...we still love you...EVEN during the playoffs!)

***MOM'S NOTE*** Wings won 3-2!!!!


Sandra y Coco Pug said...

Hi S-Dog! We don't know much about hockey but we sure love your face on those pics! Nevis is right, you are so expressive!!!
PS A super belated Happy Birthday to your uncle, he is quite handsome! (don't let my daddy read this, please!!)
Also, your family reunion was awesome!!!

Kelly said...

HAHAHA I am giggling at your sweet face in that hat, and also at Sandra's comment about your Uncle! hehehe!

Have a good weekend, S-dog fam!

XOXO Pearly

Nevis said...

LOVE cute little Salingers faces that he makes! So precious!

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha You're mean.. the loss of Sami Salo maybe our downfall.. no matter how amazing Bobby Lou is.. sigh.. but we will still win this round!! Go Canucks Go!!!!

Hahaha love the ducks jersey!