Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Critic's Corner with Salinger The Pug

Hi everyone!

Today, I, Salinger The Pug am playing RESTAURANT CRITIC! Mom and Holden took me to downtown Indy (where daddy works) to meet him for lunch (I guess to make up for giving me the SHAFT instead of going to the fair!) We went to Aesop's Tables because they are DOG FRIENDLY and let me sit on the patio for lunch!

Mom and Dad had eaten here before (Mom LOOOOVES Greek food!) but this was MY first time!

We were sitting there enjoying the nice breeze on the patio and just soaking up the nice atmosphere of Mass Ave. when one of the nice owners of Aesop's Tables (Kathy) came over to visit me!
I'm telling her that I'd really love a big juicy gyro...but I must have pronounced it wrong because the waitperson brought me water instead. Oh well.

Mom ordered an appetizer plate for her lunch, it had Dolmades (stuffed grape leaves) which are one of her most FAAAAAVORITE things! They look like this......

She shared her Dolmades with me!
MMMM!!! Just the right blend of lemon, rice, dill and we THINK we taste pine nuts in there too (they're traditionally in we just assumed).

Holden had a "Pita The Great" (HAHAHA! GET IT???) which was a veggie pita with tzatziki sauce.
Bonus style points for Holden for getting more tzatziki on his face than in his tummy!!!

Dad had a chicken saute (chicken gyro) which he said was DELISH!!! I tried the chicken and it was definitely yummy! Mom tried to get a picture, but the batteries in the camera died! :-(

After I had bites from everyone's plate...I hopped down off my chair to admire the pretty flowers in the pots around the patio.
Photobucket rating for AESOP'S TABLES on Mass. Ave. in Indianapolis is a TWO ENTHUSIASTIC PAWS UP!!!!
Food is excellent, service was great, atmosphere is fabulous, menu is diverse (they have a lot of veggie choices and a few things for the less adventurous if you're not into Mediterranean fare) and best of all...DOG FRIENDLY!!!

We'll be back for sure! We highly encourage all of our local friends to get their people to take them there so they can be seen on the patio!!!

Happy Hump Day!


Two French Bulldogs said...

Oh da bomb!! You rock.. I can't believe you're eating at a restaurant . You look so handsome
Benny & Lily

Stubby said...

You rock Salinger! I never get to go to restaurants because Mom is afraid I will embarrass myself.

I can't believe you ordered a gyro and got a bowl of water - wtf? Oops. Mom hates when I say that. Dad orders the gyro plate from our Greek place and he saves some of the meat to make me a gyro omelet - yummy!

My Greek grandpa loved dolmades. They were his favorite. Mom likes Greek food too (duh!) but it doesn't always like her. Go figure!

Stubby xoxo

Harry Pugalicious said...

Yum!!!! We's so glad to hear you's got *some* dog-friendly places to eat up there!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

I am sooo totoally jealous.
We have no places here that allow us little furry friends to go eat and sit along with the happy crowds eating wonderful food!
Whats the deal? I know I would love to eat what you got. Even just a taste would have been terrific!
Good for you!
You looked so cute sitting there!

Mia said...

Wow, I'm gonna have to get the momma to take me there some time. I'm always up for trying new foods!!!

Archie and Melissa said...

hi salinger!

oooo! food critic is an excellent job for a pug! emmitt wants to know if you are hiring! he will work for you for free!

m & e

Nevis said...

You're so cool Salinger! And your mom is even cooler! Ahh...I wish you lived closer, Laura! Anyways, I've never been a huge fan of greek food but this place does look good. LOVE that they're dog friendly. I've never taken puggies to restaurant before!

Nevis said...

BTW, are you ever going to updated your freezer project again?! (nag, nag, nag)

Sequoia & Petunia & Emma said...

You have such a fab life! We hope to visit a cool place like that soon!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great lunch!

Murphy Dogg said...

That sounds fantastic! I'm a little jealous, cause my Mama and Dad never take me out to lunch. They're probably afraid that my gaseous behind will get us kicked out. I will admit the scent does not make for an appetizing dining atmosphere ...
Murphy Dogg