Monday, June 1, 2009

Belated birthday from Janie the Mail Lady!

Hi everyone! I had a HUGE surprise today! Mom and I heard someone at the front door...when we got there, JANIE THE MAIL LADY was backing her mail truck out of the driveway and waving and we saw THIS hanging on the front door!
A belated birthday gift for ME!

Poor Janie knew my birthday was April 15th, but has been having issues with getting new carpet in her house, and all of her furniture had to be moved out to her garage so the carpet people could do their work. My present was stuck out in the furniture all this time! LOOK was sweet Janie gave to me!

The hat says "Recycle"! How did she know that I'm in cahoots with Stubby, my Eco-pug-pal?

There was a cool collar/bandana that also says "Recycle"! I feel totally Eco-Chic!

There was also a cool leash that matches the hat and bandana!
I got a little wound up!

Janie also gave me this COOL picture frame!
It's a DOGGIE! Mom says she has the PERFECT spot for it! Pics will follow!

Also in the bag was this yummy STEAK!
It's HUGE and will be a nice treat to keep me busy for a while!

THANK YOU so much Janie! You are the best mail lady and such a nice friend and I just love everything in my birthday bag! I'll be sure to give you some extra kisses when I see you next time!

We just found out that Janie is not going to be delivering our mail for a few months because she has to have KNEE SURGERY! Since Janie is a regular reader of my blog, we want to wish her lots of good luck and a speedy, comfortable recovery!!! We'll miss you!!!


Pearl said...

Ok, Janie is the nicest mail lady ever! Can you call your postal service and just tell them how AWESOME she is?!?

I laughed outloud at your face when you have the hat and bandana on, Salinger! You always look so cute and victimized!

Good luck with the surgery Janie! Come back soon!!!

Harry Pugalicious said...

Sweet!!!! You gots a nice mail lady! Pearlie's right though. You do looks kinda victimacized.

Those ARE crabs on my collar, thanks for noticing! It's my summer collar. I gots it last year when summer was almost overs, so I didn't get to wear it much. I could come to Indy and your Dad and me could be twinkies with our matching collar and tie!

Have a good day, S-Dog.

Melissa and Emmitt said...

oh what a fabulous birthday celebration from janie!
she loves you salinger! :)
we hope she heals super fast from her surgery.
m & e

Anonymous said...

I think I like your mail lady better then our mail guy.. he has known my husband for years and leaves us interesting little 'notes' lol

You are a very lucky pug, and I love the new outfit!
I hope Janie recovers quickly from her knee surgery!

The Devil Dog said...

Janie is such a wonderful mail lady and friend. You are very lucky to have her. Ask her if she would like to visit New Hampshire? We hope her surgery goes well.


Aniemother said...

Wow! She really IS the nicest mail lady ever!


Apollo-of the Greek God's Pug said...

You are so lucky! Janie is so cool! We are wishing her the best on her knee surgery, so she can get well soon and get back to visiting you.

Neas Nuttiness said...

Wow - what a great mail lady you have! Our mail person doesn't leave gifts for my doggies - all he/she does, is drive over my grass.

(Janie - if you are reading this...I'm sending you good vibes for a successful surgery!
I've had proximal and distal open patellaer realingments on both knees, so I know it's not gonna be a picnic for you.)

Salinger - make sure, that after Janie has her surgery, that you go over to her house, and lick her leg really well! After all, doggie licks are better that antibiotics!!!

Janie said...

Oh, Salinger I'm soooooo happy that you liked your very late birthday bag... :) Again I'm sorry it was so late but everything was outta control at my house. Finally my house is getting back in order and I love my new carpet!! Yeah!! I will really really miss you and your kisses while I'm off work. Maybe when I can drive again I will come visit you and take a walk with you and your very sweet Mom. :) Thanks for all the get well wishes from everyone. Thank you Laura for the yummy meal my husband thanks you too. ;) Take care and I hope your summer vacation with your family is WONDERFUL just like you, Salinger.

Hank said...

Sal, that's a real sweet mail lady ya got there. The least ya could do is smile!

Tweedles -- that's me... said...

What a sweet mail lady you have. I am so jeaulous.
That hat was just the most adorable hat I have ever seen. Wish I had one! And the picture frame and leash and steak- wow, she thought of your every need.
Course you look so handsome in your hat,
We wish Janie a speedy recovery, and she will be back better than ever,

Nevis said...

Fabulous loot! :)