Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I love long weekends!

Hi everyone! WOW...I'm so surprised at how many new friends I have here and how many nice friends (and their people) have left me nice comments and messages! I feel like a rockstar!

I had such a nice long weekend (technically it's still going on because Daddy took the day off today too!). I got to spend a lot of time with Daddy, which is a nice change of pace because I'm always here with Mommy. Holden was in Michigan and I really missed him, but I kissed his face off during the ride home yesterday in the car!

Daddy and I were laaaaaaaazy and slept in really late in the big cloud bed...I think it was Saturday. Mommy got up early and took this picture of us. I had to yell at her to go AWAAAAY, so she went and had her coffee and did some work.
Go AWAAAAY MOMMY!!!!!!! We're sleeping!!!!!!!!

I don't know if I told you, but almost every morning, Mommy takes me for a walk (a little over 2 miles). She takes me for another one in the evening with Daddy too, but this weekend, Daddy got to go on BOTH walks! I'm really trying to lose some of my "treat pudge" (and so is Mommy!).

Come on! Put me down and keep hoofing it Mom!!!!!
FAAAAASTER daddy! We have to catch up!

I also got to help with LAUNDRY!!!!!!!!! I love laundry because the dryer sheets are SO yummy!!!! Mommy usually steals them from me before I can eat the whole thing and she yells something about "digestion" and "vet bills" (I don't know what those are...I just know they're delicious!). I'm a really good laundry helper...here I am standing on Mommy's CMU sweatshirt so she knows where it is.
Come on Mommy! This thing isn't going to hang itself up!!!!!!

We watched a very cool hockey game on Saturday night! We are BIG BIG fans of the Detroit Red Wings and they are in the Stanley Cup Finals!!! The beat up a team called the Penguins (which makes sense because even *I* know that Penguins can't play hockey! They just waddle around!!!). I keep telling Mommy that I need a Wings jersey, but she gets crabby when she sees how expensive they are. HELLOOOOOO...I'm totally worth it!!!!
How COOL would I look in this???????

I also helped Mommy water her flowers and plants in the yard and also ate some grass...YUM!
SOOOOOO pretty!!!

Daddy put a new light up outside to replace the ugly one that we had up there (it looked like a mayonnaise jar). I stood guard for him just in case any rogue lantern theives came along.
Ok Daddy...the area is secure...go ahead and finish up that light! I'll cover you!

Since no one was running around in a big hurry...I got LOTS and LOTS of tummy rubs and ear scratches! SOOOOO nice!

SOOOOOO niiiiiiiice!!!!!


So that was my nice relaxing weekend. Daddy is off today too so we will probably do some more fun stuff later. Mommy said she's taking me to the vet's office (I LOVE my vet! Dr. Graves has a HUGE fishtank in his waiting room!) to buy something called a FURMINATOR! My girlfriend Sophie (hiiiiii Sophie....wink wink!) has one and her mommy LOVES it! I'm sure I'll have a report for you soon!
Hmmmm....should I be nervous????

Have a wonderful day everyone! Talk to you soon! OH...mommy knows how to start a "friends" list here now, so I'll help her get ALL of my new friends listed!

OH...private note to my Mimi and Pa....have a wonderful trip and kiss Uncle Scotty Honey for me!

Peace out,
S-Dog (hahaha...that's one of my nicknames)


Le Mops said...

You were reel busy this weekend! great photos!!! Nice ta meet you!

Le Mops

Molly the Airedale said...

We've never eaten a dryer sheet! It smells kinda like perfume! How does it taste? Do we need to give it a try?!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Pug(s) and Bugg said...

OMD... girlfriend!??!?! I am the happiest pug alive!! Please don't eat any dryer sheets... I like natural puggie breath on you!!!

xoxoxoxo Sophie

The Devil Dog said...

Well, that was certainly a fun weekend. I liked the sleeping late part. Mom wants to know about this furminator and what it does and if it works well. So, you can report that to her later.
Take care.

Roxy & Lucky

Archie and Melissa said...

hi salinger!
what a great weekend and emmitt and i love your stories and photos. you are such a handsome puggy. :)
emmitt says he loves grass too and if you haven't tried it, he recommends toliet paper but mom doesn't. :)
melissa and emmitt

Nevis said...

Hello, Salinger, nice to meet you! Welcome to the pug-online-community. I'm Nevis and I've got two pugs, Napoleon & Rukia. Congrats on winning this weeks top model contest this week!!! :)

Archie and Melissa said...

congratulations on your contest win today salinger! you are the coolest!
:) m & e