Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Another trip to the vet

I had to go to see Dr. Graves again yesterday. My "zit rash" thing is back on my face again. Mom wanted to be sure that's what it was and figured I'd need an antibiotic prescription to help me. She guessed right.

Dr. Graves called it "folliculitis" and said that Pugs are prone to ingrown whiskers that can easily become infected. Do any other Puggys out there have this problem?

Dr. Graves and his staff were so nice (as usual!). They gave me the cute Santa collar that I'm wearing, a paw shaped Christmas stocking and a new stuffed Christmas Pig! WOW! The pig OINKS and plays Jingle Bells when mom squeezes his tummy! I'm not sure if I like him yet...he freaks me out a little.
(Sigh)....Opposable thumbs would make writing my thank you notes SO much easier!


Kelly said...

Salinger! :( You look so sad!

Believe it or not, my sweet little face has been plagued by 'doggie acne', as we call it. When Momma and I lived in an apartment, I had it the WHOLE time! The antibiotics would fix it, but then when I ran out of pills... it was back! We never figured it out!

Once we moved to a different home, it was GONE forever! Weird! Must have been an allergy to something...

Anyway, I sure hope yours gets better! It does not, in any way, affect your handsome-ness. Your Sophie girl will still love your face!

Anonymous said...

Things that sing are scary.. they are the only toys Gus will methodically disembowel. It's funny.

Yes we had many puggy pimples, Gus got them longer then Indy did but then she would chew on his face and they would bleed.
I made sure I would wash his face before bed and I also used antibacterial zit wipes, clearox? Clearsil? Something like that and it helped lots.

The Devil Dog said...

Opposable thumbs would come in hand for so MANY things, who are you kidding.
Sorry about your follitis stuff. Hope it gets better.


Archie and Melissa said...

hi salinger!
your mom takes such good care of you! you are loved every where you go!
cool new toys!
m & e

BevAndBailey said...

Salinger...I've known some kitties who are allergic to plastic and get pimples when they eat from plastic bowels. You had your face buried in that peanut butter jar, and I think it was plastic. Could there be any connection?

I hope you're doggie acne is better soon!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys! Merry Christmas!

Mea gets some nasty puppy-puggy zits and we've found that colloidal silver works wonders on them! We put it on a cloth and dab her zits (2-3 times a day) in the morning and again at night. After a couple days they shrink right up and go away :)

Colloidal silver is safe for puggies and it also works wonders on wrinkle infections and itchy ears. You can probably buy it at the health food store.