Saturday, July 18, 2009

A typical walk in the 'hood

Hi everyone! My friends Sophie, Dixie and Harley did a cool post about "Wednesday Walkies" so we thought we'd document a walk in our 'hood too! Mom usually makes us walk with her every night after dinner whether we like it or not!!!!

Here's dad and I hoofin' it
Mom was lollygagging behind! HURRY UP LADY!!!!

FIRST off....I have to check my Pee-mail...
I love to read all the interesting messages....

A little further down the street....I have to LEAVE Pee-mail for some of my friends...

Mom and dad laugh at this goofy sign stuck in someone's yard.......
Mom said she'd give me a pig ear if I'd take a dump right then and there....but I didn't have to go. I waited until waaay later when we were just PAST the park trash can to lay cable.

Then we got to one of the little parks in the 'hood. There were no kids there tonight, so I got to go down the slide!!!

Your turn mom!

A little farther ahead, we met THIS guy......
He was a nice Puggle (Pug + Beagle) named Oscar!!! He is 2 years old, just like me!

Mom and I stopped to reflect by the lake...
We didn't see any ducks out on the water tonight. I usually yell at them.

Dad and I had to stop and look disgustedly at this house.......
Look closely...........
Mom wants to send them an anonymous "NastoGram" in the mail and tell them that Christmas lights in July is just plain flat out jackassery...but they probably won't care.


I saw a bunny in someone's yard....

Then I spotted these loves Black Eyed Susans!

Here we are back at home in our driveway....
Time for a drink!!!

Check out this cool site that mom uses to calculate how far we According to the map there...our normal route is 2.3 miles!

Happy Saturday everyone!


Tweedles -- that's me... said...

Salinger, thank you for sharring your walkie with us.
You were very brave to go down the slide. Aren't they fun?
I agree about the fhake xmas lights!
Kinda fun to look and mark your territory, isn't it?

Aniemother said...

Thanks for showing us your neighbourhood, Salinger!


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi salinger!
what a great walk! we are going to see how far my mom takes me everyday!
thanks for the link!

Nancy Medina said...

Salinger, this here is Howie Crateprisoner. Does that web site thingy measure how far pugs walk? Thanks for sending Pearly the file cake recipe to bust me outta here. I would love to go fur a walk again someday *plays violins and has pity pawty for Howie in his own mind*
your good pal,

Becky said...

Nice place to go for a walk. Can't believe a pug can go that far, but that is great exercise.

Lily and Benson said...

Wow Salinger, you had a great walk. We went up the street and back. But we did see our friends Sailor, Sadie and Toby.
au revoir
Lily and Benny

Hank said...

Sal, buddy....I'll give ya twenty bucks to take a dump on that yard sign!

Yoda and Brutus said...

Looks like you had a great walk. I like to stop and read the peemail too. By the way, what is up with the christmas lights - christmas in july maybe?


Stacy/Brutus said...

I love walking too because we get to pick up and drop us lots of pee mail!

Anonymous said...

Haha I would have sent you a pigs ear if you had pooped there too! Too funny!!

The Great Rock Eater said...

I need to convince mommy that we should walk more!! Usually she justs let Madie and I run in the backyard. But I think we should explore more!!!! Looks like your walk was lots of fun!
Happy Monday

Rosie said...

That is a great walk and looks like a very nice hood. My mom cracked up over the Jack Assery guy with the xmas lights. (I still dont get it though - she told me never mind it was hooman humor.) I think that guy was just dumb for leaving his lights up.