Sunday, July 12, 2009

Indy Mini Meetup

Our Indy Pug Meetup was yesterday at Broadripple Park...but it was raining and thundering and mom said she didn't need the we skipped it and just went to the MINI MEETUP (a.k.a. "the after-party") at The Pug Posse's house! All but 2 of the Indy Bloggers were there (we missed you Heather and Annie!) but we had a GREAT time INDOORS.

Mom said that she was going to try and get me to have fun this time instead of just being the lone wolf that I am. Things started out ok when I got hugs from Jami (Apollo's mom) and Sarah (Hank and Molly's mom...peeking around me)
I had to be nice and show Jami some love because she and Sean just got MARRIED on the 4th of July! CLICK HERE to go say HI and congratulate them!

Sarah is the one that says my face always looks like I've just received tragic news!
I had to show her some love since she bought me that cool "Queen" charm that I'm wearing (click here for a refresher).

I got some good buttscratches from Cindy (Brutus and Yoda's mom)

I sat with Kelly for a while (Sophie, Dixie and Harley's mom)
and all was fine until...........


...and Holden started to snuggle Sophie (JEALLLLOUS!)

I was starting to get mad......

I was ready to leave right then and there, but then HANK and my DAD started talking.....

...and came up with THIS brilliant idea.........

(mom was laughing too hard and missed the first line of the song!)
You may remember the original performance of this foolishness, but if you need a refresher...CLICK HERE!

The humiliation was getting to be TOO much to handle...all I could look at was that DOOR so I could get the hell out of there!!!!
Look at mom and Kelly looking all happy like they're having a blast while I'm suffering!

Of COURSE we had to take the usual Indy Blogger I sat somewhat politely for that nonsense...
Front row is Jessica, Jami, Sarah, MOM (Laura)
Back row is Kelly, Stacy, Vikki and Cindy
We were missing Heather and Annie. Maybe NEXT time it will be a true group pic!

So after the flashes stopped, I PLEADED with mom and dad to take me OUT of there at once and get me back to my nice quiet house where the only Pug walking around is ME!

Thank you to Vikki and Dennis for being the perfect hostess/host and for a fun day, despite the crummy weather!

***MOM'S NOTE*** Ok...maybe we overdramatized a bit. We DID have a great time (Salinger included) but he's just used to being an "only dog" (kind of like if you threw an only child into a room with 18 other kids). He's just fine...just more of a "people dog" is all.


Becky said...

You look so serious in the last pic. I'm sorry you didn't have the best time there at the meetup. Next time may be better! You just need to lighten up a little.

Pug Posse said...

S-dog, we're sorry you didn't have a better time. Your mom sure seemed to have fun, especially making that video of all of our humans being retarded! We're glad you were able to make it...maybe you'll have more fun next time ;-)
Pug hugs and kisses!
The Pug Posse

Tweedles -- that's me... said...

Your family and friends know how to party, and we love it soo much!
Sorry you were not having the grandest of times. Your just not used to it.
Mighty good time it looked like!
Thanks for sharring this happiness

Pearl said...

Oh Salinger, the torture continues! You do look traumatized, as per usual.

The March of the Pugs was awesome! I am still giggling!

The Great Rock Eater said...

It was a great time and nice to haev almost everyone together!! Can't wait to do it again!!

Charlie said...

Being an only-dog is the best!

Nevis said...

Great pics Laura! Salinger is a total cutie. If he wasn't such a player, I'd suggest him and Ruki getting together. But I'm worried about her delicate feelings.

Ayatollah Mugsy said...

That looks like quite a party. Why can't I ever get a house full of pugs?

Pearl and Daisy said...


We hope you have a better time at the next meet up. In the mean time, maybe your mom can give you extra treats to ease the pain?

Pug love from
Pearl & Daisy

Hank said...

Sal, the heck are ya ever gonna sub fer my poker club if ya don't like dogs?!

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