Tuesday, December 29, 2009

O Holden...where art thou????

My friend Maggie is here visiting for a few days! We've had fun playing and snuggling with everyone!

The other morning, mom gave us a very important search and rescue mission to find Holden!

We think he might be hiding in this blankety lump somewhere...

AH HAAAAH! We smell him!!!!

Back up! Look...we have evidence!!!


Silly Holden is sleeping SIDEWAYS and his feets are poking out of the blankety lump!!! WAKE UP HOLDEN! Time to play!!!!

Happy Tuesday everyone!


houndstooth said...

I'm glad you found him in there! Maybe you missed your calling! Perhaps you should be a search and rescue pug!


Anonymous said...

I find that standing over your human, mentally willing them to wake up, and staring at them with CRAZY EYES works too!

Yer pal,

Tweedles -- that's me said...

that looked like a very long search to us! We are glad you accomplished your mission. Everyone needs to be accounted for!

Martha said...

You and Maggie make a great team! You also look very cute together!
Sorry we have been missing - we lost our entire blog roll over xmas - yes it just disappeared and what with work, xmas, dogs etc have not had time to sort it out.
We hope you had a good xmas.
Martha & Bailey xxx

Scout and Freyja said...

Silly humans. They should know that us canines can sniff 'em out a mile away - or at least sniff out those stinky feets from a few inches away - YUM!

Archie and Melissa said...

hi s dog and maggie!
great job finding holden!

he cannot sleep with two puggies in the house to play with!
m & e

Murphy Dogg said...

Stick your tongue in his ear! Instant wake-up!

Two French Bulldogs said...

I think Holden was hiding from you. Let out some stinkys and see if he gets up
Benny & Lily

Sonic said...

I always just hiew hiew hiew loudly until my Pops wakes up.

BTW, if the "Roti bun" that you're talking about is that coffee bun thing, then yeah my humans told me that they were all the rage here at one stage. Now humans are fussing about designer donuts instead. Humans, so fickle...


Hank said...

Holden, buddy.....doncha just HATE gettin' ganged up on?!?!

Anonymous said...

hahaha did you jump on him? lol

and yes there was sharing because that black dog is damn vicious! lol

Paula said...

Salinger; LOL....I bet you are the best butt and feet searcher ever. Wouldn't take you long to find Holden.