Saturday, August 1, 2009

Day at the spa!

Hi everyone! It's me, Salinger again! I'm having a really fun time with our houseguests Sophie and Dixie Bugg! I taught them BOTH to use the doggie door and we've been playing with toys and running in circles and chasing birds outside!

Mommy treated us to a DAY AT THE SPA!!!

Here is ME after my facial and massage getting the cucumbers on my eyes!

Sophie didn't feel that her eyes were "puffy" and didn't think she needed them...

Dixie LOVED them...and then ate one as soon as this pic was taken!

Here's mommy chillin in her spa attire (with pugs in her lap!)

After those treatments...we got PAWDICURES!!!!
Dixie chose "pink petal" and Sophie chose "Red #414" (or "whorey" red as mom called it! hahahahaa!)

ME? I just got the usual...buff/no polish.

Mom said that we had to look glamorous for PUG MEETUP! She and daddy and Holden are feeling brave and said they're going to take ALL THREE OF US! The only stipulation is that we are all staying on leashes today instead of running amok.

Sophie is all ready to go and looking glamorous as usual!


More blogging later!!!! Happy Saturday everyone!


Archie and Melissa said...


spa day! you all look marvelous! emmitt says he would like to recycle all of the cucumber eye pads. :)

we cannot wait to hear all about the pug meet up with all 3 of you there!

m & e

Stubby said...

Salinger dude! You did the spa thingy with the girls? You are a bigger man than I am because I am not doing the spa, no way, no how. Cucumbers are for eating and not for wearing, though your mom looks pretty relaxed with them on her eyes.

I wish I was there with you guys because I am dying to get back to the pug meetup! I will ask Mom if maybe we can come down in October.

Stubby xoxo

Hank said...

Sal, buddy.....yer an awful good host I tell ya what.

If it wuz me, I'd send the girls off to the spa and head to the bowlin' alley.

I'm with Stubby. Cucumbers are fer eatin'!

Unknown said...

adorable! I gave walter a massage today - he loves spa days too!

Rosie said...

HAHA Dixie Bugg ate the cucumber - classic pug at the spa move!!

Nevis said...

Fancy! I wish I could've left my puggies with you when we went on vacation!