Monday, July 20, 2009

Tag, we're it!!!!

We were tagged by Winston and Clementine to open one of our pet pic folders and post a pic we haven't used before and tell a story about it.

I have shared this story a few years ago with a few via email........but here it is for anyone that may have missed it, or just wants to laugh again.......Clearly I was NOT having a good day!!!

ONE question is weighing heavy on my mind right now. Maybe some of you can help me out with an answer. WHY DO WE HAVE 9,000 DIFFERENT ALLEN WRENCHES IN OUR TOOLBOX??????????

Good god Gertie....I'm trying to find a little screwdriver to open up some little battery part of one of Holden's toys and I was rummaging in the toolbox wondering what kind of Karma I was working off to the Ikea Gods that would make them FILL the toolbox with so many farkakte allen wrenches. WHY WHY WHY do we have these? I am CERTAIN that I personally did not deposit ANY of them into the that leaves hubby..........hmmmm.

Kevin is in Denver and not available for comment. I'm going to just let this one go because I already used my monthly girly yelling ration last week when I ripped him a new one for keeping our music files in some cryptic folder that I couldn't figure out (just put it all under MUSIC so a normal person can find it!). He actually moved it all for me (so now it's under MUSIC) and I can reload my MP3 player and go for a run without wanting to stab people. I think he really thought it was a good idea to keep the mp3s in some weird drive I didn't even know we had (J? K? Some weird middle of the alphabet letter) THEN under something else, and fifty other clicks that made no sense. I guess it's that whole Male/Female/Mars/Venus deal again. Whatever.........

Ok...back to the kvetching at hand.......the allen wrenches. What do I do with them? Just throw them out? Is there some sort of organization that RECYCLES them or repurposes them? I don't think Ikea furniture comes with those little plastic postage paid envelopes (like ink cartridges do) to mail off somewhere. Does anyone out there NEED or WANT a friggin metric TON of allen wrenches??????

And while I'm being all yelly...........WHY do all kids toys have that SCREW LOCKDOWN device thing on the battery packs? I'm sure there was one moron kid out there that got into the batteries and sucked on them and probably died or something, but REALLY....did the toy manufacturers have to go so far as to require a TOOLBOX to change the batteries in a kid's toy?

OMG...wait........I have the answer (just came to me!)............The toy people need to get in cahoots with the allen wrench people and make the battery packs ACCESSIBLE BY ALLEN WRENCH (instead of one of a hundred different screwdriver sizes). Now THERE'S a good idea! See..sometimes there is a point to my otherwise pointless ranting.

Ok....I feel like I've used my powers for good tonight after figuring that out. I'm still going to go through the toolbox, pull out ALL the allen wrenches and bag that foolishness up and present it to Kevin upon his return and try and get some kind of reasoning out of him. This ought to be good.


We're passing this tag along to anyone who hasn't done it yet. Come on...find a good pic and tell us a good story!


The Great Rock Eater said...

Love the picture!! Salinger, you look so perplexed by all the wrenches on the floor. I can't blame you!!!
Happy Monday!!

Anonymous said...

I keep my ikea allen wrenches in a baggie with the leftover screws because if my bed falls apart at 3am.. we *cough* he will have the parts to fix it!! lol

That is too funny.

Hank said...

I'm laughing picturing you in your running clothes stabbing innocent bystanders on the street!

Rosie said...

hmmmm I never met allen's wench.

Rosie said...

ooops i meant an allen wrench