Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tag....we're it (yikes!)

Oh boy...Melissa and Emmitt sent us our first tag with very explicit instructions which I'm sure Mom (she's a total tech tard) will screw up royally.

Ok...the first part we can handle...Melissa asked us to take a picture of our fridge (aka "Cold Box") and tell about it.

Here we go..........

First off...ingnore the fingerprints!
As you can's pretty puggy! There are lots of pictures of me and also of Holden. Notice all SIX of Holden's "All A Honor Roll" ribbons from this past school year! At the top left is one of mommy's ads that she's in for Community Hospital's Bariatric program. She lost 145 pounds after her surgery back in 2005 and is their "spokespatient" now and shows up in local magazines and advertising here and there. She keeps that picture on the fridge to keep her OUT of it! At the bottom right is a cool list that Holden made of all the stuff he wants to do over summer vacation. Some things he's already done (learn to whittle with wood and learn to chop veggies with mom's big chef's knife) and then there are a few left to go (make stepping stones and go fishing).

Here is the side view...
MORE Pug stuff....our favorite is the magnet that says "Meshuggapug"!

Ok...we're supposed to tell about something on the inside.......we're going with the jar of Holden's homemade BBQ sauce! We started with a can of diet coke and added some tomato paste and simmered it together and I told Holden to "go nuts" with the spice cabinet and pantry. He added a "bit of this and that" (brown sugar, mustard, cayanne, onion powder, etc. etc.) until it tasted just right. It's YUMMY and we've been eating it on everything from chicken to a plain spoon!

All I'm supposed to include the logo of the award that Melissa & Emmitt somehow decided that we were supposed to have. THANK YOU!

Then we're supposed to "tag" 7 other people and include links to their page.

We're choosing

Pug and Bugg
Maggie & Mitch
The Devil Dog
Beth's Blog

Mom (again....TECH TARD) JUST learned (Thanks Devil Dog!) know how to do the funky links where you just click on someone's name, so hopefully it will work.

(Note...just came back through and did hyperlinks, but now I can't find Nevis! Nevis...if you're reading were originally tagged too so play along!)

Ok, now we have to go to all those people and give them their award and tell them what to do. Oy vay! I think Mom needs a nap and/or maybe a stiff drink first.

Computer stuff gives her a headache. She says that's Daddy's job!


The Devil Dog said...

Congrats on the award. Neat fridge front. Mom likes that your mom puts all Holden's ribbons up. And that you have lots of puggy things on your fridge.

When your mom writes a post, does she see a little button that looks like a chain? If you click on it, it will open a link box. Highlight the name you want linked,(before you are ready for it, copy the address you want) and paste it in the link box. Click ok and you should be okay.


Archie and Melissa said...

hi salinger!
totally awesome post! i loved learning all new things about your family and seeing your fridge.
you guys are waaaaayyyy coooooool!
great job!
m & e

Molly the Airedale said...

Thanks for tagging us, Salinger! We'll get right on it! That barbeque sauce sounds delicious! Thank you for the award!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Unknown said...

Thanks for the tag! I forgot to tell you - we totally tested out the Frito feet theory and can back you up that apparently there is also a mid-atlantic pug frito-feet anonymous meeting club here too. Weeeeeeird.

The Devil Dog said...

It worked! Yeah team! You are so welcome. Mom had help when she first blogged, so she figures she has to give help too!

Thanks for the award! I bet Holden and PlusOne would have a ball together.


Anonymous said...

You did a good job!!