Sunday, June 14, 2009


Ok...we need to put some closure on the fact that our beloved Red Wings LOST game 7 to the Penguins...which means the Stanley Cup has a new home now.
Here are mom and dad BEFORE the game...all happy and excited...
Photobucket are their sentiments AFTER

Our Wings flag has been hanging outside since October 07 (at the start of hockey season) and has been proudly waving during their Stanley Cup reign, which ended Friday night. Here is a pic of the sad droopy longer outside on display.
I look even sadder than usual...don't I?

BUT...Mom and Dad are surprised that they played as far as they did in the series with all of the INJURIES the team had! Check THIS STORY out if you're interested. about some TOUGH GUYS! Speared in the nards??? OH MY! I personally don't have my nards anymore...but I would imagine that it was quite painful!

It's OK Wings...we're still some of your biggest fans and will put our flag back out in October!!! In the meantime...if you're looking to add third backup goalie for Chris Osgood...I'm available!
I'll work for I'm sure I won't have any impact on the salary cap!


Hank said...

Sal, buddy.....sorry 'bout yer team, but you look great in that helmet!

The Devil Dog said...

Oh Salinger, mom was so upset the Wings lost. She knows how you feel. (remember, she was a Bruins fans for eons) Anyway, there is always next year.

We caught up on all our reading. Those treats look like fun. Mom is enjoying your mom's freezer blog. Wow, there is a lot of stuff in there.


Anonymous said...

OMg that is so funny.. you probably felt the same way we did when Luongo decided to suck. lol Trade you? hahaha

I think it is good that the pens won, those boys needed it :)