Thursday, February 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Gail and PROOF that Mom cheats on me!!!!

Hi everyone!!! I'm a bit disgusted and cheesed with Mom today. She got me all excited to go visit Gail at Little Rascals to wish her a happy birthday and to take her these super fabulous red velvet cuppycakes that we made.


I was sniffing around the lobby to see what was up and then THIS came bounding in from a potty break outside...

Betty the Frenchie in her fabulous little leopard coat!
Mom started getting all squealy and said how she was reminded of our OTHER Frenchie pal Betty! What are the odds?

Betty was certainly the brazen hussy...just look at her all sprawled out for tummy rubs!

Mom can't resist!

THEN...Betty got REEEEEEEALLY fresh with mom. Take a look at THIS....

Can you believe this??? Mom is just eating this up and totally ignoring me! I went and hid behind Lloyd's leg. Somehow I don't think Benny and Lily, Brutus or our friend Betty would behave in such a wanton manner!!!

Around this spotted OLIVER (a 4 month old English Bulldog).

He belongs to Lloyd and Gail and was there with Gail in the grooming salon for the day.

Mom gave HIM some snuggles too!

This is RIDICULOUS!!!! I'm standing RIGHT NEXT TO HER!!!!!!

Finally mom was done cheating on me and then we came back home where I snubbed her for the rest of the day.


dw said...

Hey, Salinger, dude! I snubbeded my mom at the vet today. The vet and vet tech were just petting me and fawning over how cutes I was, and I's was just eating it up whiles mom just kinda stood there. Yep. Heeeee! But seriously, dude, I's thinks your mom probably has enoughs loving to go around and afters all, a baby English bulldog needs love, too! Btw, this Frenchie Betty looks a lot a lot like our blogging Frenchie Betty! Maybes your mom got confuseded?

Oisín said...

Aww bless!
So much cutness!

Manda and Oisín x

Sequoia & Petunia & Emma said...

BOL we love how you snubb your Mom!!! Pug Butt.

Kelly said...

Sal, buddy, parental abandonment is pretty heavy stuff. Maybe you should talk with someone about it.

My momma was all squealing at those pictures of those 2 bulldogs too. Ugh... moms! I can't believe OUR Betty has a twin Betty out there!!!

Harry Pugalicious said...

And after all your hard works too! Doesn't she remember how you worked so hard just so SHE can have some fame and meet David Letterman? Sheesh!

Mom says you can come lives with us. Course then you has to share your snuggles and kisses with me.

Smushie Ranch said...

Holy red velvet cupcakes Salinger!

Your mom just didn't just cheat! She's in class with Tiger Woods my friend. Too bad you can't wrap your paws around a 5 iron to uhh, nevermind. I digress... too much readin' People and US magazine whilst going to the bathroom.

That is REALLY strange that there is another black-n-white Frenchie named Betty. I will admit our Betty isn't a hussy. We'll leave that title with Stella (sorry Brutus).

I likey your style. Showing her the ole Cinnabon tail and all. You really need to top it off with some rip roaring, rotten egg smellin' farts. Do you like broccoli?


BRUTUS said...

Hey Salinger-
My condolences about your two (or three or four) timin' momma!! Maybe you should glue popsicle sticks to the back of your ears so they stay up since mom seems to be so into the Frenchie!! That Betty was a looker, but I like our other Bettey better (oh, weird to type those two words in a row...), as her ears have more panache!! PLUS I bet they can't do tricks to the same magnitude as your Letterman-worthy self!! Glad you liked being on my blog, you are welcome to be an honorary Frenchie any time!!

Brutus (the Frenchie)

Hank said...

Sal, buddy....whut the heck kinda mom cheats on ya right in front 'o yer face?!?!?!

I think ya need tuh give Charles Hankey a jingle and see if ya can't take 'er fer all she's worth!

Unknown said...

The last photo sums it all up Salinger. Hey, I have an idea. I'm moving out too. I was hoping to go to Frankie F's but the weather might not allow it. We could get a hotel room you and me, until the weather clears up. Tsk tsk to our mommies (we still and will always love them but don't tell them, helps us with their training)

houndstooth said...

Salinger, that is an OUTRAGE! I think some of your mom's shoes need some special gifts left in them, if you know what I mean. A little poo in her shoe or some tooth prints would remind her about who she's going home with next time!


P.S. Betty does have ridiculously fabulous fashion sense, though!

Two French Bulldogs said...

Ut oh Salinger....good are our best friend. Bad news. We would have slobbered and slobbered all over your momma. Nibbling her nose, kissys all over, wanting tummy rubs and...we don't have the room to write any more. BOL..BOL..BOL...
Benny & Lily

Archie and Melissa said...

hi salinger!
oh you are so cute! you know your mom loves you more than anything!

you two got to hug so many adorable dogs all in one place! i would never get any work done if i worked there. how fun!

the cupcakes your mom made look delicious!

happy happy friday!

Dana Orsborn said...

Hi Salinger!

I'm sure your mom will make it up
to you. Perhaps another trip to
McDonalds? The other doggies
are so cute! Penny and I
love squishy dogs.

Hope you have a great weekend!

-Dana & Penny

The WriggleButts said...

I hope you found something yucky to eat, Salinger, so you could make superstinky farts to punish your mom!