Monday, July 13, 2009 the Gas America!

Hi everyone! Well...I got some revenge on mom today for subjecting me to forcible Pug mingling on Saturday (previous post). I jacked her up BUT GOOD, and afterward...I overheard her say something about the "meat packing plant" to dad again! Yikes!

Here's what went down today............(please note that these pics are a reenactment of the events of earlier today)

Mom and I were in the car (normal, right?). She had to stop at the Gas America in Fortville to fill the car back up. Now, NORMALLY when she stops to get gas, she tells me "STAY" and I do...right on my pillow like I'm supposed THIS

BUT...I was feeling particularly SAUCY today and decided to slip out with her...kind of like THIS...

Mom felt me jump out (good thing she didn't slam the door on me!) and before she could even react...I TOOK OFF across the crowded gas station!

She SCREAMED "SAAAAALINGER!!!!!!!!" and went into full blown BAT-$#!T CRAZY LADY mode! She threw her keys on the ground, threw her wallet at a nice old lady next to her, kicked off her shoes and TORE AFTER me. She got close and then did what can only be described as the Superfly Splash move (remember the old WWF Wrestler named Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka?)
Check this out if you want to see the move mom did to capture me.........

She had a MUCH cuter outfit on when this actually happened...remember, this is a reenactment! The good outfit made it WAY more funny!

Can you believe she GOT me on her first try???? The end result looked something like THIS in the Gas America parking lot...

A truckload of painters asked mom if she was ok or if she needed help (a little late!) When they realized she was ok, they told her she should check to see if Gas America had surveillance cameras because she could wind up on YouTube with that dive!

Once mom recovered from her heart attack enough to move...she realized she had gravel stuck in her leg and was bleeding in a few places from where rocks poked her. She's going to have some nice road rash on her leg for a few days! (You might have to biggify if you want to see anything gross)
Check out that guilty "I'm sorry" face I have! Do you think she bought it??? HAHAHAHAHAA (SUCKER!)

Happy Monday everyone!


The Great Rock Eater said...

Salinger!! After thatstunut, you'll be lucky if your mommy doesn't send you to the meat packing plant for that little stunt!! You're lucky yourmommy caught you. You could have been hurt in a busy parking lot!!!! We hope your mommy is ok!

Yoda and Brutus said...

Salinger, you are lucky you didn't get hurt and your mom didn't get hurt worse. You need to be more careful and stay on your pillow in the car

Pearl and Daisy said...

Uh-oh, Salinger. That was pretty naughty and we know naughty!

We're glad everyone was okay except for some ouchies.

You gotta listen to your mom next time!!!

Pug love from,
Pearl & Daisy

The Devil Dog said...

Oh My GOD! That is just amazing. Throwing the keys on the ground? Throwing the wallet at an old lady? Kicking of her shoes? What kind? And diving on you? OMG! You are lucky she isn't black and blue all over her legs. You are lucky you're not going to the meat packing plant. Heck, you're lucky if you're not grounded for, like, forever!


Hank said...

Sal, buddy! Yer mom coulda been killed! THEN who woulda made yer daily scrambled egg???

Pug(s) and Bugg said...


Rachel said...

HOOOOOLY CRAP, Salinger. Evading the mom AND causing gravel on flesh road rash??? Oooooh, you are in the literal dog house, for sure!
SO glad you're both OK, though!

Rosie said...

wHAT THE #%%$? aRE YOU crazy or something running out in a gas station? you could have been flattened. next time stay on the pillow! Glad you are OK and sorry to hear about you mom's road burn!

Pearl said...

Oh Salinger! This is impressive work!!! Did she really think the continued threats about the meat-packing wouldn't eventually run you off?!?

I have a feeling you were going to run to your BPF's house and seek refuge from your crazy Momma. Try again man... try again.

Lily and Benson said...

Oh Salinger!! Wow what a day. We are glad to see everyone is okay. Me and Lily ran out the door once. Mom was holding her heart. We didn't get into to much trouble. Sad faces always makes mommys melt.

Anonymous said...

Oh Salinger!! You naughty boy!!

Sandra y Coco said...

Oh Salinger, you could have gotten hurt! Now, could you please go back and get a copy of the surveyance video? We would like to see the original!
PS I am glad your mom got only "minor" injuries!

Becky said...

Sal, what were you thinkin??? That was not a smart thing to do and I know you realize that now! I have to bock the front door or my dogs will run out and get in the street. Looks like fun out there but it'is very dangerous. Glad all Mommy got was some scrapes, get better soon! Moms know best!

Murphy Dogg said...

Don't take this the wrong way, dude, but I'm surprised that you could move that fast. I've always thought pugs were kinda, you know, slow & pudgy. Not that there's anything wrong with that...
Murphy Dogg

Stubby said...

Salinger dude - love the reenactment! When Mom read the title of your post she thought it was about the Superfly movie, not the wrestler. Mom is old, what can I say.

You must not run away little dude. Walter is in the hospital because he took off. I don't want anything happening to you because there are crazy drivers out there that don't watch for little puggies on the road. Don't make me come down to Indy now, ya hear?

Stubby xoxo

Blog O' Beth said...

Bad Salinger - you are a very naughty puppy.

Melissa and Emmitt said...

firstly ~ what a great renactment!

that is true storytelling at it s best!

salinger! you sacred your mom to death!
however,i think your boo boo face would melt anyone's heart so luckily i think you escaped the plant again!
m & e

Charlie said...

Oh Salinger, you are so busted! I predict a doggy seat belt in your future.
- Charlie

Nevis said...

Salinger!! How could you! How naughty! Ironically you've never been more masculine and attractive to Rukia. She likes bad boys.

However, Your Mom is a hero! And I loved the video of the wrestling move you did. Very amusing!!! I can picture it completely. Of course the reinactment helped. Help you're feeling better asap!