Friday, July 24, 2009

Back to our normal programming....

Sorry for our silence the last few days...Mom went to Michigan and since I lack opposable thumbs, I am unable to blog without her, BUT she is back and I don't mind telling you that I am MORE than a little perturbed at what went down...

Mom went to go see Great Grandpa. Lucky!!! Even though he thinks dogs ONLY belong on farms (WHAAAAAAT?) I think he secretly digs me!
Mimi (Mom's mom) flew in from AZ it was like a big party!

All this while I was sitting HOME...on my pillow...waiting for daddy to come home and feed me.

To make matters WORSE....Great Grandpa lives with Aunt Candy and Uncle Bill (Mimi's sister and bro in law) and they live RIGHT ON LAKE HURON!
Mom got her feet in the sand......

While I was HOME......on my pillow......

Here's another nice shot of mom....chillaxin' on Aunt Candy and Uncle Bill's deck...drinking her coffee and listening to waves

While I was HOME.....and (you guessed it!) ON MY PILLOW........

SO unfair!!!!!!!!!!!


Pug(s) and Bugg said...

All you got was a stinkin' PILLOW? You should have been given free range of the big bed!

Anonymous said...

Aww you poor thing Salinger.. you are soooo horribly neglected! :)
How many leftovers did your daddy feed while Mom was away? lol

Stubby said...

Salinger you poor thing! Your mom should have driven you up here to hang out with me while she was gone. I would've let you hang with me on the sofa and bed - forget about the stinkin' pillow!

Stubby xoxo

Harry Pugalicious said...

Dude! That really blows. Did she brings you some treats to make up for the neglect? You wants me to call the SPCA? Or you could just come hang with me in the 'ham to get backs at her!

Neas Nuttiness said...

AAAAaawwwwww poor Salinger, your life is so hard. Mom's need to get away every now and then, so give her a break!

Rosie said...

Look on the bright side - atleast you have a pillow.
I must say though Salinger - God broke the mold when he made your pug mug - it is by far the best out there!

Becky said...

I bet if Daddy was telling this story, there would be a different side. You neglected, I don't think so! Besides it is good to visit family. What a nice view of the lake!

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi salinger!

oh you look so cute on your pillow!

we are so glad your mom had a wonderful vacation. great pictures!

we missed you both!

m & e

Hank said...

Sal, buddy......I feel fer ya. I mope when my mom goes away....'cept I don't have "the tragic look" down as good as you!

Tweedles -- that's me... said...

Hi Salinger
Well for petes sake, you did not get to chill out on the lake too?
I am with you- its not fair!
But you are mighty cute on that HUGE pillow.
I know your mom had a good time

My word is ANTIE

Sequoia & Petunia said...

Oh poor Salinger we need to upgrade your pillow!