Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day everyone! Salinger has so GENEROUSLY agreed to allow me (Laura) to be a "guest blogger" JUST for today in honor of Mother's Day!

I want to wish a BIG BIG BIG Happy Mother's Day (a.k.a. "Hallmark Holiday" :-) to MY mom in Arizona! You may know her as "Mimi" to Holden and Salinger.
Here's a group shot to keep everyone straight. Mimi, ME (Laura), Holden with Salinger. It's like a Family Tree chart!

I was so excited to find this picture because it would be of Mimi's FIRST Mother's Day! The date on the back of this pic is May 10, 1970 which was Mother's Day (according to Google anyway).
I'm pretty sure the tongue wasn't a sign of disrespect since I was only a little over 2 months old at the time. I think I was just trying to give her a "Pug kiss" for Mother's Day!

Fast forward 38-ish years and here's what you've got now!
Cheering at Holden's football game last fall...

Arizona visit a few weeks ago!
How the HECK does mom look almost exactly the same as she did in the 1970 picture? I sure hope I got some of those genes!!!!!

My mom celebrates "Double trouble" every Mother's Day because I share her with my younger brother, SCOTT. I love this pic that was taken of us in October when everyone came to Indiana to visit!
It has to be such a nice change of pace for mom to have us both as "grownups" now! No screaming, kicking, hitting, bickering or other general idiocy going on anymore.

"Mimi" got her name from Holden (who couldn't say "Grandma" when he was little, so the name stuck...
Holden wishes Mimi a Happy Mother's Day too!!!!

Mom is also "Mimi" to Salinger! She's never really been much of a dog person, UNTIL she met him. Check this out...this is the first time they ever met...
He snuggled right up in her lap! Awwww!

Thank you Mom for being the BEST mom in the world! You've taught me everything I know about how to be a good mom and person in general and that Karma will ALWAYS catch up to evidenced by the 10 year old mouthy mess machine I've got on my hands now!!! My gift to you this year is all the laughs that you're sure to continue to have as I enjoy a few more years of "payback"!!!

I LOVE YOU MOM!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great day and enjoy your trip to see Grandpa!

Happy Mother's Day one and all...human, canine...whatever!


Hank said...

Laura, honey....that's a real nice post and pictures, I tell ya what.

Baby Laura was ALMOST as cute as a pug. :)

Happy Mother's Day to ya, honey!

Murphy Dogg said...

Happy Mother's Day to you Laura! And to Mimi!
Salinger, I hope you're doing something nice for your mom today, cause us dogs gotta appreciate our mamas who do, like, EVERYTHING for us.
Murphy Dogg

Pug Posse said...

What a very nice post! Happy mother's day, Laura! I hope you get spoiled today :-)
Pug hugs and kisses!
The Pug Posse

Stubby said...

Hi Laura - It's so nice to have you as a guest blogger today. i loved the picture of Mimi's first Mother's Day. Mom is always talking about the 70's and how cool the hairdos were, so to see them in pictures makes me realize how crazy Mom is.

I think you have Mimi's genes because you are both really pretty. I hope you have a really great day with your family.

Stubby xoxo

KibitzKnitz said...

Awww!!! What a sweet post!! Happy Mother's day to your Mom and to YOU, Laura! One of the best mom's I know.... cuz Bob says so!

Brill said...

Your mom looks amazing in her old picture !

Happy Mother's Day (US) !

(Here in the UK we celebrate Mother's Day in March)

Tweedles -- that's me said...

What a lovely post!
Your mom is still as beautiful as the day you were born- did not change a bit!
And you were a cute puggie!
Happy Mothers Day

Apollo said...

Happy Mother's Day Miz. Laura. And yes, you have your Mother's genes. Enjoyed seeing your tongue guard.

Kelly said...

I sure hope all the wonderful women in your family had a fabulous Mother's Day!

Whatever Mimi's eatin'.... I want some.... she's found the fountain of youth!!!!

Nevis said...

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Mothers day!

You and your mom look so much alike.. :) I am sure she will pass down her amazing genes.. lol

The Devil Dog said...

That was an awesome post. What a wonderful tribute to your mother. We love your first Mother's Day photo. That is great!