Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday morning sack-out

So I was snoozing with daddy in the big cloud bed this morning (Sunday) when all of a sudden, mom got all flash-happy and started taking pics and giggling.
Photobucket about a RUDE AWAKENING!

Hey lady...come on! We're SLEEPING here!

All right...enough of this ridiculousness....I'm going back to sleep!


Stubby said...

Salinger - that big cloud bed sure does look comfy. I can't believe your mom was taking pictures of you while you were trying to sleep. What's wrong with that woman?

Stubby xoxo

Two French Bulldogs said...

BOL, mom's are funny sometimes. Like dad's face
Benny & Lily

Rosie said...

AHHHH I love the weekends - looks good!!

Hank said...

Sal, is yer dad gonna git a pug on his other arm???

Oakley and Swisher said...

You like you were very comfortable. ZZZzzzZZ!

Lots of Licks--
Oak and Swish

Scout and Freyja said...

Holy moley, next time you's momma wants ta take photos of you's tell her that it isn't nice to take them of you's on your back showin' alla' you's stuff, if-you-know-what-we-mean! Some "stuff" should be private...puppies an' kittens look at bloggies an' they has delicate eyes☺

Happy to see that you found us. We are gonna make you a friend an' come back to sniff you more!

Mia said...

How rude of the momma to wake you up with the flashes!!! Doesn't she know our time in the cloud bed is sacred ???


Nevis said...

Those pictures are AWESOME!!!